A Terrible Way To Go

There was a man standing in the corner of a room with the look of dread and fear in his heavy face. Thoughts passed through his eyes. A moment of peace was so very far away. It can be very odd seeing someone in that state. Too aware of his surroundings, he would pause and stare at nothing for hours. The mind cannot handle that stress for very long.

He fell to the ground and died. His eyes still had that fear and dread in them. A terrible way to go. A demon came and picked the flesh of his soul clean. Now he was gone forever.

Desert Of Unknown

In the night things go bump. For some, this is a nightmare and for others, this lends to the shelter of midnight. A small town in what we now know and call New Mexico in the year 1883 has no idea they are in the Upside Down and the creatures that lurk there are never nice. 

Winston Leaf had set his sights on the far edges of No Man’s Land for the sheer joy of adventure and gold. He had steel eyes and a rough chin. He wasn’t known anywhere and that was the way he liked it. He wasn’t a bounty hunter but he certainly seemed the type. His trusted steed Murder kept him moving through the country to his desired destinations. Murder was an Appaloosa that Winston had broken himself. He got the name Murder because of a particular look he always had, a very deep stare.

The landscape became drier and drier as he made his way across No Man’s Land. He had been hearing of some gold mining town that made any schmuck rich. All they had to do was go there. Of course, these stories were always told with a grain of salt until a few people came back from the town with a little bit of gold. Winston had stopped by a saloon that was about half a day’s ride to the storied town. These two disheveled young men came into the saloon and said they would never go back to that town in a million years. Winston asked them why, he only asked why because it seemed a little off that someone would go through all the trouble of travel and get guaranteed gold just to say they would never go back. “There was some group of people that would stay out in the woods on the southern end of the town. They had some sort of ritual they’d do to get this creature to come out at night. We saw a young child ripped apart. The Navajo told us that they moved farther north than they would usually travel because some white folks had brought evil with them.” Winston looked off to the fields and tried to wrap around this idea, picking through it for the truth. In his mind, these guys were just trying to keep people from going out there and getting their share of the gold. 

Winston pulled one of the guys into an ally and put a knife to his throat, “So where’s the best spot then? I know you must have found a great spot or you wouldn’t have fibbed that nonsense earlier.” The man was jostled and scared out of his mind but he answered “There isn’t any spot we just wanted to get out of there so we wouldn’t die.” Winston stared into his face “well where did you hide the huge nuggets then, there is no way you guys came all the way back here without having a stash somewhere along the way.” The man just kept saying there was a creature and that they only had the little bit they found. Winston threw him to the ground and asked “who else knows about this creature and how can I find it?” They gave Winston a very basic idea but explained that the Navajo in the northern part would be able to explain everything better. Winston got the idea that if he killed the creature he’d be able to make more money showing it off to people and probably get his name etched into history.

He rode to the town and had two things on his mind “Kill that fucking creature! Get back to New York and make more money than we could ever know what to do with.” 

The town was bare and only had a small saloon and a massive hotel. Winston could see the trail the Navajo made leaving the town. There was a mark on one of the graves he passed by but he didn’t know what it meant. He went to the saloon to see what kind of information he could get and see if the story was real or not. The bartender asked why he wanted to know about some creature when there was a gold mine in town. Winston said nothing and just stared into the man’s face. Winston was pointed towards the northern trail the Navajo made and told that they would have the information he wanted. 

That trail was short and sweet but the tribe had left and only the remains of a few animals were left. It was beginning to go dark and nightfall was when he had heard this creature comes out. Even without any real knowledge of what it looked like he went to the areas that he heard it was seen last. 

It was so dark in these woods that Winston still couldn’t see much while having a lantern he could barely see. Winston began to hear noises in the dark, something that sounded like breathing. He pulled his Colt from its holster. The breathing got closer and closer, then everything went quiet. Unsure of what was going to happen Winston knelt and waited. He waited for two hours and since he wasn’t hearing anything else he left the area. Getting close to where  Murder was he heard chanting in the woods, turned, and went back to investigate. The chanting was a group of people he recognized as the bankers and the local sheriff. Winston was twenty feet from them and the light of the fire they were chanting around noticing they were wearing robes and masks. They were performing a ritual that sounded like something the Navajo would have performed but there was something different about it. It seemed as though they were provoking whatever this creature was to come out. Winston thought to himself “these people must be insane. Why would you provoke a beast from the night?” 

Winston left the woods and went back to Murder who was standing in a different spot than he was left in. He seemed to be frightened by something but Winston couldn’t tell what it was. Winston turned and the creature was standing there almost as if it was sizing the two of them up. Winston whipped out his Colt and pointed it towards the creature, the creature jetted off towards the chanters. He thought he should follow it but he heard screaming and a mangling sound. He jumped onto Murder and road back towards town.

He went back to town just as the sun was coming up. Winston wanted to know everything the locals did about this creature. He went to the Chief in the northern part of town for answers, he spoke to him in almost perfect English “what you are looking for is a terror that has murdered our people for centuries. We have tried to stop it in the past but only lost more people. It’s a creature that was here before we were created, it likes the night and feeds on those who are alone in the dark. It craves the fear more than the flesh of a man. If you seek to kill it you will fail.” Hearing this Winston said nothing in return he just went back to the central part of town looking for a shotgun. There weren’t any general stores that sold weapons and not many people were willing to give up their guns. So he had to use what he had. Winston had two Colt Walkers, a Winchester Lever-Action rifle, and a knife. 

Winston went out to the woods and attempted to hunt the creature but thought it would be better to just wait for the ritual to start and kill it when it showed up.

The sheriff and the others started their ritual and Winston waited for the creature to show up. It took an hour for the ritual to take effect and the creature was seen at the far edge of the camp where the ritual was taking place. One of the members saw the creature and whispered something to it. Winston couldn’t figure out what it was told but he knew it probably wasn’t good. The creature jetted off from the site and went after the town. 

Winston followed it back to town, he cut it off just before it was close enough to the border of the town. They stared at each other for what felt like hours but it was merely seconds that had passed. Winston went for his Winchester and aimed straight at it. The creature lunged forward and knocked Winston to the ground, throwing his rifle to the side of him. The creature stood over him and Winston could see its face in the moonlight. It had pale features and was drooling black mucous. It had heavy and deep muscles and nothing but black in its eyes. Winston wasn’t able to see anything but evil in those eyes. Winston pulled his knife and jabbed at the side of the creature and it fell over in agony. It didn’t take long for it to get back up, just enough time for Winston to get to his knees. As he did so he could see the creature was coming back at him at a ferocious speed. His mind stopped for a second only for the thing to be right in his face when he snapped back to reality.

As it came Winston pulled his Colts and fired as quick as he could aiming at the creature’s face. He got four out of twelve shots to pierce this evil. The creature only slowed its pace and darted off from Winston. A chase ensued and Winston flew atop Murder to keep up with the creature’s pace. Murder ran as fast as he could. Winston loaded three more rounds hoping these would cause the creature to stumble. He fired three at the core of the creature and it flipped over itself. Winston stopped Murder and leaped down loading more rounds into the Colt in hurried emotion. He looked around for a second and noticed they were in the center of the town and this was a shock to the few people standing outside the saloon. Everyone outside just stared as this creature was wailed in agony. Winston knelt over the head and fired ten shots directly into the head. It died and it bled black mucous.

Winston dragged the creature to the edge of town and tied it to a tree and went back to find the people who were doing the ritual. He rode Murder all the back to where he last saw the group and there was no sign they were ever there. So Winston rode back looking for the sheriff and his office had been clean, as though they were hoping that after having built a sheriff’s office would come someday. 

He went to the place where he left the creature and it was still there, so he thought he should check the saloon and see if the sheriff was getting a drink trying to blend in. The bar was only full of the people he had seen standing outside. They were scared and drew their guns the moment he walked in. “Sorry, sir we thought that creature was coming in here.” Winston asked loudly if there was a sheriff that had come through the town earlier, everyone shook their heads no. Frustrated Winston went out to grab the creature and stow it on Murder, when he got to the spot he left it it was gone. It looked as though it was dragged away quickly. Now even more frustrated, Winston followed the trail. When he got to the end of it there was a cave. A deep black cave that Murder ran from after hearing some breathing coming from inside. Winston wanted his prize so bad he was willing to go in anyway.

