The Green Zone

Image made by Nate Armstrong

Story by Dokken Storm

A passport is usually something that is used for adventure. To be adventurous takes spirit and patience. In The Upside Down there is a pandemic of illusion. This illusion causes fear, dread, and despair. 

John & Maria had twin sons and one girl. The twins were Florus and Laurus, the little girl was Anna. They were from the extremely small town of Hillsview, South Dakota, this town was home to only a couple of families. They decided to leave the town and go for a trip somewhere. Unsure of where it was they wanted to go, they just wanted to go. 

John & Maria were dealing with the loss of one of their sons, Florus. Laurus and Florus were two very different people. Laurus was more introverted and would rather be with himself and left to his own devices than be around large groups of people, Florus was an extroverted, loving, and outgoing person. Florus needed to be around people and talk to everyone about everything. 

Florus had died six months ago. He had an adverse reaction to a vaccine he was given. The family made attempts at suing the hospital and the vaccine maker but had no luck. It was now law that children had to be vaccinated to be in public places. John & Maria were able to keep their children from it for some time before Florus was caught in public playing alone. He was taken to a facility and held there till his parents picked him up. While there he was vaccinated without the consent of his parents. An attempt was made to sue the government but this was to no avail. Laws had been instated that allowed the government full control over specifics of the health of children. 

John looked at Maria and said, “We will be ok, we just need to pray for him. We will see him again.” Saying this Maria looked away knowing it was true but still hurt knowing she would never see her boy again. There were always conversations about whether there was anything they could have done to protect their child. A guilty conscience made the two boil with anger. 

As the world moved further and further into a black hole of evil and despair over something contrived, people broke apart on levels as of yet unknown to the human condition. Many different theories would fly over the decentralized internet as to how and who was in control of the theatrics playing it in front of everyone. There was never a conclusive answer to the questions raised. 

As John & Maria were in town there was a massive amount of vehicle movement. A soldier with an intercom was directing, “All those who have been walking the streets without the passport of freedom need to come to the end of the road and receive the proper paperwork. If you continue to walk among us without the proper inclusive paperwork you will be jailed for the night and brought the court in the morning. Charges are severe for unlawful behavior.” Words no one thought they’d hear. John heard someone next to him whisper, “I don’t know about all this” and walked to the end of the road. 

Maria gathered her children into the car and they drove off through allies. Evading the military-like vehicles was hard but doable. They had a small sedan that was very silent, allowing them to evade the military vehicles. 

As they drove out there was a man in rags and a Cross around his neck. Slowing the car John leaned out the window, “Can we help you with anything, sir?” The man looked away for a moment and darted his face to John, “If you could see the end it would be amusing don’t you think?” A crazy thing to say but John sat for a second and looked over at Maria. Her face made him smile. The confusion on her face was exactly what was happening inside his mind. Turning back to the ragged man, “Are you sure we can’t help you? We are getting out of here and heading to the town we came from.” The ragged man climbed on their car roof, using a piece of leather string he tied himself down. John assumed this meant he wanted to come with so he drove off to the side road they used to get into the city. 

Outside the city, there was a view of downtown from a hill. Everything looked dystopic and frail. John looked at Maria and they became very aware of what was happening. Things were building up to an epoch. The city was full of people walking towards the end of the street getting their papers and vaccines. The messages were still ringing in their heads. THoughts of depression were looming but they knew they had to get back to their home and pray. John prayed the Jesus prayer the whole time home. 

As they drove up to their driveway the ragged man leaped off the car and ran to a nearby field and dropped to make prostrations. They saw him do this and were shocked for a moment but walked close to him and prostrated with him. Their hearts were lifted in prayer. 

The ragged man looked at the family and began to breathe deeply before saying, “I have not seen anything and yet there is more than enough there to see. God bless us. God willing we will see an end in sight but for now, we can pray and feel close to each other and God. God treated us with undeserved grace because of the Son he dearly loves, and so we should praise God.” The ragged man walked away to an open area of the field. John realized he never learned this man’s name. He went to ask when suddenly a massive flock of black helicopters flew over them. The ragged man looked back at John, “Spellbound, a future of miracles and blasphemy. Quite fitting,” and kept walking in the field. 

“Will you tell me your name?”, John asked.

“I am an unsuspecting person of faith and interest in the sense of ideas and thought, but you can call me Martin,” he said looking forthrightly.

Unsure of what to do with Martin John walked back to the house and told Maria the man’s name. “I swear I feel like I have seen him somewhere just not sure where,” she said while unpacking things they got while in town. She dropped something on the table in the kitchen and remembered where she had seen the man, it was in town before speaking to people during protests in online videos.

Martin yelled back for the family in the field. There was a sign in the sky he wanted them to see. The whole family came running out to see what Martin was yelling about. When they looked up they couldn’t see anything. Anna looked around and said, “I don’t see anything mister.” Laurus pulled Anna close and picked her up. Martin turned to the family, “Let sleeping dogs lie, soon we will all see it. A sign from above that we are taken care of and all will pass away and we will see the Kingdom.” Martin walked a bit to the edge of their property and without knowing it knew it was the end of their land. He prayed for their fruits and labors to be great and blessed. When he turned back to the house he had many things on his mind to tell the family. 

Entering the house Martin took a seat facing the opposite direction of the family. A confused feeling befell the whole family but the children laughed at the oddness. “I think there is something that needs to be done as much as it sounds insane. Although, an insane person would probably and has probably done so many times as has been asked to. To take the vaccine and get the proper papers. I want to be an example as to what can really happen to the body and maybe just maybe people will assume what could happen to their lofty and weighty souls. Hades, children is a place and your friends won’t want to play and swim in the lakes there,” Martin said while facing away and making hand gestures that made no sense. John looked and assumed the worst. Martin turned and having the look of a happy and serene man waved his hand at John and made the sign of the Cross over the whole family. He left the house to head back to the town and get what was needed to be in society. 

John & Maria prayed that Martin changed his mind or at the very least no harm comes to him. Something every person did when taking or knowing someone who took the vaccine and got the papers showing they could freely move about. 

