Alexia Jones and the Bohemian Rhapsody

Alexia Jones pulled at the robe she had borrowed from the incapacitated man she left in the hotel. Her chemist had insisted his potion would gently lull a full grown man to sleep for nearly 8 hours. The black material of the robe was some type of blended linen, soft to the touch and flowing. Her fingers brushed at the embroidered emblem. The delicate silk sprawled over the entire robe. The pattern was cryptic. Alexia first saw what looked like an owl enflamed but then on second glance, looking at it in a different light, it began to resembled a charging bull. The longer she studied this pattern the more shapes she began to see until she realized she had lost track of time. “What have I gotten myself into this time?” She whispered. Her lips turning into a grin. Her other hand held a silver ring she had taken from the left hand of the incapacitated man. It had fit snugly on his little finger and she now slipped the ring over her own ring finger. It shimmered in the full moon’s light and for some insensible reason, she felt genuine happiness that this silver ring now belonged to her. Alexia kept silently walking deeper and deeper into the Californian forest. She felt like an Alien on a strange planet. Until now she had only seen the giant redwoods through the lens of a camera and under the voice of a documentary or news feature. Walking through the forest, it took her entire force of will to not stop and marvel at the magnificent trees. Maybe, if there is time later, I can take a moment to really see this place. She reassured herself this was a real possibility and this momentary fantasy kept her moving.

What mysteries will Alexia unravel this night by the waning glow of the pale moonlight? Tune in soon to find out!

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