Winston walked in with a lantern, on the walls were markings from some other tribe not of the Navajo. They depicted creatures similar to the one he just killed. It showed that they had huge amounts of them crawling around and that they only seem to send one or two out at a time. Winston assumed that whoever made these must have been studying them. He went farther into the cave and heard multiple things breathing, almost as if they were smelling out his position. He turned and shined a light towards the sounds and one of those creatures was standing right in front of him, he dropped the lantern and ran for the light at the opening of the cave. Just as he was about to cross into the light the creature grabbed his leg and dragged him into the cave. If someone were in earshot of that cave, they would have heard the worst, most terrifying screams in the world. 

In our world, we have things that creep into the imagination and into the real world. It is almost indecipherable which comes first. Inside the Upside Down, it’s even more of an enigma.

Hive Mind Dysphoria

Adventure is something that is always met with a contract and rarely does anyone read the fine print. A man should be ready for just about anything; sometimes everything just happens.

 Steven Lackluster had many wishes he wanted to come true so badly. He had long black hair and would go out into the City wearing a long black coat and cowboy boots. Unlike most people in the City he was different in just about every way, he chose what he wanted to believe and was perfectly fine being on the outside of society. The amount of imagination and a never-ending desire for truth was something that, for the time being, was abundant in Steven. He grew up in the City. When Steven would go out, he would look for things that no one else wanted. These things had more value to him simply because they weren’t wanted by anyone else, but he saw something that was useful in them.

The outside world had become a disaster and people just walked around it like it wasn’t there. Some secrets were only meant for a select few, but those few would never allow anyone outside the mathematical squares to know, even a whiff of those secrets.

Steven looked down at his scorekeeper and saw that again he was in the low numbers. He hated the things and so did most of society. There was always something to be worried about and the last thing you wanted was to be in the low scores group. Most of society had allowed themselves to fall under this rule for the simple reason of safety, security, and simplicity.

The Tracers were the last faction of corporate workers or at least the last people who held real jobs. These Tracers had just about every known person tracked and traced from birth to death; if they could, they’d track you after that, too.

There was an ad station to Steven’s left as he was walking down a street that had lights going and all sorts of pigmented hologram statues. Since Steven didn’t have the HM implant it just made a hologram in front of him and not the images being projected straight to his mind. The ad was for a new, digital friend-finder system. Inside the City, these ads would pop up at random times to get people interested in something new from the AI working within the All Being. It would cast directly into people’s minds, sometimes without their knowledge.  There was a woman across the street looking in his direction, not at him but at another ad. This ad was playing in her eyes and she was probably going to buy this new gadget for her loved ones. Brainlink was giving Steven a message on his phone about a person who gave up their Link, he shrugged it off and went about his daily tasks. People were starting to give up the Brainlink service for an updated version that would be out later in the year. Of course, in the last few years people had gathered together and tried to leave the city for something else, something different in their lives. Those trying to leave the Link behind only wanted to do so because there was something in the deepest part of their souls that knew this wasn’t right to have. It also wasn’t right to have this as almost another organ in the body. People wanted to be more natural, the way they were created to be.

Steven was trying to find a bookstore that would carry physical copies of books he planned to read that week. The bookstores always charged huge amounts for them, even though people saw them as an item they were willing to buy.

There were new digital libraries at the end of his block that were neon-lit dungeons to Steven. The dungeons were full of people working through the latest in dramatic formulas. The formulas would be used to pick the right candidate for their spring enchantments. Steven was not one who picked anyone because he believed it was not as formal as just asking someone. A bit of an ancient school of thought that was always looked at with some scrunched faces.

As he investigated the window of the dungeon, he saw there weren’t as many people inside as he thought there would be. When he walked into the library there was the loose cardboard box full of dusty books. The box was in the far corner of an aisle. He dropped to his knees and sifted through the books. He came across some fantasy books that were of no interest, but put them aside for later just in case he couldn’t find anything else.

Steven was interested in finding real books because the rulers of the City had made it almost impossible to actually read anything that was really fantastical or at the very least an interesting read. Everything was written by an AI or some random person who couldn’t string together a plot to save anyone’s lives. Steven was on the hunt for rare books. Things that he could use to understand the past as well as this deep feeling there was something special he needed to read. He just needed to find it.

Someone came around the corner of an aisle and asked “What are you looking for in there? Don’t you know there’s a board to find and download what you’re looking for instead of getting dust all over yourself?” Looking at her with a little discontent he answered, “I’m looking for books I can read, not just download and forget later.”

Noticing the obvious he went back to sifting and found a book on culture written in 2017. An amazing find for something so old and mostly outdated info on culture. He read the back of the book and saw dealt with identity and cultural philosophy. These things were usually kept in the historical creativity section in the digital bookshelves. Most books of this kind were met with humor and banter when talked about publicly. Steven noticed the girl was still there and turned to her, “Can I help you with anything?” he asked sarcastically. “No,” she said, “but you can tell me why that elastic information has piqued your interest?” Thinking for a moment, he wanted to answer in a way that wouldn’t form new questions from someone who seemed who was more than likely an ecstatic believer in the Black Boxes. This was just his best guess seeing that she was asking why he would mess around with “old stuff”. “I like reading and it’s easier to have a physical copy rather than a screen to read from,” he said while looking at the other books in the box. She stood for a second, looking around for others and saw no one was paying them any attention, “Are you some idealist?” After she asked this, she stared at the back of his head and was about to repeat her question when he replied “No, I don’t have a reason for looking through this, other than I like reading and collecting old things from all sorts of times and places I can never go.”

Some time went by, and Steven got up from his knees with two books in his hands, he took them to the scanner and bought them. The girl followed him out the door quietly until they got outside. “What’s your name and what are the real reasons you picked those books?” He became annoyed with this girl, so he asked instead what her name was, and she said “Alessa, Alessa Ream, now your turn.” “Steven.” She looked at him with a look of astonishment that he would only give his first name. “Your whole name since I’ve given you mine,” she demanded while looking at him sternly. Annoyed more, Steven responded “Lackluster, Steven Lackluster, no you can’t laugh,” he said. “Why would I laugh? That is obviously a given last name, not by parents but by yourself. What an individual. No one has ever had a name like that.” “Of course not, it’s just my thing, an inside joke to myself, I’m sure you’ve tried giving yourself fake names to pass checks at the market,” Steven said.

Something was off about the way she looked because she began to look at him in an analyzing way. Steven could tell she was trying to go through the social Link service to find him and see if he was telling the truth. The whole Link system was just an updated version of what social media used to be but with the added perks of having all your information stored in one place. No need any more for a wallet to carry around your social security card or your ID.

 “You don’t have a social block, what’s up with that?” knowing that he was probably an outsider to the social square. “I like to read and learn. I like learning more intricate details on things, I don’t like using that service.” The way he said this to Alessa was calm but also distant as if he would have rather not explain why he did what he did. “Do you believe all the things you read in those books?” she asked calmly. “You ask a lot of questions, what do you want from me?” “I’m only curious and my work is in the business of looking for people of interest.”

“Well, if you have more questions follow me to the end of the block I want to go home before they start the Boxes tonight,” Steven said as he started down the sidewalk. She asked many questions about his interests and if he was someone who had a deeper wanting of something more in his research. Alessa knew by asking this there would be many reactions to the question, but it was a part of her job as a Tracer. Tracers would track those who had shown behavioral patterns that were punishable. Some people only needed a warning, and some needed more attention.

 Steven knew what she was doing and let her follow him, in his mind there was nothing for him to hide other than the fact that he wasn’t a participant in the Black Boxes tradition. Steven knew what the Tracers were meant to do, and he never thought they helped anyone. To Steven the Tracers only made problems for people doing what people do, look for truth and some sort of understanding of their surroundings.

The tradition of the Black Boxes was always held in the nighttime due to the mystery behind it. The mystery being there was no real reason to have them and they seemed to be placeholders for something else. Besides the Boxes, there was the “All Being.” The All Being was the central AI that had all the secrets and ran a subset of AI that would help with the monitoring processes. It was the placeholder for the spiritualist of the City. When society changed there was a need for something that everyone could look to that was above them. It needed to be something that could help them guide their lives.

Steven had been raised to never look at the Black Boxes or even take part in the enchantment because something insidious would happen if he did. As he got older, he felt the idea of it was odd and held no ground. The last time he looked at the boxes nothing really happened but the people around him changed and his minimal friends became distant. Although he never felt anything in himself alter, he felt the people around him alter physically and mentally. Since then, he had never partaken in that mystery again and stayed as far from it as possible. The All Being was the main benefactor of these new rituals of enchantment. The All Being would gather up the scanned memories from each person and process them into banks of info. These banks of information were used to give people their social scores. As a reward for giving up their minds each time they participated in the ritual, they were allowed to partake in sex.

