Hold On To My Heart

In The Upside Down there is love but love not for God or between two persons. Truly love does not exist within this world the way we know it. But, maybe, just maybe someone can change that.

  Calix looked at his watch and saw that there was a message about daily motivation. This message was for the whole world. It read, “To love is to die and you and I do not want to die. Do we?” A message that rang true for many people in the world.

Dahlia saw the same message show up on her watch as well. Her thoughts were different from the rest of the world. To her, it made more sense to run to the arms of a lover than it did to live in solitude and only feeding the passions with those whom they did not love. In her mind, she felt alone.

Calix was beginning to feel a sense of bewilderment at the very idea of the world and the way it had changed. He would read stories and watch movies that would show couples kissing, laughing, and holding each other close.  This he deeply wanted without truly acknowledging it. On a subconscious level, he saw himself in those movies and stories. Wishing he had someone like that.

Since the world had grown and molded its heart to be cold and distant everyone moved along with the ideas that had been established concerning Love and what Happiness was. To society, happiness was doing what thou wilt, even to the extent that you had to ruin someone to get ahead. An ideology that should have ruined society but since everything was headed in that direction anyway no one seemed to care or notice this drastic change in the hearts and minds of the world.

A cold heart was something that neither Calix nor Dahlia had. They were warm and caring to everyone they knew. They went to their local parish knowing it was considered old fashion and frowned upon in some areas. Knowing this they went anyway and did so with pride, in the sense that it was going against the norm and being true to themselves and what they felt they needed to do to be happy.

One afternoon Calix sat in his armchair. This armchair was set up next to a window overlooking rolling hills and valleys. As he sat, he looked up to see the different shades of blue and red in the sky. This imagery made him think about things he felt he needed in his life. Thinking he would forget what he needed he grabbed a paper and pen and wrote, “A wife, a family, and a cigar collection.” Two of those held his eye for what seemed like forever. In that forever he got up from the chair and went to pray. His prayer was to have a family and to truly Love. Without knowing his prayer was answered instantly. In that same moment of forever, Dahlia was also praying to find a true and loving husband. She was leaning over her porch banister and was praying at the exact same moment as Calix. Neither knew they had an answer waiting for them.

At the same time, they both felt the need to go to a nearby city named Truth and Consequences in New Mexico. They didn’t know why they had this urge, but they felt they had to go. It almost felt as though they were being shoved out of their homes and on their way to their destination. Their journey was in a sense forced upon them.

 The tangents and trouble people go through on long journeys were not kept from them.

Dahlia had stopped in a small town on her journey to Truth and Consequences, a group of women had been hooking on the corner of this small town. They saw Dahlia and gave her dirty looks; the demon of envy and jealousy was spitting out of their mouths. They yelled slurs at her, the demon was trying to get her to turn away in fear and run home. Dahlia was in high spirits and she knew there was a purpose for her travels. “Why are you here? You don’t belong here goody girl, go home or else,” they said while making lewd hand gestures and screaming swears. Dahlia realized they had this reaction to her because her cross was visible to them. She drove off from that town and prayed for those girls. A feeling of great joy washed over her, and she began to understand a little about the purpose of this journey.

Calix made his way to the town of Waco, Texas on his way to Truth and Consequences. In Waco, there was a Church that was dilapidated. He parked his car and went in. The inside of the Church looked as though it was brand new. The Iconostasis was still intact, and all the items found in an Orthodox Church were still there. On the floor of the Church was a note that said, “Marriage is a spiritual bond.” Calix did not understand this message, but he felt as though it was important to keep this note. He put it in his pocket and went to the Icon of the Savior and made three prostrations. He stood back a moment to take in the whole Church, Calix prayed to be protected on this journey and that whatever was at the end of this rainbow it would be for his salvation.

  The Journey continued for both seekers. In their hearts, they felt as though they were getting closer to something that they needed desperately. Although, they weren’t sure what it was that they needed so desperately. Each had an idea, but it was foggy and hard to determine. God had a plan for these two souls and the journey was a small test before the greatest test of all; Will you love Me after I give you a great gift? This great gift was an answer to a prayer. The answer to this question would determine how Calix & Dahlia would live the rest of their lives.

“Nothing can destroy love that is rooted and founded in Christ,” a voice said. This voice was heard in the deepest parts of their souls. Calix and Dahlia stopped in their tracks, got out of their cars, and dropped to their knees. They both prayed for clarity and discernment. They wanted a better understanding of the words they heard. Quiet was all they got until they felt the push to keep on their journey.

Both were only a couple of miles from their destination. As they got closer, they felt each other getting closer. The two weren’t sure why they felt this sense of calm. They both stopped at the same gas station. Seeing each other they immediately felt a connection and as though they had known this person forever. The awkward first meeting took place but that dissipated. The laughter came as quickly as they blinked. A truly deep connection was formed.

In Truth and Consequences, NM there was a small parish.  So small that it seemed to be more like a monk’s cell than a church. They both approached, “I think we should go and pray. I just feel like something bad is coming our way,” Calix said. Dahlia listened and they both went into the church.

In the distant land of evil, a spirit was coming up for air. Smelling love and compassion this spirit jolted to action and ran to the origin of the smell. Having wings and a decaying smile it was on the hunt.

Calix and Dahlia were looking around the church at the interior structure of the church. The Icons were perfect and looked brand new. A priest came out from a back door. Seeing the couple, “How are you both today?” he said. Both answered, “Wonderful.” The priest introduced himself, “I am Father Juvenaly, what can I do for you both?” he asked. Since they had become so close in a short period of time, they felt that they truly loved each other. They asked to be married there.

Everything was set up. The couple went through the usual requirements to be married in the church but at a faster pace. Fr Juvenaly was excited for the couple. No one had been married in his church for decades. It became very important to Fr Juvenaly that the couple understands the kinds of things that would happen to them since the world had changed so much. The world seeing a married couple would cause jealousy just due to them showing true and almost complete happiness. Both understood this and were prepared for everything. Calix looked to Dahlia and said the words of St John Chrysostom “Our time here is brief and fleeting, but if we are pleasing to God, we can exchange this life for the Kingdom to come. Then we will be perfectly one both with Christ and with each other, and our pleasure will know no bounds. I value your love above all things, and nothing would be so bitter or painful to me as our being at odds with each other. Even if I lose everything, any affliction is tolerable if you will be true to me.” The words were burned deep into Dahlia’s heart. She knew this was the man she would love forever.

Their ceremony was glorious, everything was perfect.

The demon had been waiting outside the church. Waiting for the moment he could tear them apart. Calix and Dahlia felt this presence as they were leaving the church, and both prayed to God for protection. A glow came around them without their knowledge. The demon was not seen by the couple even though he was hiding in plain sight. He began to whisper evil ideas; they did not need each other, wicked ideas of lust, they did not really love each other. All this was doing absolutely nothing to the couple. The light around them protected their thoughts and hearts.

   Inside the light was an angel holding and cradling them to safety. The demon became angered and left them, attempting to curse them. Before the demon could disappear into the dark he was struck by heavenly lightning.

 Calix and Dahlia left for a new place. They left their old lives behind and went for the wide-open lands of middle America. Living truly happy lives. Having six children, growing old on the homestead they created together. They passed this world into the next at the same time and saw the light of the Heavenly Kingdom.

In The Upside Down there is always a place for Love. Love that creates a small bit of happiness in the world, it only needs and takes Faith.

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