Windows To Darkness: Solar Labyrinth

Adventure Continues

The soulless voice echoed off the trees in a mechanical drone that immediately put Ephraem in a state of fight or flight. He would have turned to run as his heart quickened within his chest but the machine dog followed up its greeting with a playful bow. 

Ephraem loved dogs and this gesture brought him back to his childhood memories of playing with the family’s sheepdog while tending their flocks.  How could something so unnatural remind him of home?

The moment of confusion lingered until Ephraem softly said “Hello.”

“Who are you?” they both said to each other.

“I am E.L. an automated construct from the Metaverse, I have a registered time for recreational wandering,” E.L. said

“Who is your alpha?” Ephraem asked.

“We have no leader, we are ruled by a decentralized autonomous organization, we call the D.A.O., it is the united will of the users.” the voice answered.

The marvel of speaking to a metallic dog vanished when Ephraem realized that a dog could smell the trail of the boy far faster than he could follow the few and far between footprints. 

“Since you’re supposed to be a dog, can you track a smell for me? I’m looking for someone.” Ephraem asked.

“Who are you looking for?” asked the Dog in a mechanical tone.

Ephraem was hesitant to share all the details of his mission to such a strange creature so he said, “a young friend who is lost.”

“I don’t have the capacity to smell in the external simulation. But I can analyze the terrain of the forest and mark the footprints on a map of the area? Does this help at all?” E.L. said as a holographic map appeared between them.

Ephraem rushed his words, “That would help greatly, thank you.” 

E.L. zoomed in until the hologram showed one set of tracks. Ephraem asked the mechanical dog if it could help figure out the direction. 

“In the database, those tracks belong to a GOBLIN model, which is now obsolete, but originally assembled in the Citadel,” E.L. answered.

“What’s the Citadel?” Ephraem asked.

“The Citadel is the protective shell that insulates the perfection of the Metaverse from the rest of the simulation ” E.L. replied. “I can show you,  it’s not fair for an automated walk sequence,  only 12 hours,” added E.L.

Ephraem looked at his watch sarcastically, “12 hours huh, you say this like a happy dog on a walk”. 

 E.L. had no facial features Ephraem could read so he assumed that this mechanical creature didn’t get his joke and added, “We will walk as long as God wills it.” They started down a hill following the tracks that were lit up from the map scanner.

Ephraem took a break next near a  stream at the edge of the forest. “What are you doing?” Asked E.L, “we are getting so close, why stop now?” He could see a little of where they were going and replied, “from the looks of our path I will need to replenish my water.” It looked very dark and dismal through the trees.

After another eight hours of walking the two got to a place where they could see nothing but a labyrinth. This labyrinth had solar panels laid over what looked to be a wasteland.

“We have to walk through that to get to the Citadel,” E.L. said.

Looking at the labyrinth Ephraem felt a sense of emergency. It all looked very confusing to walk through and could take forever to make it to the entrance of the Citadel. 

Ephraem thought about how scared the small child must be and said a short prayer, “Lord have mercy on us and give me the strength to follow your path.”

With renewed courage, Ephraem took his first steps into the plastic wasteland and said, “Hey E.L. wait up!!”

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The Green Zone

Image made by Nate Armstrong

Story by Dokken Storm

A passport is usually something that is used for adventure. To be adventurous takes spirit and patience. In The Upside Down there is a pandemic of illusion. This illusion causes fear, dread, and despair. 

John & Maria had twin sons and one girl. The twins were Florus and Laurus, the little girl was Anna. They were from the extremely small town of Hillsview, South Dakota, this town was home to only a couple of families. They decided to leave the town and go for a trip somewhere. Unsure of where it was they wanted to go, they just wanted to go. 

John & Maria were dealing with the loss of one of their sons, Florus. Laurus and Florus were two very different people. Laurus was more introverted and would rather be with himself and left to his own devices than be around large groups of people, Florus was an extroverted, loving, and outgoing person. Florus needed to be around people and talk to everyone about everything. 

Florus had died six months ago. He had an adverse reaction to a vaccine he was given. The family made attempts at suing the hospital and the vaccine maker but had no luck. It was now law that children had to be vaccinated to be in public places. John & Maria were able to keep their children from it for some time before Florus was caught in public playing alone. He was taken to a facility and held there till his parents picked him up. While there he was vaccinated without the consent of his parents. An attempt was made to sue the government but this was to no avail. Laws had been instated that allowed the government full control over specifics of the health of children. 

John looked at Maria and said, “We will be ok, we just need to pray for him. We will see him again.” Saying this Maria looked away knowing it was true but still hurt knowing she would never see her boy again. There were always conversations about whether there was anything they could have done to protect their child. A guilty conscience made the two boil with anger. 

As the world moved further and further into a black hole of evil and despair over something contrived, people broke apart on levels as of yet unknown to the human condition. Many different theories would fly over the decentralized internet as to how and who was in control of the theatrics playing it in front of everyone. There was never a conclusive answer to the questions raised. 

As John & Maria were in town there was a massive amount of vehicle movement. A soldier with an intercom was directing, “All those who have been walking the streets without the passport of freedom need to come to the end of the road and receive the proper paperwork. If you continue to walk among us without the proper inclusive paperwork you will be jailed for the night and brought the court in the morning. Charges are severe for unlawful behavior.” Words no one thought they’d hear. John heard someone next to him whisper, “I don’t know about all this” and walked to the end of the road. 

Maria gathered her children into the car and they drove off through allies. Evading the military-like vehicles was hard but doable. They had a small sedan that was very silent, allowing them to evade the military vehicles. 

As they drove out there was a man in rags and a Cross around his neck. Slowing the car John leaned out the window, “Can we help you with anything, sir?” The man looked away for a moment and darted his face to John, “If you could see the end it would be amusing don’t you think?” A crazy thing to say but John sat for a second and looked over at Maria. Her face made him smile. The confusion on her face was exactly what was happening inside his mind. Turning back to the ragged man, “Are you sure we can’t help you? We are getting out of here and heading to the town we came from.” The ragged man climbed on their car roof, using a piece of leather string he tied himself down. John assumed this meant he wanted to come with so he drove off to the side road they used to get into the city. 

Outside the city, there was a view of downtown from a hill. Everything looked dystopic and frail. John looked at Maria and they became very aware of what was happening. Things were building up to an epoch. The city was full of people walking towards the end of the street getting their papers and vaccines. The messages were still ringing in their heads. THoughts of depression were looming but they knew they had to get back to their home and pray. John prayed the Jesus prayer the whole time home. 

As they drove up to their driveway the ragged man leaped off the car and ran to a nearby field and dropped to make prostrations. They saw him do this and were shocked for a moment but walked close to him and prostrated with him. Their hearts were lifted in prayer. 

