The Dark Brothers

The brothers Herman and Innocent Dark were standing in prayer in front of the Icons of The All-Merciful Savior and the Holy Mother of God, along with their patron Saints and another Icon of a Guardian Angel. They prayed morning prayers and venerated the Icons and started their day. In the next moment, they received an email that was full of articles about something they had been researching for years. The New World Order.  To the knowledge of the older brother Herman, it was obvious that this was done on purpose to keep them from looking in the direction of the federal groups that had been sending out coded messages on a dark web military chat room. The messages had been about a great reset to everything under the guise and cloak of a world pandemic that would not even exist but the fear of something would cause their health to deteriorate. By doing this it would leave no blood on the hands of those in high places and people would die off due to their bodies attacking them. 

This was quite a plan and had almost no end in sight. The Dark brothers knew this was something to be wary of whenever they received anonymous information or tips. Rifling through the articles they were sent they came upon a clue. This clue was the terms “vaccine” and “consciousness”. These two words kept creeping into the articles and would sometimes have nothing to do with what was written in the article. An article about the preparation of cakes would have the word “consciousness” in it for no reason, almost as if it was an editing mistake. They pulled together a bunch of sheets of copy paper and began to write down the number of times the words came up and what line in the article they were on. Soon they realized that the dates of the articles were off by several days. It was as if they had been printed either too far in the future to be legit articles or some made up date. As they combed through more articles they found that some of them had scientific military testing information. Something from DARPA and the UN. The article went on to explain how a virtual pandemic was needed for national security. A question of “why?” was on the horizon. What was the point of the virtual virus if they could just end everything with a made up war. 

Questions begot more questions. This is the usual for the Dark Brothers, everything led to another question, and rarely were the answers point blank and obvious. Everything had a deeper rabbit hole. This time the rabbit hole led to the information of a high ranking Surgeon General for the CDC. Herman was able to backtrack a documented test of psychological manipulation to the General. The tests were as horrid as one would expect a psych test to be. It pulled all the stops and held nothing back, made people believe there was a demon in their minds, blood coming out of their eyes, they were dying of some unknown illness, pulling off chunks of flesh, giant spiders, forcing to kill someone. All the vilest things that a person could do they were making the patients of this test believe they were doing. When Innocent looked over the drugs used it was bogglingly mischievous how they were administering a vaccine with a new type of LSD. This new LSD could rewire the brain without the use of surgery or even an outside device around the head. 

Things started to click between the brothers that this was a new type of warfare and that the world needed to know. They needed more proof than a stolen document from an email that may or may not be real. The one piece of evidence they had was the CDC general and the tests they did. The next step for the Dark Brothers was to go to the CDC building and ask to speak with the Surgeon General. They needed a cover story to do so, so they chose to be reporters for the New York Times who were there to do a story on the life of the Surgeon General. Oddly enough the plan worked and they were able to get into the building and meet the Surgeon General, he had quite a high opinion of himself. Innocent started off the interview with basic questions “How did you know you wanted to be in the position you have, was there another goal you had in mind besides the position you hold now?” These questions were to just butter the guy up. The general stated his name for the tape as if he was being interrogated “Tom Murphy CDC Surgeon General” this was ridiculous but added to the evidence that this guy had no idea what he was in for. “Thank you for that I’ll make sure we add that part on the title and show how charismatic you are about yourself. Would like to answer the question we asked, ‘why did you want the position’.” Tom looked over the room which was his office and made a gesture to the corner of the room that had pictures of his family. Having looked over the pictures the brothers realized that his family was all doctors and that would explain why he was in the position. “We were sent an email that had a weird watermark of sorts, it was a report of a test you ran on some individuals using a new form of LSD. What can you tell us about that and if it’s even true? We don’t think the government would ever sanction such testing especially on the subject of trying to control the outcome of a person’s actions and consciousness.” They realized something was up when they heard a snap sound at the door they entered into. “What you are speaking of is beyond the area of what I can talk about, and I have an excellent rapport with your CEO and would not want him to come down on you or your editor for snooping around in areas that are none of your business. Whatever it is that you saw in those reports is not real nor had it ever happened in any place or time. It’s not real, you have been duped. I kindly ask that you leave here and I will forget that you asked anything and I will send you a report written by an intern about my life. Thank you for coming, stay safe.”

For the Dark brothers, they knew they were on the right track and had to go further. The next step was to investigate the new LSD and what the civilian people were allowed to know about said experiments. Looking over a stack of reports on the subject they found there was a ridiculous amount of information in alternative media outlets and only mainstream articles said it was a hoax and that it was some crazy idea based on MK ULTRA. 