The original rulers knew that people would be willing to give up a little privacy for security. The citizens at the very beginning of everything didn’t know they would be giving up their intimate secrets and thoughts. The people of the City still had no idea that this was happening, everyone just thought it was completely natural. 

Just about everyone would go to the enchantment ceremony at night. Everything was a mix of technology and deep spiritual mysteries. The mysteries being the ones that the people gave to them, everyone explained things differently. During the ritual of enchantment, there was a small ray of light and everyone’s Links were scanned. After scanning, the Black Boxes would open into symmetrical shapes and people would see their numbers with a corresponding number. That number was their spouse for the evening. Their reward for giving up their minds.

The second book Steven held was one that had been alluring to him since he set out looking for old books. The name was The Path and this book was a reprint of an even older reprint. This book was one of the main books that were supposed to have been destroyed after the Black Boxes were put in every major city across the world. Alessa did not notice the other book but kept nagging at him to tell his life story. Looking down the walkway she kept asking “What is it about books in a material manner that makes them so special to you?” over and over. Finally, he answered, “Because I’m not like everyone else I don’t wear the blinker for Brainlink, and I don’t own any other tech besides my phone and even that is very old compared to what you all have.” She took out her phone and showed a news update about the IBOT that had just formulated a new care monitoring system for the depressed and lonely. She showed him the article and he replied, “Is that supposed to mean something to me? Do you think I am some sort of crazy person in need of help from the Black Boxes?” He started walking away from her and noticed on the wall the article was being shown there with images of unhappy people starting to smile after the IBOT told them some feel-good phrase. This had been figured out using algorithms to pick the perfect phrase to make someone feel better.

Alessa looked at Steven and said “I showed you because as a Tracer there is a huge amount of people like you who think there has to be something different out there other than what is right here in front of them. Everyone is connected through the Hive system because that’s what the world needed, I don’t have any way of changing it, without the Boxes we would not know how we need to be and how we can feel better and be connected, to be Us and to have the One Cause.” Steven muttered under his breath “Of course, you would say that.” Out of every type of tracing complex, the government chose Brainlink, only because it tested well enough that people wouldn’t worry about being mind-controlled, although they were because the people that got the full set-up for Brainlink could not have certain thoughts or do certain activities or they would be made unconscious.

Steven knew this was being done, and some other people did as well, but the masses were never told this was happening, it was never a known piece of information, but the whole of society was fine and entirely in tune with the One Cause. It would have probably caused many to give up the whole system and want some new rebellion to start, or lead to massive suicide rates. Nothing like that ever happened, of course, because everyone was in a mental state of happiness or euphoria. The world had become a Hive of similar-minded people who thought the same and never questioned the authority of the Brainlink system, the Black Boxes, or the One Cause. Most everyone was linked and being watched by the AI that molded the Link services to be in concordance with the One Cause. Steven was on the outside of this system because he never took the Link and his parents never forced him to. He was a person among a group of persons of interest by the Tracers. Alessa was sent to see what he was up to and report his actions. This was done regularly by a multitude of people who would come up to him and ask questions that seemed harmless but in fact, were meant to keep tabs on him and others that tried to stay hidden as much as possible. The people who had been watched had no idea that these people were Tracers, they usually just thought they were nosy or just very bored people.

Of all the people who were off the Link system, Steven was a unique person, finding time to investigate the history and decide whether what he was seeing was moral or even real at times. These things were not precisely wanted by the leaders of the Tracer Corp or the One Cause. They could happen if you followed the laws concerning research into history, morals, and philosophy. One could not allow for ideas to be spread of the old ways, especially if they contradicted the Link service, Brainlink corporation or the Black Boxes and One Cause ideology & theology. Steven knew this and knew how far he could go. His main goal was never revolution, but to find a way to leave the city without ever being detected by Tracers, to live in the wilderness, to be left to his own ability to think and write and be creative without the world persecution that would happen if he chose to publish or speak openly of his thoughts. Steven wanted to be the person he knew he could be.

Before he was able to go home Alessa asked “What are your main intentions with these books and the others you’ve collected?” He knew that if he told her what she was wanting to hear she would post his location to the closest police station, and they would come to him and take him to the Motivation Clinic for a mental examination and re-purposing following the Black Boxes and the One Cause. Steven had heard stories about this process and that it was always painful and brought even the strongest willed to their knees. Steven answered Alessa with a very blanketed statement “These books and others like it are my fantasy and have nothing to do with how I feel outwards.” She took this answer and turned and walked away. Steven rushed home and moved all the books he had to a vault in his small apartment. The vault was a specially made one that required DNA and a code that was in a language he made up so that even if someone used his DNA to open it, they would never be able to get in it. He thought he should make it blow up in case of emergencies but thought better of that idea and the consequences of it. The language made no sense because it was just chicken scratch mixed with poorly done hieroglyphics. He made sure that he put The Path in the vault because it was a religious text from before the evolution of humanity started and the world changed.

It was getting close to dark and the enchantment was about to begin, the people started to gather in the city center and the Black Boxes were about to show their alien-like purple light show and the shapes. When Steven looked out his window, he noticed the people putting on their glasses so they could see the messages being shown in the light show. Everyone began to chant “BRING THE ELEMENTS OF TRUTH TO US FOR WE ARE NOT WORTHY OF TRUTH,” a phrase he had come to hate because as he became more aware of the world around him, he knew it was only a blink of an eye and they would see the truth before them. The Boxes and the One Cause had a hold on people and Steven knew it was only because they knew of nothing else but the enchantment. It had been six generations after all since these Boxes had been erected across the world. To be around people during the enchantment was unnerving and very odd. The people watched the light show and Steven watched the people from his window. After a while, he went to his closet and tried to read through the books he had found.

The book on culture is what he picked up first. He skimmed it, looking for anything that was going to piqué his interest. He found in the culture there’s always something that is hidden from them on purpose, he thought about that for a while and began to look through the book more. He came to a chapter called “Belonging to the Idea.” At first he thought this was an odd set of words, but eventually when he read the chapter he found that it was about how people begin to identify with the culture around them and how they begin to adhere to these ideas or try to reform the ideas to suit their own needs. The chapter was extremely detailed with how this is done, and it was a huge eye-opener for Steven. The idea that people groups could come together and believe the same thing that may be contrary to the rest of the population was something he had never heard of or even seen before. When he was a boy the schools were always telling him to be in line and always follow along, “Rules are meant for your safety and well-being” he remembered. This was something his parents hated but they had to allow this to be told to their child because they had to work. “Working the flesh mill,” they called it. The flesh mill was a place of pleasure wonders of the elastic imagination created by a person behind a computer and an AI helper, the clients always went for something outrageous because rules weren’t put on what they could and could not do. Just about anything happened from murder to spy adventures and anything their imaginations could muster together. It was allowed so that people would still be under the control of the system but have an outlet for their energy and creativeness that was completely controlled, the only area off limits was creating a revolution or anything that was against the system.

He took notes on the book, put it down and went for the very special book he had waited to find. This book was something he had heard was outlawed for its extreme nature. In Steven’s mind, he thought that if something was so bad, how could it be written in the first place and passed around for so many centuries before the evolution theory took hold? It had been almost extinct to Steven and he could only ever find fragments of it on the digital board. These fragments were usually something horrible like an apocalyptic event or super bleached of their meaning and original translation. Steven knew this because what was allowed to be read was something that he felt was taken out of context. Knowing a basic amount of history and human behavior, he knew that a large amount of people could not put all their faith into something for so long that had errors and caused harm. Most people are not built that way.

Now he had it, and it had been in about as good a condition a book can be for being a few hundred years old. None of the pages were missing or torn but they were very aged. Whoever had this book before Steven read it often and wanted it to be in good condition. The book was bound in imitation leather and had almost no lettering on the cover. It was sort of hard to make out the title, the only way you would have known what it was is if you opened the book and found the title page.  The first page he read after sifting through it read “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” This first portion was astonishing to Steven. He did not know that the things he had read were true until he read the first sentence of the book. This book was evidently something used by many as their means of morals, spiritual life, and tradition. This made him feel something that he had not known people could feel, a sense of extreme calm.