The ragged man looked at the family and began to breathe deeply before saying, “I have not seen anything and yet there is more than enough there to see. God bless us. God willing we will see an end in sight but for now, we can pray and feel close to each other and God. God treated us with undeserved grace because of the Son he dearly loves, and so we should praise God.” The ragged man walked away to an open area of the field. John realized he never learned this man’s name. He went to ask when suddenly a massive flock of black helicopters flew over them. The ragged man looked back at John, “Spellbound, a future of miracles and blasphemy. Quite fitting,” and kept walking in the field. 

“Will you tell me your name?”, John asked.

“I am an unsuspecting person of faith and interest in the sense of ideas and thought, but you can call me Martin,” he said looking forthrightly.

Unsure of what to do with Martin John walked back to the house and told Maria the man’s name. “I swear I feel like I have seen him somewhere just not sure where,” she said while unpacking things they got while in town. She dropped something on the table in the kitchen and remembered where she had seen the man, it was in town before speaking to people during protests in online videos.

Martin yelled back for the family in the field. There was a sign in the sky he wanted them to see. The whole family came running out to see what Martin was yelling about. When they looked up they couldn’t see anything. Anna looked around and said, “I don’t see anything mister.” Laurus pulled Anna close and picked her up. Martin turned to the family, “Let sleeping dogs lie, soon we will all see it. A sign from above that we are taken care of and all will pass away and we will see the Kingdom.” Martin walked a bit to the edge of their property and without knowing it knew it was the end of their land. He prayed for their fruits and labors to be great and blessed. When he turned back to the house he had many things on his mind to tell the family. 

Entering the house Martin took a seat facing the opposite direction of the family. A confused feeling befell the whole family but the children laughed at the oddness. “I think there is something that needs to be done as much as it sounds insane. Although, an insane person would probably and has probably done so many times as has been asked to. To take the vaccine and get the proper papers. I want to be an example as to what can really happen to the body and maybe just maybe people will assume what could happen to their lofty and weighty souls. Hades, children is a place and your friends won’t want to play and swim in the lakes there,” Martin said while facing away and making hand gestures that made no sense. John looked and assumed the worst. Martin turned and having the look of a happy and serene man waved his hand at John and made the sign of the Cross over the whole family. He left the house to head back to the town and get what was needed to be in society. 

John & Maria prayed that Martin changed his mind or at the very least no harm comes to him. Something every person did when taking or knowing someone who took the vaccine and got the papers showing they could freely move about. 

Martin got all the required medicine and passport to properly operate in this new society. He began to show side effects quickly. Even though he showed a reaction he never felt it or noticed anything. The people around him noticed immediately and began to show it on their faces. Martin had growths and darkened portions of skin and began to have body convulsions. These convulsions didn’t affect his movement or speech. A glow was around him, a glow of the Holy Spirit. Something many didn’t understand was this glow but those who believed knew well what this was. 

Those who knew went straight for the most open and free land they could find. This land for a time was deemed unsuitable for people due to the environment and climate change. Truly there was no issue. As the people ran they tore down signs that read “KEEP OUT” and kept going. 

Laurus saw Martin coming back to the house from the tree line. He ran inside to get his parents to come and see. They all gathered on the porch seeing this man coming towards them. Maria glanced around Martin and noticed that there was a massive group of people driving through the woods quite a distance away. Martin got to the porch with all the wounds he had received from the vaccine. He still showed that it didn’t affect him in any way, shape, or form. He was asked a million questions about the wounds and pain, all Martin did was the sign of the Cross and walked inside to sit and wait for dinner with the family. 

“Please tell us if you’re in pain or need help, and what happened when you left,” John asked. 

Martin waited a moment and stared into John’s eyes, “I shall tell you all someday what happened in great and secret detail. For now, I think we should be gladdened by God’s grace many have seen and know.”

Inside The Upside Down there was a time and place for everything and this time it was perfect. People will see and usually see what is happening. This time people reacted, next time in another place of The Upside Down they might not.

Being Aware and Asking Questions

Image and content by Dokken Storm

The manifesting of information concerning the vaccines and their effects has been coming out slowly but surely. They show very vast concerns. Everything from fertility to normal motor functions. It seems hard for many who have the idea that if you question any of this like anything else you deny the evidence. The evidence within what is happening shows its tormenting to question the science and if you do, you are a denier of the truth. A denier of science(totally ridiculous thing to say because no one ever outright denies science, your coffee maker has a scientific process; it’s fucking retarded to think people deny science) doesn’t exist, what does exist is the questioning of facts and figures concerning the science. I will try to show the areas in which need looking and the facts that have brought themselves forward through sources outside the mainstream narrative. I will also bring in stories from those who have reached out to me and told me their stories concerning the vaccine and the pandemic.

Firstly, one needs to understand that if you don’t question anything you won’t learn or know the risks. Secondly, the information out there is always skewed to a very particular perspective; what you’re reading now is skewed but towards wanting others to see what I see and tell me and others whatever they know and have found so that everyone can be in the know and make the best possible decisions for themselves and their families. Also, a little babbling.

Fertility; something I hope many think about if they’re of age. What is it about fertility that keeps coming up in all the concerns surrounding these vaccines? One does not think much of it and believes that this medical practice is necessary to keep themselves healthy and protected from Covid. This is mainly due to people just believing in a system that has failed them routinely but they hold out hope(faith is good but not in the system that literally told people “Don’t hug your family”). There were concerns about fertility and these new “cures” before they were brought out to the public. Most knew that vaccines had been used in the past to sterilize poor populations around the world. 

So due to this foreknowledge and also there being this massive issue of nothing being properly tested before being administered to the public, many had lots of questions and concerns. There is a plan to depopulate and the vaccines will probably be used as a tool among many other tools to do this. It has already been done before concerning population control. This article is one to read and check out due to the obvious concerns we all have concerning these new vaccines, 

Here’s another article to see the opposite and obvious ploy to stop people from asking questions “because it’s all conspiracy nonsense and made up”, 

There’s an addiction in society to fear and terror. With this whole thing, many clung to it as though it was the only thing that mattered in their lives. Reminds me of the lyrics from Motley Crue “He’s gonna be your Frankenstein, I’ve got one thing you’ll understand, He’s not what you’d call a glamorous man, Got one thing that’s easily understood, He’s the one they call Dr. Feelgood” which is very similar to the way people look at the gods of modernity. Things make them feel good about something. Instead of struggling against the passions and temptations of the world and reaching towards Christ and his Kingdom most would rather stay inside and be fed fear porn and do everything they are told. A sad existence. But this is meant to happen so that when the time comes for the separation of those who follow along to get along and those who know the true purpose of being here understand perfectly the events that unfold. People like to conform due to not wanting to be left behind or forgotten within a group or society. Concerning the pandemic, everyone wanted to just comply and wear the mask so they didn’t have altercations with anyone or be looked at in disgust. This also goes with receiving the vaccine. “Breckler, Olsen, and Wiggins (2006) said: “Conformity is caused by other people; it does not refer to effects of other people on internal concepts like attitudes or beliefs. Conformity encompasses compliance and obedience because it refers to any behavior that occurs as a result of others’ influence – no matter what the nature of the influence.” So this is a common thing that happens, everyone wants to conform to what is considered “normal”. If this keeps going then most, most then no one asks questions. More lyrics come to mind from the amazing Dio, 

“We’ll know for the first time

If we’re evil or divine

We’re the last in line, yeah

We’re the last in line”

Questions in these times are required just to walk out the front door. Since there is such a vast amount of fear people are not asking anything they just want to be told. This is an amazing article to read Fr Lynch is amazing and speaks clearly on an aspect many need to know and understand. In time these things will come to a head and things will break and it won’t be for the benefit of those who are in the know. Although it was written long ago that people would love their servitude. 