Outside there was nothing real pretty to speak of everything was cold and grey. Society had given up most of its personal freedom and moved into massive apartment buildings with minimal windows. Course there isn’t much to see outside anyway.  The brothers were living outside the City trying to make a living making soap and other things naturally for people as well as investigating the ins and outs of this New World Order that was among them. A piece of information had been received concerning the new form of LSD which they evidently were calling “Lucifer 33”. The information was from an insider at the CDC and the company that the CDC was using to test and make the drug. Based on the info it seemed that they were going to use it as the virus on the population. Doing this they knew it was not a virus but something that altered the brain. Something that would alter the brain would seem like a virus to doctors who were paid off in order to keep their license. Herman grabbed a mask off the wall inside the cabin they were in and walked out to the lab they used to develop photos and other remedies for themselves and those around them. Among the information was a photograph that was already developed but Herman found something in the photo that made no sense so he took it to be manipulated a little more. In the photo was a code for the drug. Innocent jumped at the opportunity to make it and test it on the rat they called Norm. Innocent made the drug and administered it to Norm. Norm freaked out and then fell asleep. They tested to see if he was dead, his heart was beating but when they looked over the X-Rays they took of him they noticed that there were femto sized webs that went to the major organs and the major parts of the brain. They had to use a digital microscope to see them but they were there. Inside the body of this rat were wires smaller than the standard nanowires used in the latest VR Headsets. A disturbing fact was that the wires were moving slowly alongside the blood vessels. They got readings of radiation from the rat which made no logical sense due to the fact that there was nothing radioactive in the ingredients of the “Lucifer 33”. Herman called up a local friend who was the last person using radio waves to get the word out that whatever the government tried to use as some sort of health cure or whatever to not take it under any circumstance. 

The brothers tried to track down the person working inside the CDC and the test company but they found out that person committed suicide that morning. Now they had no extra evidence to prove they didn’t come up with some crazy drug that somehow has wires that track the whole body. Innocent dug through the ingredients and found that there was no way they introduced the wires into the animal. Some info scrounging found that anyone who has had tap water has taken in some amount of these wires without knowing. This showed how the wires came to be and showed that this drug must cause the wires to react and start whatever process they were programmed to do. 

A week had gone by and the news was reporting a strange new form of the flu that would cause people to go into a coma. The only way out of the coma was to take a vaccine that had a new type of adjuvant. The adjuvant was “Lucifer 33” and the Dark brothers knew it. In that week 12,000 people died of this new flu. There were an expected 100,000 more deaths from this new flu in the coming weeks. The brothers couldn’t figure out what this flu and the “Lucifer 33” had in common. The drug was a hallucinogen designed to make people more docile and obviously meant to be used to control the populous, but why release a new type of flu and use the drug as the adjuvant  “They could have just put it in the water supply since everyone already has the tech inside them, this just needs to be added to the body and it works.” said Innocent. Herman looked over the articles on the mainstream sites to see if there was any clue as to why these things were brought together and only found that it must be because so many people used a filter in their homes. Herman looked again at the rat “Do you think he’ll be okay in a while, I don’t think this stuff wears off.” Innocent looked at Norm “Sorry buddy, we thought it was just some random drug. We had no idea that it would do this to you.” Norm wasn’t opening his eyes but he was still breathing at a normal rate. “Herman let’s see if there is a frequency that makes him move or do something?” Herman grabbed a meter to mess with the radio waves around them. They found that it caused Norm to react in an amalgam of different ways. He would look around, walk funny, and even become aggressive at very high frequencies. 

Norm had to live out life like this so they made sure that they found the right frequency to make him calm and bliss. The brothers didn’t want him to be in agony, although they had no idea whether or not the wires actually caused harm without outside stimuli. Herman made sure to find the right place to lay him in while they went and attempted to find out what the grand plan was for this secret they had uncovered. 

They went outside with the street lamps on and were baffled at the sight of their whole block standing underneath a street lamp. The street lamp was about a block from them but they saw that the people were gathered around it like moths. A man standing across the street yelled out” Don’t drink the water and don’t let the police give you that shot!!”. A minute later there were police cruisers lining the street and around the corner. They were blasting a message “EVERYONE NEEDS TO COME AND GET THE CURE, THIS IS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD AND THE GREATER GOOD OF THE WORLD”. Innocent looked at Herman “Is this really happening? What did we uncover?”

A week passed and the brothers prayed that someone else other than them knew what was happening and they made all the stops with social media. Even going as far as trying to stage protests and getting the government to tell the public what was happening. They were hauled away and put in prison. They refused the vaccine even in prison and were put in solitary confinement without sunlight and tortured by the soundproof room. All the work the brothers put into investigating the world and to help others know the truth was becoming something of a circus to those who followed along. From what they were able to understand from the guards, those who chose not to get the vaccine but would live under very stringent wages and be submissive to everything else were allowed to live without prison time. Although there was word of an uprising all thanks to the brother’s work. The world found out that the small amount of people that died had been murdered by the world governments to initiate this process. The process to control all the people of the world was realized to be a hoax.

A small group had put together enough resources to help those who had been suffering. They found that when the body became too malnourished the wires stopped working to the full extent they had at the beginning and in order to keep them from harming people again, they were given a transmitter that would block all the radio waves. People were able to stand up to the government and the organizations that made all the tech possible and stop them from doing it again. News outlets around the world talked about the Dark Brothers and how they started a revolution that helped move humanity out of a brainwashed dystopia into something that was a little more free.

Herman and Innocent Dark were released from prison and had built a massive amount of helpers and volunteers that would go on to investigate future plans the elite had to take over the world. 

This has been another story inside the Upside Down. Inside this world, there are things that have come and gone but the one thing that remains is the spirit of each person to live freely inside a world that would rather them be controlled and manipulated.

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