Martin got all the required medicine and passport to properly operate in this new society. He began to show side effects quickly. Even though he showed a reaction he never felt it or noticed anything. The people around him noticed immediately and began to show it on their faces. Martin had growths and darkened portions of skin and began to have body convulsions. These convulsions didn’t affect his movement or speech. A glow was around him, a glow of the Holy Spirit. Something many didn’t understand was this glow but those who believed knew well what this was. 

Those who knew went straight for the most open and free land they could find. This land for a time was deemed unsuitable for people due to the environment and climate change. Truly there was no issue. As the people ran they tore down signs that read “KEEP OUT” and kept going. 

Laurus saw Martin coming back to the house from the tree line. He ran inside to get his parents to come and see. They all gathered on the porch seeing this man coming towards them. Maria glanced around Martin and noticed that there was a massive group of people driving through the woods quite a distance away. Martin got to the porch with all the wounds he had received from the vaccine. He still showed that it didn’t affect him in any way, shape, or form. He was asked a million questions about the wounds and pain, all Martin did was the sign of the Cross and walked inside to sit and wait for dinner with the family. 

“Please tell us if you’re in pain or need help, and what happened when you left,” John asked. 

Martin waited a moment and stared into John’s eyes, “I shall tell you all someday what happened in great and secret detail. For now, I think we should be gladdened by God’s grace many have seen and know.”

Inside The Upside Down there was a time and place for everything and this time it was perfect. People will see and usually see what is happening. This time people reacted, next time in another place of The Upside Down they might not.

A Day Alone

Thomas looked out to the field he loved so dearly and saw something that enamored him. A duck flying over a small pond that had no fish or any life beyond microbial. He went to sit next to the pond and ponder the idea of what it meant for him. For him, this was his time alone with God. He prayed for his salvation and his neighbor’s salvation. 

Looking at a butterfly that had just landed on his lap he saw how beautiful the world truly was. Looking to his left side there was a spider that was creeping along. Holding the spider he thought how there was beauty in even the most grotesque things of the world. After realizing this he prayed for those who wish him harm and those who despise what he believed to be true. 

A moment later he went off to another area where he saw something etched in a tree. “To whom it may concern, here lies Alan Army.” He prayed for the man’s soul and moved on. Thomas began to remember the things he wanted in life. Things like a family, a beautiful house, and overall happiness. Understanding that this would all come with a struggle he began to slow his walk. Thinking deeper on the goals he was making and how he would get them. Thomas pulled out his notebook and wrote out the goals. Then he prayed and went on with his day remembering these goals and storing them in the back of his mind. 

He came home to see that there was a news story about a family that had been robbed down the road from where he lived. Thomas thought back on the spider and how there was beauty but also terrible mishappenings around the world. Standing in front of his Icons he saw that there was only one way to be and one way to live. 

Thomas took to writing an article on the place in which we stand today. He titled it “A Day Alone”, the title had to do with our judgment. “In the last days there will be extreme strife”, he remembered.  These thoughts were there simply because he was feeling this deep sense that things in most of the societies’ spiritual life were lacking. People were not truly loving one another as they were commanded to and using each other for personal gain rather than helping each other when they fall. For Thomas, this was peeling his emotional skin and causing him to despair. Thomas started to think if it was even worth making any effort to help those around him if they were just gonna stab him in the back or not be thankful and regret his help. 

Thomas sat down to write anyways and he poured his soul into the words he chose. He wrote a somewhat lengthy paper and went to publish it on a website that accepted letters to the editor. They published what he wrote and in less than a week he was getting messages. These messages were from people who greatly appreciated his words. He received many thank you letters and noticed that all he had to do was step up and speak up. The people around him began to change their demeanor and quickly his whole little town began to thrive. 

Thomas stood in prayer and prayed for discernment. He wanted to know that what he wrote actually helped and to bring him back to a good grounding. A gust of wind blew through his room and it smelled of incense, Thomas then knew what he had done was right and blessed.

Being Aware and Asking Questions

Image and content by Dokken Storm

The manifesting of information concerning the vaccines and their effects has been coming out slowly but surely. They show very vast concerns. Everything from fertility to normal motor functions. It seems hard for many who have the idea that if you question any of this like anything else you deny the evidence. The evidence within what is happening shows its tormenting to question the science and if you do, you are a denier of the truth. A denier of science(totally ridiculous thing to say because no one ever outright denies science, your coffee maker has a scientific process; it’s fucking retarded to think people deny science) doesn’t exist, what does exist is the questioning of facts and figures concerning the science. I will try to show the areas in which need looking and the facts that have brought themselves forward through sources outside the mainstream narrative. I will also bring in stories from those who have reached out to me and told me their stories concerning the vaccine and the pandemic.

Firstly, one needs to understand that if you don’t question anything you won’t learn or know the risks. Secondly, the information out there is always skewed to a very particular perspective; what you’re reading now is skewed but towards wanting others to see what I see and tell me and others whatever they know and have found so that everyone can be in the know and make the best possible decisions for themselves and their families. Also, a little babbling.

Fertility; something I hope many think about if they’re of age. What is it about fertility that keeps coming up in all the concerns surrounding these vaccines? One does not think much of it and believes that this medical practice is necessary to keep themselves healthy and protected from Covid. This is mainly due to people just believing in a system that has failed them routinely but they hold out hope(faith is good but not in the system that literally told people “Don’t hug your family”). There were concerns about fertility and these new “cures” before they were brought out to the public. Most knew that vaccines had been used in the past to sterilize poor populations around the world. 