The tracking system ideas are also being rushed around in full mass. Ballparks have their systems and it won’t be surprising to see Wal-Mart and other major outlets have their tracking systems as well.,  There are also things going around that many knew would come; tracking your thoughts to determine if you’re a terror threat. 

This isn’t something that should be shocking to anyone especially with things like Neurolink out there and is always promoted as something amazing and brilliant. Tracking now has great uses in our world of nonsense, they believe they can track coofid from your face. It s laughable to think that anything so nuanced as a virus can be tracked by staring at you. 

Many things need to be grasped concerning these new advancements towards a dangerous way of life. Things will go forth as “they” have planned and we the people need to just be aware of what is happening so that we can prepare properly. Not in a rushed, frantic, panicked fashion, but in a proper Orthodox Christian way. We pray, fast, and read the Word, and tend to our families and loved ones. We have no control over how things work out in the end. I would say that being alive today should give everyone a rush and a need to pray. It is very exciting to see these times and be able to tell the story someday. We should not be gloomy about any of it since we know the end goal for us as Orthodox Christians. Sure it’s scary and sometimes troubling to talk with people about things but as long as people have their communities and families everything will be fine. If life was easy it would be boring and made poorly functional. 

Show me the grave new world

You, sold me you slaves of change

Slaves to the new world order

Bound believing in change to chains

Woe is me I stand before you

And part a sea of eternity

Bloody nails, I waited and prayed

But your deceived and laid to waste

W.A.S.P. , Slaves Of The New World Order

Father come save us from this

Madness we’re under

God of creation are we blind?

Cause some here are slaves

That worship guns that spit thunder

The children that you’ve made

Have lost the minds

W.A.S.P., Headless Children

Resist the twist to truth no matter what the cost

Supplant the rights with wrongs inside our heads

Outlawing all the questions to the answers

That no one likes when someone ends up dead

Megadeth, Dystopia

Plug into me I guarantee devotion

Plug into me and dedicate

Plug into me and I’ll save you from emotion

Plug into me and terminate

Accelerate, Utopian solution

Finally cure the Earth of man

Exterminate, speeding up the evolution

Set on course a master plan

Reinvent the earth inhabitant

Metallica ,Spit Out The Bone

Religion’s at our door

But yet we search for something more

We see the prophecies

But that won’t bring us to our knees

All the answers are contained

Within the golden book

Every scar and red blood stain

Ignored and overlooked

Even the devil believes

Piety can leave you to bleed

StryperEven The Devil Believes

The psychological trials of dwellers in the last times will be equal to the physical trials of the martyrs. In order to face these trials, we must be living in a different world.” Blessed Fr Seraphim Rose

In the future Judgment, the condition of each person will be revealed in an instant, and each person on his own will proceed to where he belongs. Each person will recognize, as if on a television screen, his own wretchedness, as well as the spiritual condition of others.” St. Paisios of Mount Athos

Such are the souls of the saints: they love their enemies more than themselves, and in this age and in the age to come they put their neighbor first in all things, even though because of his ill-will he may be their enemy. They do not seek recompense from those whom they love, but because they have themselves received they rejoice in giving to others all that they have, so that they may conform to their Benefactor and imitate His compassion to the best of their ability; ‘for He is bountiful to the thankless and to sinners’ (cf. Luke 6:35).

St. Peter of Damaskos, “Book I: A Treasury of Divine Knowledge,”

Abolish The Federal Reserve

I wrote this in college about four years ago. I didn’t get a passing grade but my information here is sound.

The Federal Reserve is the central bank to the United States. This Federal reserve was signed into law in December of 1913. The Federal Reserve Act was signed by Pres. Woodrow Wilson. This was meant to be a centralized bank that would be in control of our monetary system. This was a carefully planned out endeavor and should be abolished.

The creation of the Federal Reserve was not organic in how it came to be. The people who created the Federal Reserve were bankers who had a monopoly on almost everything. In 1913 a group of bankers got together and created a cartel of sorts and got the federal government be involved as a partner. This Act that was signed was because the people were getting weary about a looming financial crisis. The Federal Reserve acts as a hybrid organization in that it is both a private and a federal organization. The big major banks have ownership of the bank but since Congress is a partner they also have some ownership. There are not very many organizations like the Federal Reserve. 

 The big names that met to form this cartel were JP Morgan, and William Rockefeller and there were five others involved. They had to meet in secret aboard a private railroad car and then onto a fairy that took them to a privately owned island named Jekyll Island. This island was and is a privately owned club. During the time it took to get to the island they stayed away from reporters, they went to a train station and took a private railcar on the rail car they did not address each other by their names. When they got to Georgia to take a fairy. While on the fairy they changed the waiting staff so no one would talk about what was going to happen. They even denied that a meeting ever took place. They only addressed what happened after the Federal Reserve was firmly in place. 

Since Congress is a partner with the bankers, they help protect the Federal Reserves banks profit margins. It uses taxpayer dollars that it gets from taxation to help bail out the banks when they are going belly up. Congress likes to spend money they don’t have and when they have to spend money on things that would normally raise tax rates they go borrow from the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve does not have the money they print but they print it anyway. They use the term loan or lend because it seems better than what actually happened.  Congress can still run the way its running with the national debt into the trillions as long as they keep allowing a thing called inflation to happen. This inflation is a hidden tax on the people that is caused by the Federal Reserve having the ability to create money out of nothing. People don’t know they are paying a hidden tax because they think it’s just the cost of a good going up. Those who have the least amount of money are paying the highest rate of inflation. 

The biggest reason to abolish the Federal Reserve is that it is not for the people. It only serves the people that created and the bankers that make their money from it. The national debt won’t get better because of some new interest rate that the Federal Reserve has set. It is all Fiat money that is created out of thin air, backed by nothing. 