He read on as the enchantment outside went on, and he came across a very odd sentence “The wind blows where it wills, and you hear the sound thereof, but cannot tell from where it came, and where it goes: so is every one that is born of the spirit.” He didn’t understand this sentence fully. Steven did not know that the verse he had just read was a metaphor for the Holy Spirit, those that follow the Holy Spirit with heart and mind will follow God at every turn, those that follow the Holy Spirit will also be looked at in an odd manner because the ways of God are unpredictable and beyond our ways and understanding. The Path was full of mystery and some things were difficult for Steven to understand, he hadn’t yet found the purpose for this book to be banned.

As he read on, he heard whispers outside his apartment door. These whispers became clearer and he could hear what they were saying. It was jumbles of odd phrases he hadn’t heard before. He closed the book and put it in the vault and locked it. Just as he did this, he heard a knock at the door. “We would like to come in, we have word that there’s been some contraband in use at this address.” Steven wondered if the girl he talked to really couldn’t let go of her inquisitiveness and sent the soldiers to come take him. He stumbled a bit to the door and said, “There’s nothing here, I am just reading the catalog for the ceremony tomorrow night.” After he said this, he felt stupid because no one reads the catalogs anymore. “Just open up and we’ll see for ourselves. If everything’s good we’ll leave you be, or we’ll have to come in with force” Steven knew they would probably come in by force whether he opened up and did what he was told or not, because right after they said it they kicked down the door.

They grabbed Steven and dragged him down the stairs of his apartment building. They threw him in the back of a van and drove him to the holding center. He was told that he would be held until the investigation of his apartment was finished and then he would go to trial.

They went through his apartment and found his vault. They took him to an interview room and questioned him on the contents of the vault. One of the officers asked, “We would like to know if you have any contraband in the vault that is in your apartment?” “There’s nothing there Officer, I am aware of the laws around that kind of stuff, I don’t have any of that, just books that I keep in there, so they don’t get ruined.” Steven said truthfully. They looked at him and then left the room, they were going to confiscate the vault and open it and see what was inside. When they attempted to open it, they saw the security on it and went to Steven to get him to open it. Steven refused to open his vault, he told them it was for privacy reasons and that he was still allowed some sort of privacy. “You are under our rule and investigation for contraband. You can’t hide anything from us unless you want to forfeit a trial and go straight to the Clinic.” He stayed silent for a while and eventually thought being outside of the Clinic was better than being in one. He gave them his DNA and the code to the vault. They opened it and took everything out and left him alone for some time before telling him he was going to have to spend the night there while they look through the belongings.

Steven sat in the cell they put him in and thought about whether he’d be able to get anything back. The main book he was concerned about was The Path. He had only a small amount of time to read it, but it became something that he would not give up.

The officers came back to him and told him he would be going to trial for the evidence they found that may or may not be contraband. His trial was set for the following day and he was to prepare for it accordingly. This meant he was going to have a jury rather than the usual way things had been done with only a Judge there to determine a person’s fate. When the trial started, there was a huge amount of people there to view the spectacle that was about to take place. The Judge read out his part and the jury were present, but more of a council than peers. “I want to say that none of what I have is even close to contraband and if it were, I would have trashed it the moment I realized it was such” Steven said before he was silenced. The Judge asked, “You have many interesting books in your collection and some of them are very counter to our ways now, why do you have them?” Steven wanted to lie but they had the monitors on him, and they would know when he was lying, “I have them because I like reading them and for no other reason.” The Judge looked at him with some discernment and replied, “If that’s the case then why are these books locked away in a vault that is almost impossible to unlock?” Steven did not want to answer this question because he knew they were going to use it against him throughout the trial. “I have them because I like to read, and I was not trying to start anything controversial with anyone,” he said. The Jury was not willing to hear this and neither was the Judge. Steven was waiting for his judgment in a hall outside the courtroom when someone asked, “You believe there is freedom somewhere outside all this?”

Steven had never seen this person before, and he was not wearing the usual clothes people wore in the city. He was nervous to give any sort of response. The stranger confirmed, “it is out there you just have to understand how to find it, believe that there will be something safer for a mind like yours,” the man said and walked away.

As Steven was called back in, he received his sentence of a month’s worth of time at the Motivation Clinic. After the Jury left in sync he was there alone with the Judge and two guards. The Judge looked at Steven and said, “You will be monitored and re-examined for any alter waves of consciousness for one month. What you have read and collecting go against our modern laws and you know this. The Link system also showed you have no score that is of concern to anyone, almost as if you wanted to keep a low profile, understandable for someone like you. You know that you did in fact have contraband of the old world and willingly lied. The boxes have shown this information is extremely corruptible to the mind but you chose to read them and keep them.” The Judge did not know most of the books Steven kept he rarely read due to there always being people monitoring his apartment. The Judge went on “you know there are reasons for things being the way they are. All this is to be monitored continually. In the morning you will be brought to the Motivation Clinic and start your sentence. After this months’ time, you will be set free without your belongings, those will be destroyed. Take him away and make sure he’s ready promptly in the morning.” Steven was brought out of the courtroom and put back in his cell until morning.

The next morning Steven was brought to the center for monitoring and was placed in a white room. The room had one chair and a wire harness that was to go on his head. The doctors were in another room monitoring him through cameras. Steven was scared for his life. He didn’t know what they were going to do to him all he knew was he had to find a way out by any means necessary.

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Abolish The Federal Reserve

I wrote this in college about four years ago. I didn’t get a passing grade but my information here is sound.

The Federal Reserve is the central bank to the United States. This Federal reserve was signed into law in December of 1913. The Federal Reserve Act was signed by Pres. Woodrow Wilson. This was meant to be a centralized bank that would be in control of our monetary system. This was a carefully planned out endeavor and should be abolished.

The creation of the Federal Reserve was not organic in how it came to be. The people who created the Federal Reserve were bankers who had a monopoly on almost everything. In 1913 a group of bankers got together and created a cartel of sorts and got the federal government be involved as a partner. This Act that was signed was because the people were getting weary about a looming financial crisis. The Federal Reserve acts as a hybrid organization in that it is both a private and a federal organization. The big major banks have ownership of the bank but since Congress is a partner they also have some ownership. There are not very many organizations like the Federal Reserve. 

 The big names that met to form this cartel were JP Morgan, and William Rockefeller and there were five others involved. They had to meet in secret aboard a private railroad car and then onto a fairy that took them to a privately owned island named Jekyll Island. This island was and is a privately owned club. During the time it took to get to the island they stayed away from reporters, they went to a train station and took a private railcar on the rail car they did not address each other by their names. When they got to Georgia to take a fairy. While on the fairy they changed the waiting staff so no one would talk about what was going to happen. They even denied that a meeting ever took place. They only addressed what happened after the Federal Reserve was firmly in place. 

Since Congress is a partner with the bankers, they help protect the Federal Reserves banks profit margins. It uses taxpayer dollars that it gets from taxation to help bail out the banks when they are going belly up. Congress likes to spend money they don’t have and when they have to spend money on things that would normally raise tax rates they go borrow from the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve does not have the money they print but they print it anyway. They use the term loan or lend because it seems better than what actually happened.  Congress can still run the way its running with the national debt into the trillions as long as they keep allowing a thing called inflation to happen. This inflation is a hidden tax on the people that is caused by the Federal Reserve having the ability to create money out of nothing. People don’t know they are paying a hidden tax because they think it’s just the cost of a good going up. Those who have the least amount of money are paying the highest rate of inflation. 

The biggest reason to abolish the Federal Reserve is that it is not for the people. It only serves the people that created and the bankers that make their money from it. The national debt won’t get better because of some new interest rate that the Federal Reserve has set. It is all Fiat money that is created out of thin air, backed by nothing. 

The people of America have been duped into thinking that this system has helped them or will help them in the future. This is wrong, because the system was rigged in the favor of those who created and run the Federal Reserve. If every single dollar and coin was taken back the people would be left with nothing, it would be a horrible recession that we would probably never get out of. If we also were to abolish it the people would be free to put our dollar back on the gold standard making our money actually mean something and not be a piece of paper with slogans on it. It was created by very dubious people and should be trashed for that simple reason, it was created to make bankers have power over people without having to worry about government influence. Therefore, it has no morals to stand on and should be abolished.