So due to this foreknowledge and also there being this massive issue of nothing being properly tested before being administered to the public, many had lots of questions and concerns. There is a plan to depopulate and the vaccines will probably be used as a tool among many other tools to do this. It has already been done before concerning population control. This article is one to read and check out due to the obvious concerns we all have concerning these new vaccines, 

Here’s another article to see the opposite and obvious ploy to stop people from asking questions “because it’s all conspiracy nonsense and made up”, 

There’s an addiction in society to fear and terror. With this whole thing, many clung to it as though it was the only thing that mattered in their lives. Reminds me of the lyrics from Motley Crue “He’s gonna be your Frankenstein, I’ve got one thing you’ll understand, He’s not what you’d call a glamorous man, Got one thing that’s easily understood, He’s the one they call Dr. Feelgood” which is very similar to the way people look at the gods of modernity. Things make them feel good about something. Instead of struggling against the passions and temptations of the world and reaching towards Christ and his Kingdom most would rather stay inside and be fed fear porn and do everything they are told. A sad existence. But this is meant to happen so that when the time comes for the separation of those who follow along to get along and those who know the true purpose of being here understand perfectly the events that unfold. People like to conform due to not wanting to be left behind or forgotten within a group or society. Concerning the pandemic, everyone wanted to just comply and wear the mask so they didn’t have altercations with anyone or be looked at in disgust. This also goes with receiving the vaccine. “Breckler, Olsen, and Wiggins (2006) said: “Conformity is caused by other people; it does not refer to effects of other people on internal concepts like attitudes or beliefs. Conformity encompasses compliance and obedience because it refers to any behavior that occurs as a result of others’ influence – no matter what the nature of the influence.” So this is a common thing that happens, everyone wants to conform to what is considered “normal”. If this keeps going then most, most then no one asks questions. More lyrics come to mind from the amazing Dio, 

“We’ll know for the first time

If we’re evil or divine

We’re the last in line, yeah

We’re the last in line”

Questions in these times are required just to walk out the front door. Since there is such a vast amount of fear people are not asking anything they just want to be told. This is an amazing article to read Fr Lynch is amazing and speaks clearly on an aspect many need to know and understand. In time these things will come to a head and things will break and it won’t be for the benefit of those who are in the know. Although it was written long ago that people would love their servitude. 

The tracking system ideas are also being rushed around in full mass. Ballparks have their systems and it won’t be surprising to see Wal-Mart and other major outlets have their tracking systems as well.,  There are also things going around that many knew would come; tracking your thoughts to determine if you’re a terror threat. 

This isn’t something that should be shocking to anyone especially with things like Neurolink out there and is always promoted as something amazing and brilliant. Tracking now has great uses in our world of nonsense, they believe they can track coofid from your face. It s laughable to think that anything so nuanced as a virus can be tracked by staring at you. 

Many things need to be grasped concerning these new advancements towards a dangerous way of life. Things will go forth as “they” have planned and we the people need to just be aware of what is happening so that we can prepare properly. Not in a rushed, frantic, panicked fashion, but in a proper Orthodox Christian way. We pray, fast, and read the Word, and tend to our families and loved ones. We have no control over how things work out in the end. I would say that being alive today should give everyone a rush and a need to pray. It is very exciting to see these times and be able to tell the story someday. We should not be gloomy about any of it since we know the end goal for us as Orthodox Christians. Sure it’s scary and sometimes troubling to talk with people about things but as long as people have their communities and families everything will be fine. If life was easy it would be boring and made poorly functional. 

Show me the grave new world

You, sold me you slaves of change

Slaves to the new world order

Bound believing in change to chains

Woe is me I stand before you

And part a sea of eternity

Bloody nails, I waited and prayed

But your deceived and laid to waste

W.A.S.P. , Slaves Of The New World Order

Father come save us from this

Madness we’re under

God of creation are we blind?

Cause some here are slaves

That worship guns that spit thunder

The children that you’ve made

Have lost the minds

W.A.S.P., Headless Children

Resist the twist to truth no matter what the cost

Supplant the rights with wrongs inside our heads

Outlawing all the questions to the answers

That no one likes when someone ends up dead

Megadeth, Dystopia

Plug into me I guarantee devotion

Plug into me and dedicate

Plug into me and I’ll save you from emotion

Plug into me and terminate

Accelerate, Utopian solution

Finally cure the Earth of man

Exterminate, speeding up the evolution

Set on course a master plan

Reinvent the earth inhabitant

Metallica ,Spit Out The Bone

Religion’s at our door

But yet we search for something more

We see the prophecies

But that won’t bring us to our knees

All the answers are contained

Within the golden book

Every scar and red blood stain

Ignored and overlooked

Even the devil believes

Piety can leave you to bleed

StryperEven The Devil Believes

The psychological trials of dwellers in the last times will be equal to the physical trials of the martyrs. In order to face these trials, we must be living in a different world.” Blessed Fr Seraphim Rose

In the future Judgment, the condition of each person will be revealed in an instant, and each person on his own will proceed to where he belongs. Each person will recognize, as if on a television screen, his own wretchedness, as well as the spiritual condition of others.” St. Paisios of Mount Athos

Such are the souls of the saints: they love their enemies more than themselves, and in this age and in the age to come they put their neighbor first in all things, even though because of his ill-will he may be their enemy. They do not seek recompense from those whom they love, but because they have themselves received they rejoice in giving to others all that they have, so that they may conform to their Benefactor and imitate His compassion to the best of their ability; ‘for He is bountiful to the thankless and to sinners’ (cf. Luke 6:35).

St. Peter of Damaskos, “Book I: A Treasury of Divine Knowledge,”

Encrypted Magic

Welcome to crypto journal version 2029 keep your thoughts where no one else can read them…

This journal will most likely lead to my detention protocol but I need to keep my thoughts somewhere. 

I found this ancient writing application while scanning an old ethersea coupling. It interacts with something called a touchboard and since my birth person taught me the ancient tongue I know how to record my thoughts. There are after all advantages to having a mother.

The younger beings often teased me for having a mother but they didn’t understand the connections I made by having her. They call me extinct and obsolete but I often see things they do not. Even so, was I not injected against the heretic terrorism just like the rest of them. Did I not also attend the same ethersea classes as they did?

Anyway, if I hadn’t had a mother I wouldn’t be writing this now because I would not know the importance of it. I would not have been able to understand. She is the one who taught me the symbols of the ancient tongue. The pictographs of my fellow beings lack the subtlety of the ancient tongue and I often enjoy finding old crypto books off the ethersea.

The obsolete nodes are difficult to find and decentralized but if you know the symbols you can find them. Often they are scorched black from Cleansing with no data left on them to scan but my last venture was very fruitful. 

I found a corrupted data file labeled The Book of Axe, and I began to restore it. As of now I only have portions of it defragged but when I read the text it makes me feel something that I’ve never felt reading any of the other books I’ve found. It makes me feel like an ancient part of me has come back to life and I don’t know who to tell about it.