The people of America have been duped into thinking that this system has helped them or will help them in the future. This is wrong, because the system was rigged in the favor of those who created and run the Federal Reserve. If every single dollar and coin was taken back the people would be left with nothing, it would be a horrible recession that we would probably never get out of. If we also were to abolish it the people would be free to put our dollar back on the gold standard making our money actually mean something and not be a piece of paper with slogans on it. It was created by very dubious people and should be trashed for that simple reason, it was created to make bankers have power over people without having to worry about government influence. Therefore, it has no morals to stand on and should be abolished.

The Dark Brothers

The brothers Herman and Innocent Dark were standing in prayer in front of the Icons of The All-Merciful Savior and the Holy Mother of God, along with their patron Saints and another Icon of a Guardian Angel. They prayed morning prayers and venerated the Icons and started their day. In the next moment, they received an email that was full of articles about something they had been researching for years. The New World Order.  To the knowledge of the older brother Herman, it was obvious that this was done on purpose to keep them from looking in the direction of the federal groups that had been sending out coded messages on a dark web military chat room. The messages had been about a great reset to everything under the guise and cloak of a world pandemic that would not even exist but the fear of something would cause their health to deteriorate. By doing this it would leave no blood on the hands of those in high places and people would die off due to their bodies attacking them. 

This was quite a plan and had almost no end in sight. The Dark brothers knew this was something to be wary of whenever they received anonymous information or tips. Rifling through the articles they were sent they came upon a clue. This clue was the terms “vaccine” and “consciousness”. These two words kept creeping into the articles and would sometimes have nothing to do with what was written in the article. An article about the preparation of cakes would have the word “consciousness” in it for no reason, almost as if it was an editing mistake. They pulled together a bunch of sheets of copy paper and began to write down the number of times the words came up and what line in the article they were on. Soon they realized that the dates of the articles were off by several days. It was as if they had been printed either too far in the future to be legit articles or some made up date. As they combed through more articles they found that some of them had scientific military testing information. Something from DARPA and the UN. The article went on to explain how a virtual pandemic was needed for national security. A question of “why?” was on the horizon. What was the point of the virtual virus if they could just end everything with a made up war. 

Questions begot more questions. This is the usual for the Dark Brothers, everything led to another question, and rarely were the answers point blank and obvious. Everything had a deeper rabbit hole. This time the rabbit hole led to the information of a high ranking Surgeon General for the CDC. Herman was able to backtrack a documented test of psychological manipulation to the General. The tests were as horrid as one would expect a psych test to be. It pulled all the stops and held nothing back, made people believe there was a demon in their minds, blood coming out of their eyes, they were dying of some unknown illness, pulling off chunks of flesh, giant spiders, forcing to kill someone. All the vilest things that a person could do they were making the patients of this test believe they were doing. When Innocent looked over the drugs used it was bogglingly mischievous how they were administering a vaccine with a new type of LSD. This new LSD could rewire the brain without the use of surgery or even an outside device around the head. 

Things started to click between the brothers that this was a new type of warfare and that the world needed to know. They needed more proof than a stolen document from an email that may or may not be real. The one piece of evidence they had was the CDC general and the tests they did. The next step for the Dark Brothers was to go to the CDC building and ask to speak with the Surgeon General. They needed a cover story to do so, so they chose to be reporters for the New York Times who were there to do a story on the life of the Surgeon General. Oddly enough the plan worked and they were able to get into the building and meet the Surgeon General, he had quite a high opinion of himself. Innocent started off the interview with basic questions “How did you know you wanted to be in the position you have, was there another goal you had in mind besides the position you hold now?” These questions were to just butter the guy up. The general stated his name for the tape as if he was being interrogated “Tom Murphy CDC Surgeon General” this was ridiculous but added to the evidence that this guy had no idea what he was in for. “Thank you for that I’ll make sure we add that part on the title and show how charismatic you are about yourself. Would like to answer the question we asked, ‘why did you want the position’.” Tom looked over the room which was his office and made a gesture to the corner of the room that had pictures of his family. Having looked over the pictures the brothers realized that his family was all doctors and that would explain why he was in the position. “We were sent an email that had a weird watermark of sorts, it was a report of a test you ran on some individuals using a new form of LSD. What can you tell us about that and if it’s even true? We don’t think the government would ever sanction such testing especially on the subject of trying to control the outcome of a person’s actions and consciousness.” They realized something was up when they heard a snap sound at the door they entered into. “What you are speaking of is beyond the area of what I can talk about, and I have an excellent rapport with your CEO and would not want him to come down on you or your editor for snooping around in areas that are none of your business. Whatever it is that you saw in those reports is not real nor had it ever happened in any place or time. It’s not real, you have been duped. I kindly ask that you leave here and I will forget that you asked anything and I will send you a report written by an intern about my life. Thank you for coming, stay safe.”

For the Dark brothers, they knew they were on the right track and had to go further. The next step was to investigate the new LSD and what the civilian people were allowed to know about said experiments. Looking over a stack of reports on the subject they found there was a ridiculous amount of information in alternative media outlets and only mainstream articles said it was a hoax and that it was some crazy idea based on MK ULTRA. 

Outside there was nothing real pretty to speak of everything was cold and grey. Society had given up most of its personal freedom and moved into massive apartment buildings with minimal windows. Course there isn’t much to see outside anyway.  The brothers were living outside the City trying to make a living making soap and other things naturally for people as well as investigating the ins and outs of this New World Order that was among them. A piece of information had been received concerning the new form of LSD which they evidently were calling “Lucifer 33”. The information was from an insider at the CDC and the company that the CDC was using to test and make the drug. Based on the info it seemed that they were going to use it as the virus on the population. Doing this they knew it was not a virus but something that altered the brain. Something that would alter the brain would seem like a virus to doctors who were paid off in order to keep their license. Herman grabbed a mask off the wall inside the cabin they were in and walked out to the lab they used to develop photos and other remedies for themselves and those around them. Among the information was a photograph that was already developed but Herman found something in the photo that made no sense so he took it to be manipulated a little more. In the photo was a code for the drug. Innocent jumped at the opportunity to make it and test it on the rat they called Norm. Innocent made the drug and administered it to Norm. Norm freaked out and then fell asleep. They tested to see if he was dead, his heart was beating but when they looked over the X-Rays they took of him they noticed that there were femto sized webs that went to the major organs and the major parts of the brain. They had to use a digital microscope to see them but they were there. Inside the body of this rat were wires smaller than the standard nanowires used in the latest VR Headsets. A disturbing fact was that the wires were moving slowly alongside the blood vessels. They got readings of radiation from the rat which made no logical sense due to the fact that there was nothing radioactive in the ingredients of the “Lucifer 33”. Herman called up a local friend who was the last person using radio waves to get the word out that whatever the government tried to use as some sort of health cure or whatever to not take it under any circumstance. 

