The Family

By Dokken Storm

Life within a family is radiant and should consistently be. This family was peculiar, the way they lived and thought was unique compared to the rest of the world. Everyone was unique within this family as well. There was the Father named Maticulous, the Mother named Heartvul, and the oldest boy Afficious, the middle boy Timerity, and their little girl Sagacious.

One day this little family went out for some sightseeing. They looked at the beauty of the landscape and prayed together. Maticulous started the prayer and the others followed. They prayed for the world. Beyond the view of the landscape, was something extraordinary and magnificent. A light came over them. A light of gleaming brilliance that had not been seen in centuries.

The light left and they all went exploring the area. Heartvul went to see the plants and the beauty of the greens. Maticulous went to find supplies to establish camp. The children went off to their separate areas to discover and explore. Sagacious went to the very edge of a cliff and looked over. Looking down she observed the power at which one would fall from grace, she wrote down her thoughts on the subject. Timerity went to play in a tree that had little life left and had delicate branches, he leaped and bounded through the tree with an amazing heft. Afficious went to a small mound and played with the ants and went exploring for spiders he could carry around.

Each time the family came together, they would talk about what they accomplished and the emotions they felt when they went off in separate directions. Time was of no use to them cause they all knew it was useless to grieve something that was inevitably going away with every fleeting moment. They loved each other, and those around them saw this. Without them knowing or even noticing other families were making attempts at mimicking them. Some did so with ease while others struggled. Some would ask them how they were able to do all the things they did without complaint or grief with each other. The Family had no idea how to answer this question perfectly all they would say is “We love and cherish each other. We pray and walk the same narrow path and help each other where we can.”

This family became beacons for those around them without knowing fully the impact they had. Eventually, they moved on to other places and again the same thing happened where people would ask how they were the way they were. Again they answered “We love and cherish each other. We pray and walk the same narrow path and help each other where we can.”

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