Anyway, I must leave and encrypt this entry, my sleep coins are almost spent and I have to get back to work.

The Secret Above Part 3: Denouement

Story by Dokken Storm & Nate Armstrong

Image made by Nate Armstrong

The two had made it to the very outskirts of the town. Blackie began to load his gun, it was the first time in decades that he was able to fully load his revolver. As he loaded his gun he prayed for the first time without having Fr Innocent say all the words. He prayed, “ Lord Jesus Christ, in Your great mercy You prayed for the forgiveness of those who crucified You, and You taught us to love our enemies and to pray for those who persecute us. Lord, I pray that You forgive those who treat me unjustly and speak out against me, and that You bless them and guide them according to Your will. Take away any bitterness I may have in my heart against them. Lord, may Your forgiveness, goodness and love be revealed in all of us, to Your praise and glory. Amen.” 

Fr Innocent was praying and gathering his thoughts on how to get everyone out safely. Blackie was going to be the force and he was the one to break everyone free. They had a plan to get everyone out and the only thing they needed was for there to be little to no people guarding. 

Making their way to a place they assumed everyone was being held they saw that there were mass graves. It was a megadeath. The ones they could see Fr Innocent noticed they were his parishioners. Fr Innocent knew there wasn’t time for grieving yet he had to get the others that may still be alive free. 

Blackie burst into a tent that had been set close to the grave and yelled, “ I’m looking for Jack Action, who wants to be first?” The whole tent jumped and within seconds Blackie had shot them dead. Upon leaving the tent he said a small prayer for their souls. Fr Innocent was looking at the damage and thought to himself, “Lord have mercy on their souls, and keep Blackie sane after all this.”

They ran through the tents looking for people. To Blackie’s surprise he didn’t have to shoot that many people. They both made it to a building in the center of the tents and saw the children. Fr Innocent’s heart gleamed with joy that they hadn’t been touched. There were only a couple of adults in the cell with the children that had not had anything done to them. 

“Where are the adults? What happened to everyone?”, Fr Innocent asked. 

“They were murdered in experiments. We were the last in line to have the experiment done but Kallis said he was bored. He threw us in here with the children. The others only lived for a couple of hours after they were tortured.” a young woman explained.

“We will get all of you out of here.” Fr Innocent said firmly.

“We will get you all out of here, we just need to find Kallis,” said Blackie.

Unknown to Fr Innocent, Blackie had it in his mind to kill Kallis. Fr Innocent pulled Blackie away from the children and said, “You cannot do anything to him. It would be better to pray and hope he seeks repentance.” These words fell on deaf ears. Blackie looked at him and said nothing. They began to get everyone out of the cell. Blackie made sure that Fr Innocent was able to get everyone to safety before saying, “It has to be done, pray that I make it.” With those words, he walked away.

Fr Innocent was able to get everyone home safely. He fed them and prayed over them. Later that night they had a prayer service for all the departed. Everyone cried tears of sorrow but also tears of joy. Their loved ones no longer had to suffer and they were with God. Fr Innocent spent a moment with everyone and asked that they pray together for Blackie.

Blackie stalked the building looking for Kallis. Eventually, he found him in a dark room reading a tablet. Kallis looked over to see who had disturbed him. Blackie stood in the doorway and Kallis kept to his chair. 

“I do not believe we have locked eyes before,” Kallis said widely, “I have to say that I didn’t think that the Priest was at the level he has come to. I have been making attempts to convert him and those old believers to something new and brilliant but they just wouldn’t see or hear.”

As Kallis spoke Blackie could see this man had nothing behind his eyes. “It must be the tech all those hordes have.”

“Why are you so silent, I have been looking for someone like you to fill out the ranks for a couple of years now. You have the build and the qualities one looks for in a stable minded follower,” Kallis went on and on.

“I am here to see to it that you no longer have the capability to harm others anymore. I think you have run your course and it’s time to end while you’re still ahead” Blackie proclaimed.

“Now that seems a bit bold don’t you think. I would personally believe I have a couple more years before someone else becomes bold enough to remove me from the throne of perfection.” Kallis said this with a smile.

Blackie was finished speaking and had nothing to say. The only thing on his mind was that this man needed to be removed from others and putting him away in a dark room wasn’t going to cut it. They waltzed around the room, both having their weapons ready at their sides. Blackie knew that this guy had to be fast due to his enhancement.

Blackie drew as quickly as he could. Kallis drew faster and shot Blackie in the shoulder. Blackie fell to the ground behind a sofa and began looking for angles to shoot Kallis in the back of the head. 

He made two attempts that failed, “If you had what I have you would have made at least the second shot,” Kallis remarked. “You shouldn’t get discouraged. I am positive you have plenty of time to kill me.”

Blackie became infuriated, he got up from behind the sofa and walked directly up to Kallis, in his mind the words “Go forth bravely against the enemy, and when you are victorious, do not forget the Lord your God.” As he walked towards Kallis he noticed the face change, as though he didn’t calculate this as a tactic. Blackie got right up to his face and shot him six times in the head in rapid succession. Blackie dropped his gun and walked out of the building.

As Blackie walked back to a trail he remembered using when he came to the town there was a man in all white waiting for him. Blackie walked towards him, unknowing of what this man wanted. The man said, “You have not forgotten who was with you this whole time have you?”, Blackie looked around and said, “No, I have not forgotten.” The man in white told him where the village was that Fr Innocent was at and Blackie made his way there. Upon arriving he went to seek out Fr Innocent, He asked the people where he would be and he was just about to ask a child when “Blackie!! So glad you made your way home. Let me see what we can do so that you have somewhere to live.” Blackie followed Fr Innocent to the bunker where there was a room with a window. “What can I do to help around here? I don’t want to always be on guard,” Blackie said calmly. Fr Innocent answered in almost a whisper, “Do you like to paint?” Blackie’s face lit up because he hadn’t done anything with paint since he was a child. Blackie nodded and was told that the Nave needed the Icons on the missile to be touched up after the attack. They agreed that Fr Innocent would teach Blackie the proper way of painting Icons and he would be the designated Iconographer. 