A Thought Outside

The world is having issues again and it would be good to look over some of the issues going around. Some of the major ones being health, free speech, and technocracy. Lately, there has been a great amount of info concerning the vaccine, in particular the MODERNA vaccine. In the world of technology and personal privacy, it seems that certain people are being targeted and it’s not just from the Big Tech oligarchs but people that are brainwashed into believing that there shouldn’t be any form of free thought outside what has been allowed to be thought. The governments around the world all seem to be going through some sort of change. This change is mainly due to the COVID drama. I think that there are a great many who are so scared of everything these days that people are not really living and enjoying their lives. I can’t drone on about that. 

Brainwashing is still very much in play and we all need to be wary of those who follow along with the agenda. Be kind to them and try to help as much as you can. 

Concerning the new vaccine that is supposed to be our savior seems to be the total opposite. There are tons of reports that have come out since the beginning of people receiving it having terrible symptoms. In the UK people were told that if they had adverse reactions in the past with a vaccine that they probably shouldn’t take the new Pfizer covid vaccine. That right there should have shown that people needed to go research this thing and determine if they really wanted to become test monkeys. As to the Test monkey bit, there are many areas surrounding the vaccines for coofid showing that the people are the tests and the “human trials” that were conducted were just to show the public that there was “testing” done to the vaccine before it went out to the market. From Jon Rappoport “The MHRA [UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency] advice states: ‘Any person with a history of a significant allergic reaction to a vaccine, medicine or food (such as previous history of anaphylactoid reaction or those who have been advised to carry an adrenaline autoinjector) should not receive the Pfizer/BioNtech vaccine. Resuscitation facilities should be available at all times for all vaccinations. Vaccination should only be carried out in facilities where resuscitation measures are available’.” Go here to read all of what he has to say https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2020/12/14/shocking-report-on-covid-vaccine-adverse-effects-the-roll-out-continues-anyway/. There is also mounting evidence that the vaccine may or may not have nanotechnology which isn’t good for you. Your body does not need this and because of the recent studies done on vaccines and Dementia as well as Alzheimer’s disease being linked together due to the amount of aluminum in the vaccines that latch onto the brain. These studies are rarely peer-reviewed but they tend to be very telling. The recent reports of nursing homes having more deaths now than before the vaccine(https://www.blacklistednews.com/article/78997/a-nursing-home-had-zero-coronavirus-deaths-then-it-vaccinates-residents-for-coronavirus-and-the.html) should be alarming as well and people should be stopping this whole thing before it gets to the point of no return. When I say no return I mean that the point when so many people start to believe that it isn’t the vaccine killing people but the people not taking the vaccine killing people. The upside down crazy clown language is what I would really like for people to avoid. I would like people to go look at these sites and see what is in the vaccines that you have probably taken and so have your babies, (https://healthimpactnews.com/2013/30-scientific-studies-showing-the-link-between-vaccines-and-autism/# https://childrenshealthdefense.org/news/toxic-vaccine-ingredients-the-devils-in-the-details/) this shows what is really in them and the fact that doctors just give them to you and either know the ingredients but don’t care as long as they get paid or they have no idea what is in the vaccines they have been pushing for decades. On a political note, I was surprised so many people still even trusted Trump after he glorified the vaccine and said he would use the military to get it to the people. I have written an article on my site before concerning how many things like vaccines are a form of depopulation, here is a link to that https://stormideas.blog/2020/09/29/example-post-3/. I would really love it if people went and did their own research concerning vaccines and the new covid vaccines to know the risks involved with this stuff. In all the areas I have looked at there really aren’t that many cases of people not having an issue with this vaccine and those that don’t seem sick or to have any symptoms may sadly realize something down the road and it will be caused by these very vaccines. Remember to pray for those who don’t quite know or understand what is going on in the world and that they find out before it’s too late.

On the side of free speech, we had the Gab site go down and the Parlor app basically shut down (I don’t recommend using Parlor by the way). I used gab a lot back when it was first created and then I deleted it cause it didn’t seem like all the people I like following was ever going to show up and if they were there they rarely ever posted anything. A few years ago I created another account on there and have been keeping it as a backup place for my posts on my blog and for thoughts that I would like to keep around since most aren’t written down. With the big oligarchs showing their muscle it seems like there may be a shut down of the internet at the end of this year possibly but most definitely soon. I say this because of the blackouts that have been happening all over the world and this is not reported on in the MSN. I don’t want to speculate on the issue but it does seem a little odd that many countries are having power outages and there seem to be blackouts with many of the alternative social media sites. All I know for sure is that I am not crazy for thinking and believing that the overlords will shut down your access to the internet and your money since all of our money is digital fiat currency. I include bitcoin in this simply because all the research I have done shows that these “currencies ” will be the downfall of many; I don’t trust something that literally has no information on its creation other than people speculating it was a group of anonymous geniuses or something. In the realm of free speech what I have said will be criticized by those who believe that Bitcoin and other digital cryptocurrencies are the be all end all of money. Also, if the elite shut you off from the internet then where will you access your bitcoin? This is not some out there super conspurasee therrist idea it is an extremely likely future. If the powers that be get their way I won’t be able to say what I personally think of things anywhere but in letters to people. Due to the state of things I don’t even think I will be able to mail those letters without some government goon looking at what I have to say to people. Freedom of speech is being threatened because people know the truth and have been sharing it around and the elite have used people of very low intelligence to make you fear what you say and what you think. The false flag on the capitol was a very good setup to take over what people say and how they believe, to take the truth and give you a big enough lie that will get passed around and repeated verbatim on every local and national news station until you believe it word for word. 

Technocracy holds everyone hostage and has done so for many, many years. This idea could be traced back all the way to the Royal Institute and the other secret societies before them. Since this is the end goal for many of the elite I do think that there are a great many ways they could go about getting most of the population to go along with it. The main one being that everyone already lives in a surveillance state and has become perfectly fine telling on their neighbor and forgetting one of the commandments. There is also the possibility of using the vaccine to make people the next currency and making it the most valuable currency because so many of us had been killed off, therefore, raising its value to something that I am sure many corporations would drool over. Another one would be to have some sort of fake alien invasion and by doing so they say everyone needs to band together and become one. Within the alien plot, there is the possibility that they may say that these aliens are our brothers and are here to help us with the vaccine since it has so many issues and we were created by them and that is why they chose now to help us, therefore creating a world where the elite still get to hide while also still running the show from the shadows. The alien plot is very much up for grabs and I am sure many could think of some other ways that plot could be used to take over the world. One possibility I know will never happen is a military operation to round all of us who don’t take the vaccine into FEMA camps, I say this because people already give up privacy as well as their bodies to science they don’t understand and won’t research. An idea like that could never happen because it costs too much and is messy. 

I will end this by saying we can truly build something better and more people seem to be doing so. By building communities outside the system and really just being free and forgetting all the bad things that have happened by being with their families. Going to the Liturgy is also a way of getting away from the world and being with the Truth. Many should look into the last part there it’s important.

Take A Break

Today in the new year there are so many things that people can do. With the nonsense of worrying about the Presidency and all the Covid stuff and the vaccine it would be good for everyone to take a break and just breathe. Like last year everyone had the time to do what they always wanted to do but never had the time to do so. For that was writing my first book. I am very much an optimist and I would like everyone else to be so as well. This new year brings us hope. A hope that we can be much more clear with ourselves as to what is really happening in the world today. 

We have a vaccine that is being pushed as the savior of our lives and the ability to go back to “Normal”. Of course, there wasn’t really a normal to begin with, everything in the last four or five years has been abnormal. Who would have thunk it that a person in a political seat could cause so much without even really doing anything. We all know what really runs this world and it ain’t no random dude who gets elected to the presidency. With that in mind I would like to draw attention to what people should be doing this year. PRAYER!!!! Probably the most important thing anyone can do in these crazy times is to pray and have faith that this will all end soon and we will be truly at peace. I know that the Churches around the world are requiring a face diaper but that can be avoided by just talking with your Priest, and Bishops. By doing so with a good heart and prayer beforehand we can help our fellow Christians see what’s wrong with the way things are going. I think personally most of this process is handling itself, I say this because the Churches in Greece chose to disobey the mandate to shut down services and open up for Theophany and said they would cover any fees.   https://orthochristian.com/136579.html 

All of this is wonderful news and should be celebrated. As we look to the future we can see that there will still be a struggle, but that is just the way of things. The struggle is good for us, it allows us to overcome things. 

