Windows To Darkness: A Voice In The Darkness

The story continues…

After running in the direction of the tracks Ephraem was catching his breath when a glint of metal caught his eye.

To him, it looked like a metallic idol that could move on its own.  What other creatures from campfire stories exist in this vast forest? The footprints were heavy like the ones he had been tracking. Could this machine walk on its hind legs? If so, where was the boy?

He hid behind a thick oak and observed the metal dog from a distance. The way it walked was unnatural. The thing looked like it was constantly losing its balance but somehow kept its momentum going forward.  What is this contraption doing here and now he asked himself?

Ephraem said a quick prayer and decided he should follow the metal demon to see where it led. Hoping that it would lead to where the boy might be hiding or was kept.

As he watched this mechanical creature, with all its reminders of a creature he had known and seen before, Ephraem began to ask himself if it was safe to go near it. He chose to move slowly towards it, watching how it reacted and moved. Studying the metal and the movements.

El was written on the metal dog’s face and showed interest in a particular flower patch. It was harvesting plants and analyzing them. The creature was gurgling things that Ephraem couldn’t hear or understand. 

Ephraem got closer to the creature to see exactly what it was scheming. He began to notice that it was showing signs of empathy, something Ephraem had only seen between the living. The metallic dog was laying the flowers it picked very softly onto the ground as if it were being extremely careful not to damage their beauty. 

As Ephraem got closer he began to whisper for the boy, “John!” he said with a forceful whisper. Trying to whisper but also make it loud enough the boy might hear and he wouldn’t disturb the monstrosity he was monitoring. 

No response came and Ephraem became very nervous he wasn’t close by. The metallic creature began to move as though it was looking for something. It was making noises that seemed like speech. It was backtracking to somewhere.

Ephraem followed this metallic creature of machinery as it backed away from the flower patch. It clumsily turned around and started walking forward. 

Ephraem followed at a distance. It was still making noises that Ephraem couldn’t hear. 

Getting closer to the machine he stepped and broke a twig. The mechanic creature stopped and in metallic tones, he heard the first voice spoken through the artificial voice box. A crackly disturbing voice said, “Hello..” 

Stay Tuned Next week for episode 4 right here on Storm Of Ideas

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