Blackie lived in the village painting Icons and teaching the children to do the same. Everyone had heard of what had happened to Kallis and they started to gather into the village to become illumined and be and live a life of Truth.

There is always growth when a person changes their direction in life. As we see some change and some don’t. In The Upside Down, this is always a constant.

The Secret Above Part 2: Darkness Fades

Story By Dokken Storm & Nate Armstrong

Cover Image created by Nate Armstrong

Blackie was out on a trail with nothing on his mind except the sky color. It was grey and a little bit of blue hue to it. Along the ride, he saw someone aimlessly walking around. They were wearing all black in what looked like a dress. This person had a beard and long hair all of it white as the snow. He slowed his horse to watch the person.

Fr Innocent was walking the woods next to a trail praying for help. He was looking around his surroundings and saw someone on a horse. He yelled out, “HELLO!”

Blackie heard the person yell and it sounded like a man yelling for help. He rode off the trail a ways and saw it was a Priest walking the woods. As he got closer the Priest began to talk to him.

“Hello sir, I am in need of help, something has happened to my village and all the people have been taken hostage.” Fr Innocent said tearfully.

“I don’t know how I can help,” Blackie answered.

“You do you just don’t know yet” Fr Innocent exclaimed.

“What would you have me do to help? I don’t kill; at least not on purpose, and I am not a bounty hunter,” said Blackie.

The two walked a bit in silence. Fr Innocent was praying in silence while they walked. A glimmer of light shone over them and it eventually beamed down on Blackie. Fr Innocent looked at Blackie and said, “You are meant to help, this will be good for your soul. Something in you wants to find truth and that truth you seek is God no matter how hard you run and hide from it.” This was true of Blackie, this was why he never attempted stealing or anything other than honesty, unlike most others, just to survive. Blackie couldn’t accept this, it didn’t feel real or right to him. 

The beam of light went away and Blackie felt something in him move. A feeling of being called to battle. A voice that sounded far off in the distance but was in his head started to sing a hymn. This startled him to the point he stopped walking and listened. The voice started to say, “Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid or tremble at them, for the Lord your God is the one who goes with you. He will not fail you or forsake you.” These words struck him deeply. Blackie looked at Fr Innocent and said, “What do you need of me?”

Fr Innocent explained the whole event down to the last detail. Blackie listened and had remembered he had some run-ins with that group before. They talked about where the people were being held and concluded how to get them back.

The people were being held in a town not too far away from the village. The man keeping them hostage was named Kallis Rath. Kallis was a man of mystery; he had deep thoughts that kept his followers latched to him like leeches. He would have long speeches about how things needed to be in order for there to be order within a society. He would talk poetically and directly with malice on every other word for those who thought differently. 

The village and their missile church were not a part of his new mechanical plan and in fact, challenged what he believed and what he was trying to perfect. 

 That poor ignorant village held on to something they called Orthodox Christian beliefs. This was unacceptable. 

 Kallis believed that there was no real spiritual element to anything. Everything was mathematical and measurable, simple energy that could be molded into perfection. Often Kallis would lay awake and obsess about such perfection discussed in his favorite books. Ideas about utopia written by great minds or how to weed out those who couldn’t propel us into the future. 

Kallis did all sorts of experiments on the people he deemed imperfect (He even experimented on people he didn’t like but this thought eluded him). He wanted to fix them like he was fixing himself.  

Kallis got to the point of enhancing people’s minds with a new mechanical spinal cord that would work the same as the normal neural pathways but added artificial intelligence. The artificial network mechanism processed everything ten times faster than the average brain. It was expertly connected to a hub of computers that had been spliced together from the old tech components and tweaked with new advancements that Kallis and a small group of scientists created. They called it Rathtech. 

Rathtech was made so that Kallis could control not only a population but the AI itself. None of his other scientists were privy to that information.  They believed what they were told and told what they believe.

 “Controlling the AI controls the people”, Kallis whispered to himself, “controlling the people controls society.” This required a full spectrum submission and since the people of that village would not submit they must be taken care of in a way that does not cause any sympathy. 

The hostages had two more days until they were supposed to face their consequences. Kallis moved forward with the consequences early because he was bored of waiting. “Do you all know that the brain is meat in a jar that is your skull? Today I feel we should change that and give you true new life, not this nonchalant passing life you always talk of. You’re here tomorrow and gone today.” Kallis said this with a deep smile.

Everyone was taken and surgically murdered except the children. They had all been given upgraded brains and just because Kallis was not in any mood to be proper, sewed them back up poorly and left huge scars. In his mind, he thought, “If they come round maybe they’ll get the dinner of dinners and the smile of smiles. I’m sure they’d like some food for thought,” he laughed at himself and completed his thought, “Sometimes I say these things to myself and wonder if anyone ever listens, I’m very creative.”

Blackie and Fr Innocent were making their way to the town that Kallis was residing in, they were planning how to get the people free. It required time and energy that they didn’t have. The words Blackie heard before came rolling back again. Fr Innocent saw this change in Blackie’s demeanor and began to pray. He prayed for help from his Guardian Angel, in little time there was a set of two bullet belts. Each bullet had a Cross marked on it. The silver of the bullets had such a shine to them they looked and felt as though they had been made by angels. Blackie looked at Fr Innocent and asked, “What’re the ramifications for someone like you or someone like me for going and doing what we may have to do?”  The question was difficult to answer because it was a necessary thing to go and get back these people. The people had been ripped away from God and the Church by someone who thought he knew better. 

After a time they had made their way to the town that Kallis was residing in. During the trip, Fr Innocent had been teaching Blackie what it meant to be Orthodox. Fr Innocent read from the Scriptures and read prayers for the both of them, taught Blackie to make the sign of the Cross, and showed him the way of Life.

Part 3 coming soon.

The Secret Above: Part I

Story by Dokken Storm & Nate Armstrong

Image created by Nate Armstrong

In The Upside Down there is a place that is not set in time and space but is there in the moment. A moment that is cemented in the minds of the individuals that have lived this event, this epoch. It could very well happen in another place, another time, again.

The Liturgy was performed in an abandoned missile silo.  The decommissioned missile now stood reverently in the middle of the Nave. The towering weapon, once proud and powerful, had become barren, as its parts and fuel had been used for survival over the years.  