In the coming weeks we should be gladdened by the ability for us to be able to attend Church. For those who still can’t we need to pray for them and pray for those who are choosing not to attend for fear of contracting a virus that has the highest survival rate of any “world pandemic” ever. If you do feel as though you  are ill then get ahold of Holy Water, “Drink Holy Water as often as possible. It’s the best and most effective medicine. I say this not as a bishop, but as a doctor, from my experience in medicine.” St Luke of Simferopol. The words of Saints are never wrong and we need to read them more often as well as the Scripture. Be mindful of the things that are out there and be very careful because anything can happen. Do not be scared of everything but walk with caution and pray.

O Lord Almighty, healer of our souls and bodies, Who putteth down and raiseth up, Who chastiseth and health also; now, in Thy great mercy, visit our brothers and sisters who are sick. Stretch forth Thy hand that is full of healing and health, and raise them up, and cure them of their illness. Put away from them the spirit of disease and of every malady, pain and fever to which they are bound. And if they have sins and transgressions, grant to them remission and forgiveness, for Thou lovest humankind. Yea, O Lord my God, have pity on Thy creation, through the compassions of Thine only-begotten Son, together with Thine all-holy, good, and life-creating Spirit, with whom Thou art blessed, both now and ever, and to ages of ages.

The Dark Brothers

The brothers Herman and Innocent Dark were standing in prayer in front of the Icons of The All-Merciful Savior and the Holy Mother of God, along with their patron Saints and another Icon of a Guardian Angel. They prayed morning prayers and venerated the Icons and started their day. In the next moment, they received an email that was full of articles about something they had been researching for years. The New World Order.  To the knowledge of the older brother Herman, it was obvious that this was done on purpose to keep them from looking in the direction of the federal groups that had been sending out coded messages on a dark web military chat room. The messages had been about a great reset to everything under the guise and cloak of a world pandemic that would not even exist but the fear of something would cause their health to deteriorate. By doing this it would leave no blood on the hands of those in high places and people would die off due to their bodies attacking them. 

This was quite a plan and had almost no end in sight. The Dark brothers knew this was something to be wary of whenever they received anonymous information or tips. Rifling through the articles they were sent they came upon a clue. This clue was the terms “vaccine” and “consciousness”. These two words kept creeping into the articles and would sometimes have nothing to do with what was written in the article. An article about the preparation of cakes would have the word “consciousness” in it for no reason, almost as if it was an editing mistake. They pulled together a bunch of sheets of copy paper and began to write down the number of times the words came up and what line in the article they were on. Soon they realized that the dates of the articles were off by several days. It was as if they had been printed either too far in the future to be legit articles or some made up date. As they combed through more articles they found that some of them had scientific military testing information. Something from DARPA and the UN. The article went on to explain how a virtual pandemic was needed for national security. A question of “why?” was on the horizon. What was the point of the virtual virus if they could just end everything with a made up war. 

Questions begot more questions. This is the usual for the Dark Brothers, everything led to another question, and rarely were the answers point blank and obvious. Everything had a deeper rabbit hole. This time the rabbit hole led to the information of a high ranking Surgeon General for the CDC. Herman was able to backtrack a documented test of psychological manipulation to the General. The tests were as horrid as one would expect a psych test to be. It pulled all the stops and held nothing back, made people believe there was a demon in their minds, blood coming out of their eyes, they were dying of some unknown illness, pulling off chunks of flesh, giant spiders, forcing to kill someone. All the vilest things that a person could do they were making the patients of this test believe they were doing. When Innocent looked over the drugs used it was bogglingly mischievous how they were administering a vaccine with a new type of LSD. This new LSD could rewire the brain without the use of surgery or even an outside device around the head. 

Things started to click between the brothers that this was a new type of warfare and that the world needed to know. They needed more proof than a stolen document from an email that may or may not be real. The one piece of evidence they had was the CDC general and the tests they did. The next step for the Dark Brothers was to go to the CDC building and ask to speak with the Surgeon General. They needed a cover story to do so, so they chose to be reporters for the New York Times who were there to do a story on the life of the Surgeon General. Oddly enough the plan worked and they were able to get into the building and meet the Surgeon General, he had quite a high opinion of himself. Innocent started off the interview with basic questions “How did you know you wanted to be in the position you have, was there another goal you had in mind besides the position you hold now?” These questions were to just butter the guy up. The general stated his name for the tape as if he was being interrogated “Tom Murphy CDC Surgeon General” this was ridiculous but added to the evidence that this guy had no idea what he was in for. “Thank you for that I’ll make sure we add that part on the title and show how charismatic you are about yourself. Would like to answer the question we asked, ‘why did you want the position’.” Tom looked over the room which was his office and made a gesture to the corner of the room that had pictures of his family. Having looked over the pictures the brothers realized that his family was all doctors and that would explain why he was in the position. “We were sent an email that had a weird watermark of sorts, it was a report of a test you ran on some individuals using a new form of LSD. What can you tell us about that and if it’s even true? We don’t think the government would ever sanction such testing especially on the subject of trying to control the outcome of a person’s actions and consciousness.” They realized something was up when they heard a snap sound at the door they entered into. “What you are speaking of is beyond the area of what I can talk about, and I have an excellent rapport with your CEO and would not want him to come down on you or your editor for snooping around in areas that are none of your business. Whatever it is that you saw in those reports is not real nor had it ever happened in any place or time. It’s not real, you have been duped. I kindly ask that you leave here and I will forget that you asked anything and I will send you a report written by an intern about my life. Thank you for coming, stay safe.”

For the Dark brothers, they knew they were on the right track and had to go further. The next step was to investigate the new LSD and what the civilian people were allowed to know about said experiments. Looking over a stack of reports on the subject they found there was a ridiculous amount of information in alternative media outlets and only mainstream articles said it was a hoax and that it was some crazy idea based on MK ULTRA. 

Outside there was nothing real pretty to speak of everything was cold and grey. Society had given up most of its personal freedom and moved into massive apartment buildings with minimal windows. Course there isn’t much to see outside anyway.  The brothers were living outside the City trying to make a living making soap and other things naturally for people as well as investigating the ins and outs of this New World Order that was among them. A piece of information had been received concerning the new form of LSD which they evidently were calling “Lucifer 33”. The information was from an insider at the CDC and the company that the CDC was using to test and make the drug. Based on the info it seemed that they were going to use it as the virus on the population. Doing this they knew it was not a virus but something that altered the brain. Something that would alter the brain would seem like a virus to doctors who were paid off in order to keep their license. Herman grabbed a mask off the wall inside the cabin they were in and walked out to the lab they used to develop photos and other remedies for themselves and those around them. Among the information was a photograph that was already developed but Herman found something in the photo that made no sense so he took it to be manipulated a little more. In the photo was a code for the drug. Innocent jumped at the opportunity to make it and test it on the rat they called Norm. Innocent made the drug and administered it to Norm. Norm freaked out and then fell asleep. They tested to see if he was dead, his heart was beating but when they looked over the X-Rays they took of him they noticed that there were femto sized webs that went to the major organs and the major parts of the brain. They had to use a digital microscope to see them but they were there. Inside the body of this rat were wires smaller than the standard nanowires used in the latest VR Headsets. A disturbing fact was that the wires were moving slowly alongside the blood vessels. They got readings of radiation from the rat which made no logical sense due to the fact that there was nothing radioactive in the ingredients of the “Lucifer 33”. Herman called up a local friend who was the last person using radio waves to get the word out that whatever the government tried to use as some sort of health cure or whatever to not take it under any circumstance. 

The brothers tried to track down the person working inside the CDC and the test company but they found out that person committed suicide that morning. Now they had no extra evidence to prove they didn’t come up with some crazy drug that somehow has wires that track the whole body. Innocent dug through the ingredients and found that there was no way they introduced the wires into the animal. Some info scrounging found that anyone who has had tap water has taken in some amount of these wires without knowing. This showed how the wires came to be and showed that this drug must cause the wires to react and start whatever process they were programmed to do. 

A week had gone by and the news was reporting a strange new form of the flu that would cause people to go into a coma. The only way out of the coma was to take a vaccine that had a new type of adjuvant. The adjuvant was “Lucifer 33” and the Dark brothers knew it. In that week 12,000 people died of this new flu. There were an expected 100,000 more deaths from this new flu in the coming weeks. The brothers couldn’t figure out what this flu and the “Lucifer 33” had in common. The drug was a hallucinogen designed to make people more docile and obviously meant to be used to control the populous, but why release a new type of flu and use the drug as the adjuvant  “They could have just put it in the water supply since everyone already has the tech inside them, this just needs to be added to the body and it works.” said Innocent. Herman looked over the articles on the mainstream sites to see if there was any clue as to why these things were brought together and only found that it must be because so many people used a filter in their homes. Herman looked again at the rat “Do you think he’ll be okay in a while, I don’t think this stuff wears off.” Innocent looked at Norm “Sorry buddy, we thought it was just some random drug. We had no idea that it would do this to you.” Norm wasn’t opening his eyes but he was still breathing at a normal rate. “Herman let’s see if there is a frequency that makes him move or do something?” Herman grabbed a meter to mess with the radio waves around them. They found that it caused Norm to react in an amalgam of different ways. He would look around, walk funny, and even become aggressive at very high frequencies. 

