Windows To Darkness: Ephraem for a Dream

Story by Nate Armstrong & Dokken Storm

Image created by Nate Armstrong

The last time we saw The Upside Down we left with a wink, the mystery continues…

The silent darkness of night was interrupted by a sudden scream.  An inconsolable girl was sobbing and in between screams rambled on about a winking goblin to all who gathered outside of her house. 

In the distance, Ephraem heard the screeching of a young girl and crossing himself in prayer, hurried his pace towards the commotion.

By the time he entered the village all the men were heading towards the forest to find a small black bear that could fit inside a window.  No one believed in goblins, especially ones that winked.

His first instinct was to join the hunt but some intuition held him in the village and he decided to talk to the girl who saw what happened. 

Her story raised the hair on the back of his neck.  She must have dreamed this he thought to himself. Looking at the window he saw no claw marks or broken glass that would indicate a clumsy animal with paws. 

He had often searched for lost lambs while shepherding his flock. He always looked for tracks before setting out in rescue and so he did the same thing now. 

After walking many circles around the house he finally saw some tracks. Two sets.  One set was obviously from a barefoot child but the other set was smaller still and must have been heavy from the way it left tracks on the earth. What would cause these tracks and why was the boy following along like a puppy. 

“These tracks were not leading into the forest where the rest of the men had gone off to.  Do I have time to go get them?” he wondered. 

Ephraem rushed in the direction of the tracks. What he saw next simultaneously stunned him and made him sick to his stomach…

What happens next? Stay tuned to Windows Of Darkness right here next week on Storm Of Ideas.  

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