Artistic Expression In Faith

Dokken Storm

As a writer, I write all my stories with an Orthodox perspective. Keeping Faith at the forefront of the story can be difficult. I wrote a whole book with the Faith as the focus and it was difficult to truly show the beauty of the Orhtodox Faith; you can find that book here There is a difficulty in sharing Orthodoxy and being a creative person, but it is more intricate to do so and makes the stories unique in message and presentation.

Within Orthodoxy, there is room to show your gifts. This is because we understand we are given gifts from God and we should cultivate these to the best of our abilities. Holy images though are something entirely different but painting an image of something that reflects the Faith or has a deep meaning about the Faith is natural for those who express it through painting. As a writer, I know I am not and will never be a theologian and I would never want to. But this is a creative area that some are meant for, you have to be somewhat creative in order to elaborate on the faith and any particular subject you are attempting to explain. 

To create art within the Orthodox perspective, one should always remember that it reflects yourself as well. The old saying that every piece of art has a little of the creators’ soul is very true. And there is so much beauty in Orthodoxy, it is extremely hard not to see that one can really shine if one shows their gift. 

I think that many of us who are already creating in the Faith need to branch out and help each other more. By doing so, we can lift each other up and show love and be more communal(not in a weird way but in a faithful Christian way). We can show love as well to those who hate us or despise us by allowing them to critique or outright hate what we made. This is the life of a Christian. Honestly, it is better that we have those who hate or don’t exactly love what we create, which makes us work harder to create something that they may like and soften their hearts to come to the Faith. I think many artistic people forget we can evangelize through art since it’s the most even grounded topic ever. Everyone looks at art and sees something different and from that, we can open conversation that has the ability for questions and making ourselves beacons of light in a very dark world. 

It is a worthy task to create something with our Faith at the heart of it. By creating something that shows the Glory of God to a world that has all but forgotten what it means to be in communion with God is something that can really turn heads and help those who are lost. I think as creative persons really show their gifts there will be changes in culture. Not that we need it because we cannot compete with everything that is out there right now, it simply doesn’t work but we can create a culture and have something that moves parallel with the current culture we see. From this, we can and will see that people will notice they have an option to look and take part in something Holy and moral rather than evil and degenerate. 

All this just takes work and time and I believe we can get there, we just need to have Faith, effort and work.

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