A Thought Outside

The world is having issues again and it would be good to look over some of the issues going around. Some of the major ones being health, free speech, and technocracy. Lately, there has been a great amount of info concerning the vaccine, in particular the MODERNA vaccine. In the world of technology and personal privacy, it seems that certain people are being targeted and it’s not just from the Big Tech oligarchs but people that are brainwashed into believing that there shouldn’t be any form of free thought outside what has been allowed to be thought. The governments around the world all seem to be going through some sort of change. This change is mainly due to the COVID drama. I think that there are a great many who are so scared of everything these days that people are not really living and enjoying their lives. I can’t drone on about that. 

Brainwashing is still very much in play and we all need to be wary of those who follow along with the agenda. Be kind to them and try to help as much as you can. 

Concerning the new vaccine that is supposed to be our savior seems to be the total opposite. There are tons of reports that have come out since the beginning of people receiving it having terrible symptoms. In the UK people were told that if they had adverse reactions in the past with a vaccine that they probably shouldn’t take the new Pfizer covid vaccine. That right there should have shown that people needed to go research this thing and determine if they really wanted to become test monkeys. As to the Test monkey bit, there are many areas surrounding the vaccines for coofid showing that the people are the tests and the “human trials” that were conducted were just to show the public that there was “testing” done to the vaccine before it went out to the market. From Jon Rappoport “The MHRA [UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency] advice states: ‘Any person with a history of a significant allergic reaction to a vaccine, medicine or food (such as previous history of anaphylactoid reaction or those who have been advised to carry an adrenaline autoinjector) should not receive the Pfizer/BioNtech vaccine. Resuscitation facilities should be available at all times for all vaccinations. Vaccination should only be carried out in facilities where resuscitation measures are available’.” Go here to read all of what he has to say https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2020/12/14/shocking-report-on-covid-vaccine-adverse-effects-the-roll-out-continues-anyway/. There is also mounting evidence that the vaccine may or may not have nanotechnology which isn’t good for you. Your body does not need this and because of the recent studies done on vaccines and Dementia as well as Alzheimer’s disease being linked together due to the amount of aluminum in the vaccines that latch onto the brain. These studies are rarely peer-reviewed but they tend to be very telling. The recent reports of nursing homes having more deaths now than before the vaccine(https://www.blacklistednews.com/article/78997/a-nursing-home-had-zero-coronavirus-deaths-then-it-vaccinates-residents-for-coronavirus-and-the.html) should be alarming as well and people should be stopping this whole thing before it gets to the point of no return. When I say no return I mean that the point when so many people start to believe that it isn’t the vaccine killing people but the people not taking the vaccine killing people. The upside down crazy clown language is what I would really like for people to avoid. I would like people to go look at these sites and see what is in the vaccines that you have probably taken and so have your babies, (https://healthimpactnews.com/2013/30-scientific-studies-showing-the-link-between-vaccines-and-autism/# https://childrenshealthdefense.org/news/toxic-vaccine-ingredients-the-devils-in-the-details/) this shows what is really in them and the fact that doctors just give them to you and either know the ingredients but don’t care as long as they get paid or they have no idea what is in the vaccines they have been pushing for decades. On a political note, I was surprised so many people still even trusted Trump after he glorified the vaccine and said he would use the military to get it to the people. I have written an article on my site before concerning how many things like vaccines are a form of depopulation, here is a link to that https://stormideas.blog/2020/09/29/example-post-3/. I would really love it if people went and did their own research concerning vaccines and the new covid vaccines to know the risks involved with this stuff. In all the areas I have looked at there really aren’t that many cases of people not having an issue with this vaccine and those that don’t seem sick or to have any symptoms may sadly realize something down the road and it will be caused by these very vaccines. Remember to pray for those who don’t quite know or understand what is going on in the world and that they find out before it’s too late.

On the side of free speech, we had the Gab site go down and the Parlor app basically shut down (I don’t recommend using Parlor by the way). I used gab a lot back when it was first created and then I deleted it cause it didn’t seem like all the people I like following was ever going to show up and if they were there they rarely ever posted anything. A few years ago I created another account on there and have been keeping it as a backup place for my posts on my blog and for thoughts that I would like to keep around since most aren’t written down. With the big oligarchs showing their muscle it seems like there may be a shut down of the internet at the end of this year possibly but most definitely soon. I say this because of the blackouts that have been happening all over the world and this is not reported on in the MSN. I don’t want to speculate on the issue but it does seem a little odd that many countries are having power outages and there seem to be blackouts with many of the alternative social media sites. All I know for sure is that I am not crazy for thinking and believing that the overlords will shut down your access to the internet and your money since all of our money is digital fiat currency. I include bitcoin in this simply because all the research I have done shows that these “currencies ” will be the downfall of many; I don’t trust something that literally has no information on its creation other than people speculating it was a group of anonymous geniuses or something. In the realm of free speech what I have said will be criticized by those who believe that Bitcoin and other digital cryptocurrencies are the be all end all of money. Also, if the elite shut you off from the internet then where will you access your bitcoin? This is not some out there super conspurasee therrist idea it is an extremely likely future. If the powers that be get their way I won’t be able to say what I personally think of things anywhere but in letters to people. Due to the state of things I don’t even think I will be able to mail those letters without some government goon looking at what I have to say to people. Freedom of speech is being threatened because people know the truth and have been sharing it around and the elite have used people of very low intelligence to make you fear what you say and what you think. The false flag on the capitol was a very good setup to take over what people say and how they believe, to take the truth and give you a big enough lie that will get passed around and repeated verbatim on every local and national news station until you believe it word for word. 

Technocracy holds everyone hostage and has done so for many, many years. This idea could be traced back all the way to the Royal Institute and the other secret societies before them. Since this is the end goal for many of the elite I do think that there are a great many ways they could go about getting most of the population to go along with it. The main one being that everyone already lives in a surveillance state and has become perfectly fine telling on their neighbor and forgetting one of the commandments. There is also the possibility of using the vaccine to make people the next currency and making it the most valuable currency because so many of us had been killed off, therefore, raising its value to something that I am sure many corporations would drool over. Another one would be to have some sort of fake alien invasion and by doing so they say everyone needs to band together and become one. Within the alien plot, there is the possibility that they may say that these aliens are our brothers and are here to help us with the vaccine since it has so many issues and we were created by them and that is why they chose now to help us, therefore creating a world where the elite still get to hide while also still running the show from the shadows. The alien plot is very much up for grabs and I am sure many could think of some other ways that plot could be used to take over the world. One possibility I know will never happen is a military operation to round all of us who don’t take the vaccine into FEMA camps, I say this because people already give up privacy as well as their bodies to science they don’t understand and won’t research. An idea like that could never happen because it costs too much and is messy. 

I will end this by saying we can truly build something better and more people seem to be doing so. By building communities outside the system and really just being free and forgetting all the bad things that have happened by being with their families. Going to the Liturgy is also a way of getting away from the world and being with the Truth. Many should look into the last part there it’s important.

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