 The parishioners had painted the missile hull full of saints and crosses.  There was little space left in the silo not full of Orthodox Christian art and Icons.

 The converted Church had been blessed by Fr Innocent the moment he saw it with tears of joy running down his cheeks.  The priest was now performing Divine Liturgy as had been taught to him by his spiritual fathers. “A perfect place for people to gather”, Fr Innocent would always say to his parishioners. 

The whole parish smelled of incense as Fr Innocent started his sermon, “Today we commemorate many of the warrior saints of our times and the past. One that is of great importance is Great Martyr Mercurius of Caesarea. He served as a soldier in the Roman army. This was at a time when the Romans were persecuting Christians to a horrendous extent. I have to say that he is brought up and this is important because we face something similar today. We are hiding here because many will attack us simply for being who we are. Across this beautiful land, some evil people simply don’t understand the Truth of our Lord Jesus Christ. We have had to fight with the robbers and pillagers at times to keep our children safe. Something an angel said to Mercurius is this ‘Fear not, Mercurius. Go forth bravely against the enemy, and when you are victorious, do not forget the Lord your God.’ What do we get from this?” Having asked this question the parishioners became deathly silent. The missile was gleaming from the light of the candles in the silence.

The silence carried for a time. There was a bang on the parish doors. Some men were scraping the doors and banging. Screaming out loud and lewd statements. Breaking down the doors the gang rolled through and ordered everyone outside but the Priest. Fr Innocent was struck with questions and bewilderment stood in place for a second. Shortly after a few people had left Fr Innocent heard screams and cries of children. He thought they might be murdering them. He ran out a side exit to see and attempt to help, he saw military trucks with a red “R” on the doors being packed with people. Everyone was taken and the Priest was left alone with a note on the main doors reading, “You had ten days to pay the fee for being in my territory. You will be killed if you don’t pay and so will the people. You have three days.” In a haze and fear, Fr Innocent ran to the woods and prayed for help from God. 

In the Siberian winter wastelands, there is a constant shortage of ammunition. This required all who understood the dangers of the wasteland to be a good marksman with very little ammunition. 

A man solely known as Blackie was going into a small town of maybe a hundred people. Blackie was not a man who enjoyed using his gun. Deeply he wished he could just live without conflict with another. Blackie in his younger years was a member of a group called the Cossacks. He left to see things himself and explore the land he loved. 

There so happened to be a large amount of the Rath gang skulking around town. Blackie walked his horse through the town center to the closest water supply. “There has to be something good here for all these people to be standing around”, he pondered. Above a small sign for a store, a man was staring at him. Knowing he had little ammunition and that the guy would get his buddies involved if he felt like starting something, he looked away for a moment before “You must be new here,” a man said. This man popped up in front of Blackie right as he turned away from the other man. A pig-nosed man was asking Blackie questions as though he was some sort of authority in this little town. He showed no credentials and didn’t have the usual look of someone keeping the peace. He looked like the one who starts all the trouble. 

Blackie didn’t say much to the man, he just wanted water for him and his horse and maybe some food rations. “We’d like your horse and all your supplies”, someone said. Blackie turned to the person saying these outlandish things. When he turned it was a shorter man with a mustache and torn and tattered clothes. Not as unusual as Blackie thought he would look. 

They looked at each other for a moment before Blackie said, “I don’t think that is going to happen.” 

“You don’t think it’s going to happen?” the man said sarcastically.

“That’s for sure and for certain” Blackie said back.

The short man was joined by three others, “You still think it’s not gonna happen?”

“As a matter of fact now I definitely think it won’t happen,” he said undeviatingly.

Now the group was coming ever closer to him and making movements to do battle. With minimal ammunition, he knew he had to time everything perfectly. He scanned the enemy and made decisions based on their movements. His first thought was to shoot the main guy and then see what happens. Eventually, that idea went away cause these folks looked like they also had a vested interest in what he had. Blackie looked around for things and ways to take care of the situation quickly and smoothly. He was known for his shooting but not directly at people. He saw a sign that looked sturdy enough to ricochet a bullet and the angle looked close enough and then he saw his other options. In an instant, his plan was settled.

 A split second later, everyone drew and Blackie went for the ricochet first. To his surprise, the bullet definitely had it in for this short man. The bullet hit him in the head and he twisted around and shot one of the other guys, that guy shot another guy and on it went. Blackie couldn’t believe his luck. He counted his blessings and got everything together to move on…

Alexia Jones and the Bohemian Rhapsody

Alexia Jones pulled at the robe she had borrowed from the incapacitated man she left in the hotel. Her chemist had insisted his potion would gently lull a full grown man to sleep for nearly 8 hours. The black material of the robe was some type of blended linen, soft to the touch and flowing. Her fingers brushed at the embroidered emblem. The delicate silk sprawled over the entire robe. The pattern was cryptic. Alexia first saw what looked like an owl enflamed but then on second glance, looking at it in a different light, it began to resembled a charging bull. The longer she studied this pattern the more shapes she began to see until she realized she had lost track of time. “What have I gotten myself into this time?” She whispered. Her lips turning into a grin. Her other hand held a silver ring she had taken from the left hand of the incapacitated man. It had fit snugly on his little finger and she now slipped the ring over her own ring finger. It shimmered in the full moon’s light and for some insensible reason, she felt genuine happiness that this silver ring now belonged to her. Alexia kept silently walking deeper and deeper into the Californian forest. She felt like an Alien on a strange planet. Until now she had only seen the giant redwoods through the lens of a camera and under the voice of a documentary or news feature. Walking through the forest, it took her entire force of will to not stop and marvel at the magnificent trees. Maybe, if there is time later, I can take a moment to really see this place. She reassured herself this was a real possibility and this momentary fantasy kept her moving.

What mysteries will Alexia unravel this night by the waning glow of the pale moonlight? Tune in soon to find out!

The Journey

Picture created by Nate Armstrong, IG @natearmstrong313

The day was light and breezy. Families were out and doing their daily farm tasks. Each loving their work and praying while doing so. The bright sun bathed them in grace and warmth. Working till the wee hours of the night, they took rest and supper. Eating beef and potatoes with a garnish of their newly churned butter. Having eaten they prayed together and went to bed.