The brothers tried to track down the person working inside the CDC and the test company but they found out that person committed suicide that morning. Now they had no extra evidence to prove they didn’t come up with some crazy drug that somehow has wires that track the whole body. Innocent dug through the ingredients and found that there was no way they introduced the wires into the animal. Some info scrounging found that anyone who has had tap water has taken in some amount of these wires without knowing. This showed how the wires came to be and showed that this drug must cause the wires to react and start whatever process they were programmed to do. 

A week had gone by and the news was reporting a strange new form of the flu that would cause people to go into a coma. The only way out of the coma was to take a vaccine that had a new type of adjuvant. The adjuvant was “Lucifer 33” and the Dark brothers knew it. In that week 12,000 people died of this new flu. There were an expected 100,000 more deaths from this new flu in the coming weeks. The brothers couldn’t figure out what this flu and the “Lucifer 33” had in common. The drug was a hallucinogen designed to make people more docile and obviously meant to be used to control the populous, but why release a new type of flu and use the drug as the adjuvant  “They could have just put it in the water supply since everyone already has the tech inside them, this just needs to be added to the body and it works.” said Innocent. Herman looked over the articles on the mainstream sites to see if there was any clue as to why these things were brought together and only found that it must be because so many people used a filter in their homes. Herman looked again at the rat “Do you think he’ll be okay in a while, I don’t think this stuff wears off.” Innocent looked at Norm “Sorry buddy, we thought it was just some random drug. We had no idea that it would do this to you.” Norm wasn’t opening his eyes but he was still breathing at a normal rate. “Herman let’s see if there is a frequency that makes him move or do something?” Herman grabbed a meter to mess with the radio waves around them. They found that it caused Norm to react in an amalgam of different ways. He would look around, walk funny, and even become aggressive at very high frequencies. 

Norm had to live out life like this so they made sure that they found the right frequency to make him calm and bliss. The brothers didn’t want him to be in agony, although they had no idea whether or not the wires actually caused harm without outside stimuli. Herman made sure to find the right place to lay him in while they went and attempted to find out what the grand plan was for this secret they had uncovered. 

They went outside with the street lamps on and were baffled at the sight of their whole block standing underneath a street lamp. The street lamp was about a block from them but they saw that the people were gathered around it like moths. A man standing across the street yelled out” Don’t drink the water and don’t let the police give you that shot!!”. A minute later there were police cruisers lining the street and around the corner. They were blasting a message “EVERYONE NEEDS TO COME AND GET THE CURE, THIS IS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD AND THE GREATER GOOD OF THE WORLD”. Innocent looked at Herman “Is this really happening? What did we uncover?”

A week passed and the brothers prayed that someone else other than them knew what was happening and they made all the stops with social media. Even going as far as trying to stage protests and getting the government to tell the public what was happening. They were hauled away and put in prison. They refused the vaccine even in prison and were put in solitary confinement without sunlight and tortured by the soundproof room. All the work the brothers put into investigating the world and to help others know the truth was becoming something of a circus to those who followed along. From what they were able to understand from the guards, those who chose not to get the vaccine but would live under very stringent wages and be submissive to everything else were allowed to live without prison time. Although there was word of an uprising all thanks to the brother’s work. The world found out that the small amount of people that died had been murdered by the world governments to initiate this process. The process to control all the people of the world was realized to be a hoax.

A small group had put together enough resources to help those who had been suffering. They found that when the body became too malnourished the wires stopped working to the full extent they had at the beginning and in order to keep them from harming people again, they were given a transmitter that would block all the radio waves. People were able to stand up to the government and the organizations that made all the tech possible and stop them from doing it again. News outlets around the world talked about the Dark Brothers and how they started a revolution that helped move humanity out of a brainwashed dystopia into something that was a little more free.

Herman and Innocent Dark were released from prison and had built a massive amount of helpers and volunteers that would go on to investigate future plans the elite had to take over the world. 

This has been another story inside the Upside Down. Inside this world, there are things that have come and gone but the one thing that remains is the spirit of each person to live freely inside a world that would rather them be controlled and manipulated.

Connecting Tissue With Hideous Strength

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. …In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.” Edward Bernays Propaganda.

The quote above is the main idea of what is meant to be understood when reading the news as of late. Everything from the elections to the pandemic seems to have new ways of getting to you every single day. I think more people should be concerned with the information that is being told to them and read the books from the people in the past who wrote out the plans for this future we seem to be hurtling towards. “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.”—David Rockefeller, NWO Banker.  

The perfect crisis would be a global pandemic just due to the fact that it reaches the whole world. That alone would be a reason everyone would try to ban together to beat it. The elite have taken this idea and made it to where they have full control of every aspect of the news cycle and the information that gets put out. The action taken by our government should be enough evidence that we are moving towards the New World Order that has been talked about for generations. The society we live in has been allowing this as well, but I don’t think it’s fully the general population’s fault that this has happened. They have been subliminally programming everyone to do as they are told, there are no rebels anymore in the mainstream who don’t end up turning around and following along. The ones that do stay the course tend to be deleted. If we look back we can see that most of the kinds of rebel movements have been controlled to the fullest extent. The hippie movement is the best one to look at because it has been documented several times by people like Dave McGowan who wrote “Weird Tales Inside The Canyon”, which is about Laurel Canyon and how the CIA was using it to promote the debauchery that has been so influential in the education system as well as the entertainment industry. 

With the obvious revolution that very closely resembles the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, we should look to the ways in which that went down, the people who wrote books before the revolution that talked about how the thinking of a population could and can be changed in order for a new way of life to emerge. I must add before moving forward that the way of life after a revolution is rarely better than the way it was before. A famous book that is the predecessor of Edward Bernays’ famous book “Propaganda”, is one called “The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind” by Gustav Le Bon. Le Bon influenced Bernays and is why Bernays wrote his book. In “The Crowd” Le Bn says “What dominates the spirit of the masses is not the need for freedom but slavery. Her thirst for obedience causes her to instinctively submit to whoever declares her leader.” This is very true and when we look around today with the massive amount of people who look to Trump for answers it becomes very clear that most of the population is more interested in a particular leader and master. I have read that there are some so loyal that they would die for the man. Sorry I won’t do that no matter how much people beg. In my opinion, the way of the system has one option and people keep thinking they have a choice. “The masses can only be moved and influenced by extremist emotions. Therefore, the preacher who wants to attract them should use violent slogans, he should exaggerate his words and stress firmly and repeat without trying to prove anything through mental argument.” Le Bon. How do we not see this with both candidates and the goals they want to meet. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome, this is something people forget every time they go to vote. 