Norm had to live out life like this so they made sure that they found the right frequency to make him calm and bliss. The brothers didn’t want him to be in agony, although they had no idea whether or not the wires actually caused harm without outside stimuli. Herman made sure to find the right place to lay him in while they went and attempted to find out what the grand plan was for this secret they had uncovered. 

They went outside with the street lamps on and were baffled at the sight of their whole block standing underneath a street lamp. The street lamp was about a block from them but they saw that the people were gathered around it like moths. A man standing across the street yelled out” Don’t drink the water and don’t let the police give you that shot!!”. A minute later there were police cruisers lining the street and around the corner. They were blasting a message “EVERYONE NEEDS TO COME AND GET THE CURE, THIS IS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD AND THE GREATER GOOD OF THE WORLD”. Innocent looked at Herman “Is this really happening? What did we uncover?”

A week passed and the brothers prayed that someone else other than them knew what was happening and they made all the stops with social media. Even going as far as trying to stage protests and getting the government to tell the public what was happening. They were hauled away and put in prison. They refused the vaccine even in prison and were put in solitary confinement without sunlight and tortured by the soundproof room. All the work the brothers put into investigating the world and to help others know the truth was becoming something of a circus to those who followed along. From what they were able to understand from the guards, those who chose not to get the vaccine but would live under very stringent wages and be submissive to everything else were allowed to live without prison time. Although there was word of an uprising all thanks to the brother’s work. The world found out that the small amount of people that died had been murdered by the world governments to initiate this process. The process to control all the people of the world was realized to be a hoax.

A small group had put together enough resources to help those who had been suffering. They found that when the body became too malnourished the wires stopped working to the full extent they had at the beginning and in order to keep them from harming people again, they were given a transmitter that would block all the radio waves. People were able to stand up to the government and the organizations that made all the tech possible and stop them from doing it again. News outlets around the world talked about the Dark Brothers and how they started a revolution that helped move humanity out of a brainwashed dystopia into something that was a little more free.

Herman and Innocent Dark were released from prison and had built a massive amount of helpers and volunteers that would go on to investigate future plans the elite had to take over the world. 

This has been another story inside the Upside Down. Inside this world, there are things that have come and gone but the one thing that remains is the spirit of each person to live freely inside a world that would rather them be controlled and manipulated.

Connecting Tissue With Hideous Strength

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. …In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.” Edward Bernays Propaganda.

The quote above is the main idea of what is meant to be understood when reading the news as of late. Everything from the elections to the pandemic seems to have new ways of getting to you every single day. I think more people should be concerned with the information that is being told to them and read the books from the people in the past who wrote out the plans for this future we seem to be hurtling towards. “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.”—David Rockefeller, NWO Banker.  

The perfect crisis would be a global pandemic just due to the fact that it reaches the whole world. That alone would be a reason everyone would try to ban together to beat it. The elite have taken this idea and made it to where they have full control of every aspect of the news cycle and the information that gets put out. The action taken by our government should be enough evidence that we are moving towards the New World Order that has been talked about for generations. The society we live in has been allowing this as well, but I don’t think it’s fully the general population’s fault that this has happened. They have been subliminally programming everyone to do as they are told, there are no rebels anymore in the mainstream who don’t end up turning around and following along. The ones that do stay the course tend to be deleted. If we look back we can see that most of the kinds of rebel movements have been controlled to the fullest extent. The hippie movement is the best one to look at because it has been documented several times by people like Dave McGowan who wrote “Weird Tales Inside The Canyon”, which is about Laurel Canyon and how the CIA was using it to promote the debauchery that has been so influential in the education system as well as the entertainment industry. 

With the obvious revolution that very closely resembles the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, we should look to the ways in which that went down, the people who wrote books before the revolution that talked about how the thinking of a population could and can be changed in order for a new way of life to emerge. I must add before moving forward that the way of life after a revolution is rarely better than the way it was before. A famous book that is the predecessor of Edward Bernays’ famous book “Propaganda”, is one called “The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind” by Gustav Le Bon. Le Bon influenced Bernays and is why Bernays wrote his book. In “The Crowd” Le Bn says “What dominates the spirit of the masses is not the need for freedom but slavery. Her thirst for obedience causes her to instinctively submit to whoever declares her leader.” This is very true and when we look around today with the massive amount of people who look to Trump for answers it becomes very clear that most of the population is more interested in a particular leader and master. I have read that there are some so loyal that they would die for the man. Sorry I won’t do that no matter how much people beg. In my opinion, the way of the system has one option and people keep thinking they have a choice. “The masses can only be moved and influenced by extremist emotions. Therefore, the preacher who wants to attract them should use violent slogans, he should exaggerate his words and stress firmly and repeat without trying to prove anything through mental argument.” Le Bon. How do we not see this with both candidates and the goals they want to meet. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome, this is something people forget every time they go to vote. 

Now we have the great reset and this bodes well for the elite because of what they want to do. Truly this Great Reset almost mirrors the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. I say this because of the way it is going and it’s bigger than the revolution in Russia because it is revolutionizing the whole world into an agenda that has been planned long ago. Klaus Schwab is the main person in this and he seems to just want to be the new Kissinger with the way he talks and acts like a Bond villain. The man has several books and they have a lot to do with what’s happening in the world today. His two fourth industrial revolution books are the most popular and he has one about coofid and the Great Reset. “Chapter Summary The Fourth Industrial Revolution is a new chapter in human development, driven by the increasing availability and interaction of a set of extraordinary technologies, building on three previous technological revolutions. This revolution is only in its early stages, which provides humankind with the opportunity and responsibility to shape not just the design of new technologies, but also more agile forms of governance and positive values that will fundamentally change how we live, work and relate to one another. Emerging technologies could provide tremendous benefits to industry and society, but experience from previous industrial revolutions reminds us that to fully realize them, the world must meet three pressing challenges. To attain a prosperous future, we must: Ensure that the benefits of the Fourth Industrial Revolution are distributed fairly Manage the externalities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in terms of the risks and harm that it causes Ensure that the Fourth Industrial Revolution is human-led and human-centred As leaders grapple with the uncertainty brought about by rapid technological change, adaptation does not require predicting the future. Far more critical is developing a mindset that considers system-level effects, the impact on individuals, which remains future oriented and is aligned with common values across diverse stakeholder groups. So, for the future, the four important principles to keep in mind when thinking about how technologies can create impact are: Systems, not technologies Empowering, not determining By design, not by default Values as a feature, not a bug The regulation, norms and structures for a range of powerful emerging technologies are being developed and implemented today around the world. The time for action is therefore now, and it is up to all citizens to work together to shape the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” Klaus Schwab, Shaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution. When he says all citizens he means the elite in all the fields of technology, government, banking, and media. All these fields will control the mindset of how the populous accepts this new order. 

Transhumanism is a philosophical movement that advocates for the transformation of the human condition by developing and making widely available sophisticated technologies able to greatly modify or enhance human intellect and physiology. Technocracy is an ideological system of governance in which a decision-maker or makers are elected by the population or appointed on the basis of their expertise in a given area of responsibility, particularly with regard to scientific or technical knowledge. Particularly with regard to scientific or technical knowledge. “A world without pleasure and without affection is a world without value. These things the scientific manipulator must remember, and if he remembers them, his manipulations may be wholly beneficial. Meanwhile, it is necessary that men are not intoxicated by the new power to the point of forgetting the truths that were familiar to every previous generation. Not all wisdom is new, nor is all madness old. ” Bertrand Russell, The Scientific Outlook. “In like manner, the scientific rulers will provide one kind of education for ordinary men and women, and another for those who are to become holders of scientific power. Ordinary men and women will be expected to be docile, industrious, punctual, thoughtless, and contended. Of these qualities probably contentment will be considered the most important. In order to produce it, all the researches of psycho-analysis, behaviourism, and biochemistry will be brought into play.” The Scientific Outlook. If you look at some of the videos that the World Economic Forum has put out the ideas are there. 