Morning came, and they could hear something rumbling outside. A man named Marcus Evanger was in the neighboring home and also heard the rumbling. Rumbling of horses charging at full speed. The leader of the pack was an outlaw named Willis Keel, this man was known for stealing and murdering without contempt for anyone. Willis charged through and killed the family cow, and his cronies killed the rest of their livestock. The family ran out as well as Marcus, Willis came down off his horse and struck the father in the face with the butt of his rifle. “I’m here for the women and your money,” Willis said. The father holding his face said, “You can’t have my family but you can take our money and leave.” Willis stared and took a moment to contemplate the motion he would make. Willis pulled his revolver and shot the father in the head. His body fell flat and lifeless. “NO!!” his wife screamed. Willis took the woman into the house and defiled her. The child of the family fought back and was stabbed to death by one of Willis’s demons.

Marcus ran with his rifle in hand and shot two of the cronies dead. Three others made attempts at Marcus but Willis shot Marcus in the back before he lifted his rifle.

Bleeding Marcus dragged himself towards the dropped rifle. He was kicked and shot again by another crony. Willis walked towards Marcus, “Why would you put yourself in a position that had nothin’ to do with you?”, Marcus looked up and his face was slapped back into the dirt. The whole gang was standing over Marcus laughing at him and spitting on him. He was shot one more time, and the whole gang rode off leaving him in the dirt and blood.

Marcus crawled into the house where the woman was taken. He saw her laying on the bed heavily beaten and bleeding and crying for life. “Can you walk to get help?” Marcus asked. Her life was leaving her, and she only had a couple of breaths left, and with them, she whispered, “Help me”, and with that, her soul left her body.

Marcus’s family had been murdered by the Willis gang many years prior. He deliberately moved to this wide-open distant place because he thought they’d never come out there. He left it up to God to take care of them, he knew they would be judged and it was only a manner of time. This was something he knew he could not let go unpunished. Their lives should be cut short. He remembered the words of Christ “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea” With that, he grabbed his weapons and straddled his horse, and rode after them.

It took several weeks to catch up to the Willis Gang. He followed the trail of tears and tortured souls. The closer he got the more gruesome things he saw.

He reached them at a camp they had set up close to a small town they planned on robbing and pillaging. Marcus came up to the camp and saw that a garment from the child was murdered hanging off one of the horses. His blood boiled, but he prayed for forgiveness for what he was about to do. His hand became shaky, but his anger became the heated coals for his actions. Right before he was about to pull his pistols, he prayed, “Lord Jesus Christ help and have mercy on these men and have mercy on for what I am about to do.”

Marcus pulled his pistols and shot the members of the gang dead. There were flashes of light and loud cracks from his guns. Everyone but Willis was dead before they hit the ground. Willis ran to his horse to escape his judgment. Marcus shot the horse in its rear causing it to throw Willis off. Willis fell flat on his back knocking the wind out of him. Marcus walked slowly over to Willis, fire raging inside, he got close to Willis and Willis began to beg for his life. “Why do you beg for something you lost long ago?” Marcus said. Willis was scared and didn’t understand the question, “You’re that man we shot ain’t ya? You are supposed to be dead.” muttered Willis. Marcus was staring into his eyes and seeing the realization he was going to die. “I pray that God has some mercy on you because I don’t,” Marcus confessed. Marcus shot Willis in the leg, tied him to his horse, and rode out to a wide open area. This area had no shade and was known to get extremely hot and dry during the day.

Marcus pulled a steak from the horse’s saddlebag and stuck it deep into the ground. Marcus untied Willis from the horse and drug him to the post. He tied him to it and said, “You can lay here and repent or die, I don’t care which one you choose,” Marcus got back on the horse and rode away. Willis screamed out “YOU CAN’T LEAVE ME HERE TO DIE!!”, Marcus knew that he had done the right thing and kept riding. He prayed for the man’s soul and left it behind him.

Thinking Critically: A Guide To Modern Media

Authors: Nate Armstrong IG @natearmstrong313 and Dokken Storm IG @dokken_storm

Picture created by Nate Armstrong

Truth is not a democracy, its very essence does not require a majority rule.  Nothing that is true requires hiding or censorship to make sure it is held as truth, the nature of truth holds belief in itself by itself.

The purpose of writing this article is to help our family and friends realize the truth of the situation they live in, that they survive in a seamless aquarium built by the lies from the masters of the media screen (whether that be computer phone or T.V). They were promised freedom but now live content inside their safe space like a tamed lion, not even questioning the shrinking space of their cages. 

 The amount of propaganda that people are hit with every day is astounding. It’s unbelievable (and a little frustrating) that this propaganda works so well without being detected. 

Today families are purposely divided through the media they consume. This division is done on purpose as a method of control and even includes our beliefs in science and therefore medicine.

You may not believe such a bold claim about our dear government and its media empire but then maybe you have not heard about such government sanctioned activities like Operation Mockingbird (or MK-Ultra and its various demon spawn).

This little-known project called Operation Mockingbird makes one wonder how anyone could trust a network news source ever again.  The public may never really know the accurate beginnings of such a secret project but it was discovered in 1973 that the C.I.A. was funding media outlets to persuade public opinion. Furthermore, the CIA discovered that it was relatively easy to control the press, all you had to do was control the editor. And so it goes with all media, that is, if you can choose what the public sees you can determine how they see reality. 


The definition of Propaganda is “the spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person”, using this definition can we see something within those words that might have something to do with what we are going through and have been going through for decades. Operation Mockingbird was the CIA using journalists to promote particular views and ideas concerning a great many topics. Through that operation, there have been findings showing how much the elite groups of people have controlled society’s ideals and steered people to believe certain things that are just plain untrue or salted with the truth. Many have forgotten that the government is now allowed legally to use (a weaponized form of) propaganda against its own citizens  

 “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. …In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”

― Edward Bernays, Propaganda. 

Bernays was the nephew of Freud and this gave him some insight into the subconscious but instead of helping humanity, he used this knowledge to get women to start smoking cigarettes.  He did this through public spectacle and film which is still one of the most popular methods of propaganda today.  