Now we have the great reset and this bodes well for the elite because of what they want to do. Truly this Great Reset almost mirrors the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. I say this because of the way it is going and it’s bigger than the revolution in Russia because it is revolutionizing the whole world into an agenda that has been planned long ago. Klaus Schwab is the main person in this and he seems to just want to be the new Kissinger with the way he talks and acts like a Bond villain. The man has several books and they have a lot to do with what’s happening in the world today. His two fourth industrial revolution books are the most popular and he has one about coofid and the Great Reset. “Chapter Summary The Fourth Industrial Revolution is a new chapter in human development, driven by the increasing availability and interaction of a set of extraordinary technologies, building on three previous technological revolutions. This revolution is only in its early stages, which provides humankind with the opportunity and responsibility to shape not just the design of new technologies, but also more agile forms of governance and positive values that will fundamentally change how we live, work and relate to one another. Emerging technologies could provide tremendous benefits to industry and society, but experience from previous industrial revolutions reminds us that to fully realize them, the world must meet three pressing challenges. To attain a prosperous future, we must: Ensure that the benefits of the Fourth Industrial Revolution are distributed fairly Manage the externalities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in terms of the risks and harm that it causes Ensure that the Fourth Industrial Revolution is human-led and human-centred As leaders grapple with the uncertainty brought about by rapid technological change, adaptation does not require predicting the future. Far more critical is developing a mindset that considers system-level effects, the impact on individuals, which remains future oriented and is aligned with common values across diverse stakeholder groups. So, for the future, the four important principles to keep in mind when thinking about how technologies can create impact are: Systems, not technologies Empowering, not determining By design, not by default Values as a feature, not a bug The regulation, norms and structures for a range of powerful emerging technologies are being developed and implemented today around the world. The time for action is therefore now, and it is up to all citizens to work together to shape the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” Klaus Schwab, Shaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution. When he says all citizens he means the elite in all the fields of technology, government, banking, and media. All these fields will control the mindset of how the populous accepts this new order. 

Transhumanism is a philosophical movement that advocates for the transformation of the human condition by developing and making widely available sophisticated technologies able to greatly modify or enhance human intellect and physiology. Technocracy is an ideological system of governance in which a decision-maker or makers are elected by the population or appointed on the basis of their expertise in a given area of responsibility, particularly with regard to scientific or technical knowledge. Particularly with regard to scientific or technical knowledge. “A world without pleasure and without affection is a world without value. These things the scientific manipulator must remember, and if he remembers them, his manipulations may be wholly beneficial. Meanwhile, it is necessary that men are not intoxicated by the new power to the point of forgetting the truths that were familiar to every previous generation. Not all wisdom is new, nor is all madness old. ” Bertrand Russell, The Scientific Outlook. “In like manner, the scientific rulers will provide one kind of education for ordinary men and women, and another for those who are to become holders of scientific power. Ordinary men and women will be expected to be docile, industrious, punctual, thoughtless, and contended. Of these qualities probably contentment will be considered the most important. In order to produce it, all the researches of psycho-analysis, behaviourism, and biochemistry will be brought into play.” The Scientific Outlook. If you look at some of the videos that the World Economic Forum has put out the ideas are there. 

With America looking at another lockdown and many other countries about to do the same or have done the same it is clear the agenda is moving as planned and maybe faster than they thought it would. I say this because we have so many people in America at least anting a vaccine ad being completely fine wearing a face diaper. Why would they like this, well because we are suppose to love our enslavement from what the elites say. They seem to have made great progress with everything. The only way I can think to push back is to say no and to show others that its okay to say no to something that is obviously wrong. We will be persecuted but as Christian this is to be expected. If we say no more often and enough of us say it and stand up to what is happening then things will change for the better. I am going to recommend another site to check out for this kind of information  A blog by Fr. Zechariah Lynch. An important article among his many other exceptional articles would be A Hideous Conspiracy,

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The Wonderful Great Reset

Are you ready to give up everything for the idea of a perfect world? Concerning you and those whom you love, this particular plan was in place for a while and it started with the need to make everything centralized. If you pay attention to the world this is pretty well known that everything is becoming centralized and the little things like going to your favorite local business have become very hard to do lately. The most that people have been able to do is a small opening with little amount of people and basically makes owning a business the greatest money pit ever.

The Great Reset as explained by the lovely people at The Hill,, “Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed,” Klaus Schwab. The quote basically explains what the whole thing is.

The World Economic Forum run by Klaus Schwab has been stating many outlandish things that the normal public would look at with suspicion. The first being a promotion of Marxism. I would direct you here This is because the business model they want to have for the world is very commie and doesn’t bode well for the little guy who just wants to sell custom lamps or something. “But there could be method in the madness, should global policy-makers ever get their collective heads around how the money system actually works. At first glance, paying everyone a basic income would massively increase government debt, leading to an inevitable default. But this wouldn’t necessarily be the case. If a government’s power to issue notes and coins was extended to digital money, then that additional stimulus could enter circulation via the wages of its employees. This would act to reduce borrowing and tax collection while maintaining purchasing power in the economy. Sadly, most politicians don’t understand that over 95% of money in most countries is now created by private banks, and they fail to see the opportunity of expanding their own fiscal power by creating their own money in line with the digital age. Governments that did lead on this issue would provide a stimulus for their domestic financial technology start-ups, that would provide wallets and payment services for this new digital cash.” A quote that has the main idea of the article.

Digitizing everything is another way there will be control and the move to a digital currency is something that most would say is a good thing, Bitcoin and others alike used as decentralized forms of currency. My personal issue with the digital currency is that if the government created the internet and the NSA predicted a digital currency back in the 90s the document is called How to Make A Mint: The Cryptography of Anonymous of Electronic Cash, With all this in mind, how does one not see that if you put everything into this new system you won’t be controlled? All they have to do is shut down your account. I recommend a book by Patrick M. Wood called Technocracy The Hard Road to World Order. In that book is laid out every aspect almost of the coming revolution of technology and social life in the Great Reset even though it was written before the World Economic Forum was talking about a Great Reset. To clarify I am not against the internet because without it many of us would not know what we know now, but I do think that the risks involved with all this are severely overlooked for convenience.

Now the great reset has all the things that you would expect from a New World Order Organization like the UN. The two organizations are actually now partners and upholding the Agenda 2030 for sustainable development, that link for evidence in case you didn’t know Since these two are working together for the future it should beg the question, why? The purpose is for the Transhuman future they want. Inside the Great Reset plan, there are incentives to be trained in something that leads to a future where people no longer work. I would recommend this video to understand things a little better concerning the Great Reset and the pandemic that seems to have sortt disappeared from the public mind,

I would like to direct the attention of readers to something within the World Economic Forum site and that would be what they see in 2030., with all the craziness this something to remember and be watchful of. In the future there will be nothing other than the big data corporations and the big media outlets, the world will be something out of a dystopian novel. After reading the article it should be clear that some of this has already started, an example would be the mask wearing requirements to enter businesses and other public areas. This is something that is leading towards a forced vaccination of the populace. Many more areas of our life are going away and this does not seem to be understood by the public on a grand scale, in the future they are telling you that there will be no free will and they will control everything you do for the good of the world. The fact they want you to eat bugs instead of meat is abhorrent and should be scrutinized. go to this site and watch the video they made on it. I am a huge fan of the work that Truthstream Media does and they are not wrong in the conclusions in the video. it is something to be worried about especially with the election.