With America looking at another lockdown and many other countries about to do the same or have done the same it is clear the agenda is moving as planned and maybe faster than they thought it would. I say this because we have so many people in America at least anting a vaccine ad being completely fine wearing a face diaper. Why would they like this, well because we are suppose to love our enslavement from what the elites say. They seem to have made great progress with everything. The only way I can think to push back is to say no and to show others that its okay to say no to something that is obviously wrong. We will be persecuted but as Christian this is to be expected. If we say no more often and enough of us say it and stand up to what is happening then things will change for the better. I am going to recommend another site to check out for this kind of information https://inklesspen.blog/  A blog by Fr. Zechariah Lynch. An important article among his many other exceptional articles would be A Hideous Conspiracy, https://inklesspen.blog/2020/11/18/a-hideous-conspiracy/.

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In the pandemic there has been a rise in suicide. This all being the result of the stress of the pandemic and individuals mental health. I personally feel as though suicide is one of the main factors that hinder the youth of our nation and other nations around the world. Having dealt with my own personal struggles there is very real consequences when we don’t take time to look at ourselves and determine how we feel.

The fact that we are mostly working from home and no longer able to see our friends in the workplace and be able to talk and get that human contact that we all really want is becoming rare. There are reports of attempted suicides on the rise across the country in part because of the contactless living we are under. https://medicalxpress.com/news/2020-08-pandemic-effect-suicide-heightens.html a report on New Mexico and the rise in attempts there. Even the military is having a rise in suicide https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2020/10/01/suicide-rate-among-active-duty-troops-jumps-six-year-high/5879477002/. This whole pandemic has caused those with already very fragile mental health to become very unstable. Those who have mental disorders already feel like outcasts or even shunned by society and adding to that the trauma of a world pandemic that has been said to be so deadly it kills everyone who gets it in some cases. The massive leap in cases shows how deeply we need something better in our lives. The fact that at the beginning of the pandemic Churches were closed, is not good for those who really needed to be with someone who can give them help.

In time the pandemic may go away and something totally catastrophic will happen in the world that takes the place of the pandemic but for now we need to be focused on our own lives and things we know we can control. Our mental health is the one thing that can truly keep you healthy. The mind and the body have the kind of mechanical connection that if one or the other is in disrepair everything else will eventually crumble. If you constantly think that you’re a terrible person and all sorts of other things then your physical appearance will show that as well. If you think that you are healthy and perfect then it will show as well, sort of a physics thing. Remember though to not become egotistical and be full of yourself or you may fall into great sins. If you need references for that read the Bible or the saints who talked about such things.

There are a great many ways people can keep from falling into despair and depression and suicidal thoughts. For me it is in Orthodoxy I find refuge in the lives of saints and the daily readings of the Bible as well as being able to go to Church for the Liturgy. I also have writing out my thoughts like a goth teen and playing and working on instruments. Things that I can feel good about after having finished a project keep me from being depressed about whatever it is that gets me down at times. I also go to my priest and talk to him at times. Its not my place to say to those out there who are not Orthodox but confession is another way to get rid of these things that make us feel ill and dirty. Especially when we have suicidal thoughts.

St Nektarios of Aegina says “Don’t let anything deprive you of hope” this is to be remembered, St Ephraim The Syrian says “Don’t lose heart. There is hope, and it is Christ.” There are many other quotes I could use but the point is that right now with all the hopelessness in the world we need to find Christ and go to the Liturgy and be in the Church. There is hope in Christ and when we realize that we have no need to despair over anything in the world.

The Father is my hope; the Son is my refuge; the Holy Spirit is my protector. O All-holy Trinity, glory to You.

The Wonderful Great Reset

Are you ready to give up everything for the idea of a perfect world? Concerning you and those whom you love, this particular plan was in place for a while and it started with the need to make everything centralized. If you pay attention to the world this is pretty well known that everything is becoming centralized and the little things like going to your favorite local business have become very hard to do lately. The most that people have been able to do is a small opening with little amount of people and basically makes owning a business the greatest money pit ever.

The Great Reset as explained by the lovely people at The Hill, https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/introducing-the-great-reset-world-leaders-radical-plan-to-transform-the-economy/ar-BB15XGsU, “Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed,” Klaus Schwab. The quote basically explains what the whole thing is.

The World Economic Forum run by Klaus Schwab has been stating many outlandish things that the normal public would look at with suspicion. The first being a promotion of Marxism. I would direct you here https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2016/06/could-capitalism-need-some-marxism-to-survive-the-4th-industrial-revolution/. This is because the business model they want to have for the world is very commie and doesn’t bode well for the little guy who just wants to sell custom lamps or something. “But there could be method in the madness, should global policy-makers ever get their collective heads around how the money system actually works. At first glance, paying everyone a basic income would massively increase government debt, leading to an inevitable default. But this wouldn’t necessarily be the case. If a government’s power to issue notes and coins was extended to digital money, then that additional stimulus could enter circulation via the wages of its employees. This would act to reduce borrowing and tax collection while maintaining purchasing power in the economy. Sadly, most politicians don’t understand that over 95% of money in most countries is now created by private banks, and they fail to see the opportunity of expanding their own fiscal power by creating their own money in line with the digital age. Governments that did lead on this issue would provide a stimulus for their domestic financial technology start-ups, that would provide wallets and payment services for this new digital cash.” A quote that has the main idea of the article.

Digitizing everything is another way there will be control and the move to a digital currency is something that most would say is a good thing, Bitcoin and others alike used as decentralized forms of currency. My personal issue with the digital currency is that if the government created the internet and the NSA predicted a digital currency back in the 90s the document is called How to Make A Mint: The Cryptography of Anonymous of Electronic Cash, https://digitalcommons.wcl.american.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1389&context=aulr. With all this in mind, how does one not see that if you put everything into this new system you won’t be controlled? All they have to do is shut down your account. I recommend a book by Patrick M. Wood called Technocracy The Hard Road to World Order. In that book is laid out every aspect almost of the coming revolution of technology and social life in the Great Reset even though it was written before the World Economic Forum was talking about a Great Reset. To clarify I am not against the internet because without it many of us would not know what we know now, but I do think that the risks involved with all this are severely overlooked for convenience.

Now the great reset has all the things that you would expect from a New World Order Organization like the UN. The two organizations are actually now partners and upholding the Agenda 2030 for sustainable development, that link for evidence in case you didn’t know https://www.weforum.org/press/2019/06/world-economic-forum-and-un-sign-strategic-partnership-framework. Since these two are working together for the future it should beg the question, why? The purpose is for the Transhuman future they want. Inside the Great Reset plan, there are incentives to be trained in something that leads to a future where people no longer work. I would recommend this video to understand things a little better concerning the Great Reset and the pandemic that seems to have sortt disappeared from the public mind, https://computingforever.com/2020/10/27/connecting-the-dots-why-theyre-doing-this/.

I would like to direct the attention of readers to something within the World Economic Forum site and that would be what they see in 2030. https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2016/11/shopping-i-can-t-really-remember-what-that-is/, with all the craziness this something to remember and be watchful of. In the future there will be nothing other than the big data corporations and the big media outlets, the world will be something out of a dystopian novel. After reading the article it should be clear that some of this has already started, an example would be the mask wearing requirements to enter businesses and other public areas. This is something that is leading towards a forced vaccination of the populace. Many more areas of our life are going away and this does not seem to be understood by the public on a grand scale, in the future they are telling you that there will be no free will and they will control everything you do for the good of the world. The fact they want you to eat bugs instead of meat is abhorrent and should be scrutinized. https://truthstreammedia.com/2017/01/10/the-privacyless-freedomless-cashless-smart-city-of-2030-the-elite-are-engineering-us-into/ go to this site and watch the video they made on it. I am a huge fan of the work that Truthstream Media does and they are not wrong in the conclusions in the video. it is something to be worried about especially with the election.

In conclusion to this sort of odd article of just facts and links, I want to end with the very real possibility that there will in fact be a full-blown world government before the decade is out. There seems to be a move to speed things up and I think that some of that has to do with the subliminal programming and messaging of Operation Warp Speed. The actual operation is totally outside of what I am talking about but I think that the title of it showed that there is an acceleration in the plan for the future. I don’t have answers as of yet to beat this other than fervent prayer. Look through all the links I have given and read for yourself and come to your own conclusions.