Windows To Darkness- Vapor Trail

The goblins were cleaning up a green ooze that was leaking from the battery array that fed the Citadel. The amount of batteries was uncountable and formed a wall that circled the Citadel. The ooze had been seeping out for some time and a pink vapor wafted over the disastrous chemical bog. The army of goblins were trying unsuccessfully to contain the chemical spill but over time the unnatural moat around the city had grown. There were no bridges across this sludge and Ephraem wondered how they would cross into the city.

He began to ask E.L., “Do you know a way across this goop,” but noticed that the world began to spin and his body felt like it weighed a thousand pounds. What trickery was this? How foolish was it to follow an unknown wolf into its own den with nothing but a pocket knife. He saw some type of control panel near his left, over and away from the vaporous bog and looked to steady himself.

Ephraem stumbled up to the old metal panel. Out of breath and drenched in sweat he reached for the antenna to hold himself up but rust and time were against him and the antenna broke with a loud snap. All of the goblins near him turned in unison.

The last thing he saw was a monstrous mechanical dog jumping and pinning him to the ground. He was too far gone to feel the pain from the mechanical jaw and said the Jesus prayer before the blackness engulfed him.

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