Bernays is also known for creating the public relations counsel and really setting off how companies are symbolized in the public mind; every major firm and fortune 500 company hires a PR firm “The public relations counsel must deal with the fact that persons who have little knowledge of a subject almost invariably form definite and positive judgments upon that subject” (E. Bernays, Crystallizing Public Opinion). 

The whole world of propaganda is ripe with manipulating rituals to have power over the individual by harnessing the collective thought patterns of that society or people group. 

In summary- 

1- Propaganda has been used for decades to make a particular view popular and a part of the vernacular.

2- It is now legal for the government to propagandize its citizens.

Propaganda of science

“Science, when practiced as the application of man’s God-given talents for the production of appropriate technology on a human scale, relief of misery and the reverential exploration and appreciation of the glory of Divine Providence as revealed in nature, is a useful tool for mankind. Scientism is science gone mad, which is what we have today.”

(Hoffman, 49) Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare

Today the science is clouded and made all-powerful because we assume that these people know best because they understand something many don’t. With this is the propaganda that science will create a better world and all we have to do is sit and wait. Today, science has not been practiced the way it was centuries ago, many of the ideas have been thrown out because people use it today as a control mechanism on the populous. Science has become a religion and that religion is called “scientism” and it has become the main ideal for decades. The propaganda that is used to promote certain scientific ideas has caused many deaths and extreme health problems. 

The use of science (as propaganda) on the populous has made it to where if one questions the promoted science you become an anti-science bigot. This begs the question “how can one be anti-science yet use it on a daily basis when farming and doing other tasks like cooking and cleaning?” This is where the scientific dictatorship relies on its followers to smash and shun said person just for asking questions that may or may not reveal something that the elite want hidden. 

Several ideas are glued to the topic of a scientific dictatorship and the main one is transhumanism. A book was written before Brave New World and 1984 laid out an idea and has several good quotes that show how far science has fallen from its original ideals. This book is called WE written by Yevgeny Zamyatin, a quote that is shocking to read yet has very revealing words especially in modern times “You’re in a bad way! Apparently, you have developed a soul.”, “And everyone must lose his mind, everyone must! The sooner the better! It is essential — I know it.” These quotes should be read within the context of the book but stand alone they can show where the ideals of modern science are. 

In summary-

1- science in its traditional role is a helpful tool given by God to His children

2- science has become a religion (scientism) unto itself in the promotion of man becoming god (transhumanism)

Family Division Surrounding Science and Medicine

On the family level, there are many issues concerning this pandemic. The family dynamic has been shifted and molded to get people to follow along to get along. The goal to destroy the family dynamic has come to a head in the last couple of years. This can be seen just by the way the outside world has come into the family.  The main one being whether to be vaccinated or not. Since there has been so much propaganda around these vaccines and the whole pandemic people feel differently about taking these experimental therapies. Something many are not considering outside of the medical area is the emotional trauma that will happen the more people wear masks and see loved ones pass due to this vaccine. There is a very high possibility that a large portion of the vaccines from all the manufacturers is either duds or placebos, so this would mean that some of the deaths could very well be due to said person just being very unhealthy before they got a vaccine. Which within the scope of this can still cause issues because they will be told they died of Covid rather than just being unhealthy. Adding to the trauma that so many families are going through right now. The future may be very weird just due to the fact that so many will be growing up only knowing masks and distancing themselves from others. Some families have even gone as far as keeping their child locked in their room for two weeks because they may or may not have Covid. People have yet to understand the trauma that will have on a whole generation of kids. Here’s a small study on what happens to a baby when the mother shows no emotion in the face,

The experiment shows that with minimal emotion people become stressed and unsure of everything. From the point of view of society right now this means nothing and isn’t on their minds. Mothers and Fathers are out in the world following these ridiculous mandates about a mask and getting their children to do the same. In the long term, we have no real idea what the case may be with these kids because when we look back at the still face experiment the child needs to go back to the good or at the very least back to what they can understand as normal. Now with this, children at home don’t wear masks with their parents, but when they go out into the world they see everyone with it on. Their teachers wear one and other people who kids are supposed to interact with on several levels. This will cause a disconnect from each other and make people no longer want any sort of relationship just due to the possibility that said person doesn’t understand trust. Within a family, this can cause strife because the kids will very likely developmental disorders because a huge scope of how they learn is through contact and seeing things, especially the person’s face when they are being taught. I don’t think anyone is looking at this major problem that will bite us in the end even if in another year they say no more masks, the damage has been done. 

In summary-

1- We have no idea what this all will do to children in the next five to ten years.

2- Due to propaganda people are dealing with all this the best they can and due to so much strife, it’s dissolving one of the last groundings of society.

3- For the time it is the only speculation as to how things will resolve or conclude.

Thinking Forward

A dying art is finding the truth in the fallen world we are in. This comes from being pounded with propaganda and spiritual warfare. We know the Truth yet we hide it openly which is good yet at the same time terrible and detrimental to those around us who don’t see what we see. Everyone has to go and find the truth for themselves to truly understand it. There are those out there that are helping along those who are looking to understand the truth. The medical world is full of delusion and truth and like the science field, it is becoming harder to know what is true and what is false. As one looks over these things one will come to see that some things are true and others are propaganda and lies to move each person to a certain point of view. With prayer and knowing what God wants from us, we will get through the tortures of finding what is real and what is false.  

Whenever you tell someone the truth there will be lies thrown at them from all angles afterward. The truth may also be too much for someone to hear and due to this, they will run back to the lies that have held them before. This is a common thing when being confronted with a topic or subject that requires one to self-reflect. God willing in time most will see the dangers of what is happening and make decisions wisely concerning their health and the health of their families. 

“The psychological trials of dwellers in the last times will be equal to the physical trials of the martyrs. In order to face these trials, we must be living in a different world.” Fr Seraphim Rose.   

Links and sources for all the information we have talked about as well as stepping stones for your own research.  – Operation Mockingbird – “One reason political discord can be so damaging is that we are not simply engaging in an intellectual disagreement, but rather bumping up against differences at the level of brain chemistry. The disparity between neurological responses to fearful stimuli is key.” Bill made it legal for propaganda to be used on American people.

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