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Dokken Storm

I am a writer and have published a book called The Blood Of Martyrs. I write short stories as well as researched articles. I am an Orthodox Christian who holds to the Faith that has been handed down through the generations. I hope that my work inspires and asks questions as well as entertains my readers. My reader sponsorship is greatly cherished and needed so that I can keep giving people fantastic stories that are not what the mainstream media presents nor what the entertainment industry uses to brainwash. I present very honest and moral stories from the Orthodox perspective.

Nate Armstrong

A fantastic visual artists. Knowledge in the fields of Bio-chemistry and applied Pharmacology. A researcher and creative friend of mine. Writing on all topics and is deeply faithful to the traditions of the Church. Makes a great impact on those around through the work he does both on this site and his Instagram page @natearmstrong313. Truly a wonderful person. Nate is the other half of this website both in the creative sphere and the research sphere.

The Blood Of Martyrs
10% of the earnings go to supporting my parish.


Each month there will be a limited number of signed copies. Each month will be a themed story that only those who bought the limited amount will be able to read. Those stories will also be signed. If you would like signed copies send me an email at I will send you ways to pay for that copy and ask whether or not you would like a message in the book.


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