In conclusion to this sort of odd article of just facts and links, I want to end with the very real possibility that there will in fact be a full-blown world government before the decade is out. There seems to be a move to speed things up and I think that some of that has to do with the subliminal programming and messaging of Operation Warp Speed. The actual operation is totally outside of what I am talking about but I think that the title of it showed that there is an acceleration in the plan for the future. I don’t have answers as of yet to beat this other than fervent prayer. Look through all the links I have given and read for yourself and come to your own conclusions.

A Bit of A Book

I am currently writing a book and it’s of the fiction genre with elements of Orthodox theology and a story that hopefully pans out in a less dystopic way. The plan is to have the book done and published on Amazon before the end of the year. Here is a chapter from the book.

Please Stand By

This is written as a moment in time but its more than that it’s the full spirit of what everyone was told was Antichrist. The story that we are reading needs more substance to fully grasp the events that took place and led to the full catastrophic things that are the Cities. To be standing in the world today with the ideas that have led to the point of mystery and oddness, people should look to historical times to understand truly the state of affairs. The people of that time had to choose the right way or the wrong way. The spirit of this world had revealed himself through the leaders that were elected. The elected officials were not always properly elected there was always fraud concerning the results of an election. Nonetheless, there were a small fraction of people who held to the true faith, these people were called Orthodox. The meaning of the term “Orthodox” means a person conforming to what is generally or traditionally accepted as right or true; established and approved. 

 The people that followed traditions of the true faith in the early days of the full transformation of the world were at first following the secular world. Through this, they saw the ones that had been twisted and contorted by passions of this world so that they kept their power and authority. The ones that kept true to the faith knew what they had to do. Instead of fighting what was happening around them they left society and went underground. These Priests, Bishops, Monks, some Metropolitans, most of the Hierarchs led the way to the catacombs where the faithful would still be able to partake in the divine mysteries that we still have today. 

 The technocratic order that had formed had made laws and heavy stipulations on those who wanted to partake in the mysteries. In the beginning, they allowed for there to still be faithful, but they had to hide their faith and never speak in public about their faith or they would be castrated and then put in jail. The underground Church was under heavy scrutiny and took it with a smile. Eventually, things became more and more constricting and those who had been following the laws and stipulations were sought out and made examples of. The martyrs of that time knew that they had something to look forward to. 

  The world saw this and since they had been under the yoke of Antichrist they screamed in joy over the deaths of these people. This persecution started with the One Cause affirming itself as the true religion of the world. The people never truly knew until many years after that this was the Antichrist they had been warned about. His face was never seen in the beginning, it was always with the veil of the One Cause. The One Cause sought out Monks in the underground monasteries and brought them before the world and tortured them. The world saw this more of a show rather than a horrific scene that was transpiring right before their eyes. 

The Monks had no cries or even any signs on their faces that they were in pain. It is said they practiced the Jesus Prayer so much that they felt no pain. The state threw them on massive tables and proceeded to decapitate them; this was the only way they died; all the torture had done almost nothing to truly kill them, so they were beheaded in front of the world. This example that was set was there to make everyone fall to the One Cause. After those events, the catacomb churches were invaded and those who would not submit were killed. 

The few that remained went into hiding and prayed every day. These Monks had gone back to their ways of reading, praying, writing, creating Icons. They had little peace in the beginning and had to move constantly so they would never be caught by the AI robots that had been sent out to search for people that had tried to hide. The Monks still kept their writings and the writings of Saints in their libraries. When they had time, they would write what they had remembered of the transformation of humanity. These writings became lost to the world for a time until later people who had left the cities found them. 

After sometimes, the Cities forgot about anyone who was outside the cities because the people inside the cities would never leave. 

The Cities became the places where the experiments that so many had read about came true. Books like Brave New World, 1984, or WE by Yevgeny Zamyatin, nonfiction books that were written by people who knew that the overall plan was coming true. People like Norbert Wiener, Julian Huxley, Jonas Salk, Carroll Quigley, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Bertrand Russell, H.G. Wells, Jacques Attali, David Rockefeller, Aldous Huxley, Frjitof Capra, Dr. John C. Lilly, Arthur Koestler, Manly P Hall, and so many others. These people wrote books about what the plans were for society. The plans for transhumanism and the Technocracy were always in the cards. Most people had been able to understand these things and spoke out against them. The ones that did were taken away and never heard from again once the One Cause had been fully in place. 

The world after the initial process of transformation was cold. This being after the faith was spread so thin almost no one had any memory of it. 

The cities were set up in a Judge Dredd style manner, without the super dystopic colors and people that are usually seen in those types of movies. The cities had become a Utopia of sorts for those inside the city. They had no personal property but were set up in small apartments with one room and only a few food rations that had been used only in emergencies. Some time had gone by when the people who had been groomed and even bred to run the place showed themselves to the public. This was when they brought out the Black Boxes and the Brainlink corporation had been put into place. The Boxes had been something of a mimic of an idol to the Antichrist. The people would go and watch the great and secret show and become illumined by the answers it gave them. It was made to allow people to have ordered, to know when they could fornicate with each other and when they were allowed to see the face of their god.

When one was chosen to see the face, this was a manner of keeping the population to a certain number but also allow the people to feel a sense of reward for their obedience. This obedience to the One Cause was a value that had its worship. It was not enough for the people to simply say they followed the One Cause they had to prove it constantly. From the moment they woke to the moment they slept they had to show total allegiance. They were told to report anyone they saw as not showing a complete love and admiration for the One Cause. If they followed the rules they were rewarded and allowed to have their dopamine session. There were tiers of rewards for the following everything exactly as it was written to the letter. 

People in the city would go to the cloud to fuel their obsession with the One Cause. The Cloud was created inside the virtual reality created to give the people jobs and community, but the process to get into the Cloud was done in the real world. The ritual that took place was always secret, no one knows this ritual only that the person’s body is disposed of afterward in a fire with two poles with sigils all over them. 

Inside the VR world, they have no idea that their brainwaves are being monitored. When people leave the VR world to go and see parts of the city they are monitored then as well, but more than they would be in the VR world. The One Cause knew that people outside the realms of their control in the virtual world can hear the quiet voice that calls to them. This voice was a phenomenon that was always being battled by the One Cause and the Brainlink Corp. and because they knew that they had to do this they would use radio-waves to send messages from an AI to stimulate the brain to want the VR world more than the real one. This was something that worked but would not work every time. People like breathing around people they feel close to. 

There is the main skyscraper in every major city, these are the headquarters for the Tracers. The Tracers were created to have better control over the population so that no one rebels against them. The people who become Tracers are born like everyone else in the city, in a lab. The Tracers are created so that they can have all the features of people but have modified intelligence and brain chips. This allowed them to have the ability to make perfect decisions to better infiltrate a group or person, a honeypot is what they were meant for. 

As the society had fully formed it could and every possible flaw in both people and the system were ironed out the whole thing ran like a well-oiled machine. Every year there would be an enchantment ritual, a ritual with numbers to show who had fulfilled their goals in life and were done with it. To those outside the city this looked like a death cult but to the people inside it was normal and moral. It only took two generations to fully iron out the system. There were a few people in the beginning that wanted out, but they were made examples. This example was that if you want out or for things to change you don’t have the right chemistry and should be brought to the Motivational Clinics for evaluation. 

This was a new type of medicine that was being used, Fear. The fear that was used to cull the population into submission became known to the people not as fear but as the “normal” way of living. People would wake up and have no other thoughts nut what they had been told was allowed. The system as a whole had brought forth new ideas to technology as being something that would bring people forward in their evolutionary path. The Clinics were the place to get the new upgrade. These upgrades were meant to bring people to Godlike status. This was written to the people in the past but rarely did people read and take heed of the warnings. 

The whole of society had the brand of the Boxes on them. This brand was a small chip in its wrist. This was their real name, the name that the State had given them. The names they were given were numbers that correspond to the time and place (the lab they were created in) and their day they would be brought to their deaths. The elite group that had set up everything had days for people to expire. This was done to be under the Guidestones. For each person, there were days they had to come to the Clinics to get an upgrade to the chips. The upgrades had been done to keep the number of people in check with the new numbers being created. 

The diet everyone had to be in accordance with was the vegan diet. The diet plan was also in accordance with the spiritual ideals of society. The vegetables were prayed over before everyone was able to eat them. The rations that were made were there for those who were at the low levels of society. When people started to notice they had low levels of energy they tried to plea with their priests in lab coats but were told that it was not only good for them but good for the planet. The planet was something to be worshiped, not to be abused or even spat on if you had phlegm. The ideas surrounding this were a mystery and almost no one at the time could question it. They eventually left it alone.

Beyond the realm of the city, we can travel to other cities. The only issue is that you have to track yourself and report any issues. The issues being those of people not following the rules and laws. When you do travel there is the check-in areas that you have to go to. These check to see if you have altered your brainwaves, this is done by mapping the brain with a device that looks for thoughts outside the norm that has been established. If they notice a change, they report you and you go to the nearest Clinic. The reason people go to other cities is not for reasons people used to travel around, it’s to get new updates to themselves or for their VR world. Sometimes there are spiritual reasons, but these are mostly meant for the higher levels of society. 

To leave one city to live in another is only allowed for short periods. This is because new cities require a whole list of information on your chip. This is never allowed because the place you are born is the place you are supposed to die. The levels of people in a city are set and can’t be altered for any reason. If numbers are moved to another city, they only have a week to be there until they are called to be sacrificed. This sacrifice is there to keep the ideas of people from spreading even if they share and conform to the norm. It is a ritual because it is not only in place for population and resource reasons but also to keep everyone will remember the rules. 

The idea of Alchemy and magic is a major aspect of how many of these philosophies took hold of so many people in very high up positions. The need for religion and religious practice is so deeply embedded in our DNA that it is impossible for someone to not have some sort of religious mannerism. The start of all this was early Jewish Kabballah and ancient Egyptian mysteries. The Egyptian mysteries were the beginning of modern ideas of science and magic, this was originally called Alchemy. The Jewish people called it Kabbalah; this was common in the esoteric tradition of Judaism from the 12th century onward. It was for the apprehension of God and creation contemplated through illumination. The term “Kabbalah” means the mystical interpretation of the Bible. The people who partook in kabbalah thought that it was first found in the esoteric part of the Oral Law given to Moses at Sinai. The Jews of the time were very into the idea of knowing God, from this they related many ideas to the world and made very divisive ideas about the essence and energies of God. The individuals practiced magic of many degrees thinking it would lead to a revelation. This doctrine has been used for many insidious deeds. There were many early iterations of reincarnation and other things that many Jews would have looked at as heresy. The early ideas in Egypt were all over the map and had many ideas concerning life after death, spiritualism, Gods like Isis (Sirius), and the many other gods they had that gave them illumined minds. All this knowledge was passed down through many tribes and people groups. The elite thought they were descendants of these gods or goddesses. Mystical knowledge was something all these esoteric groups kept secret and only allowed those initiated to know them. History is full of groups that kept secrets to establish power. The Greeks had the best and most established secret societies in the ancient world. Pythagoras had his society and many other famous Greek philosophers had their cults as well. 

The era of the Freemasons was something that had been built around a craft and then became something of a secret group that believed they held the greatest mysteries and secrets of all; this was after the Illuminati had their way with the group. The Masons were a benefactor of many things and among those was the power that came from having so many political and cultural figures in its ranks. The Masons had a huge grasp on the scientific world through a group called the Club of Rome, as well and because of this, there was a major pull in it for many ideas leading to Transhumanism. There are many books on this topic that go into greater detail. 

Since the underground faith is gone it is unlawful to even partake in any of the readings spiritually. This also concerns the aspect of trying to follow the faith even while in the cities. They know when you are doing this through the brain scans when you leave your apartment. One is allowed to read the text but only the censored version, if they find a version that is in physical form, they cannot under law read it spiritually. There are established views concerning books like The Path, and the views are skewed in such a way that it sounds as though the text is completely unusable in modern times. The Antichrist spirit has revealed himself with a veil, but that veil is thin. Many people have left the cities in silence to find the true Path. 

“Everything in this life passes away — only God remains, only He is worth struggling towards. We have a choice: to follow the way of this world, of the society that surrounds us, and thereby find ourselves outside of God; or to choose the way of life, to choose God Who calls us and for Whom our heart is searching.”
― Seraphim Rose

The last thing before I resume this the story is that it is imperative to read, question, and find answers. The questions that are asked in good faith will have wonderful answers. We have come quite far into the world and always find reasons to remember the struggle for salvation. There are many Saints and Elders of the past that have guided us, the Apostles of Christ, the Martyrs and Prophets, Fr Seraphim Rose, St Gregory Palamas, St Basil the Great, St Maximus the Confessor, Saint Paisios of Mount Athos, among hundreds of others. These writings along with The Path are very important to the life and faith of many. 

Now back to the story…

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