The Wonderful Great Reset

Are you ready to give up everything for the idea of a perfect world? Concerning you and those whom you love, this particular plan was in place for a while and it started with the need to make everything centralized. If you pay attention to the world this is pretty well known that everything is becoming centralized and the little things like going to your favorite local business have become very hard to do lately. The most that people have been able to do is a small opening with little amount of people and basically makes owning a business the greatest money pit ever.

The Great Reset as explained by the lovely people at The Hill,, “Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed,” Klaus Schwab. The quote basically explains what the whole thing is.

The World Economic Forum run by Klaus Schwab has been stating many outlandish things that the normal public would look at with suspicion. The first being a promotion of Marxism. I would direct you here This is because the business model they want to have for the world is very commie and doesn’t bode well for the little guy who just wants to sell custom lamps or something. “But there could be method in the madness, should global policy-makers ever get their collective heads around how the money system actually works. At first glance, paying everyone a basic income would massively increase government debt, leading to an inevitable default. But this wouldn’t necessarily be the case. If a government’s power to issue notes and coins was extended to digital money, then that additional stimulus could enter circulation via the wages of its employees. This would act to reduce borrowing and tax collection while maintaining purchasing power in the economy. Sadly, most politicians don’t understand that over 95% of money in most countries is now created by private banks, and they fail to see the opportunity of expanding their own fiscal power by creating their own money in line with the digital age. Governments that did lead on this issue would provide a stimulus for their domestic financial technology start-ups, that would provide wallets and payment services for this new digital cash.” A quote that has the main idea of the article.

Digitizing everything is another way there will be control and the move to a digital currency is something that most would say is a good thing, Bitcoin and others alike used as decentralized forms of currency. My personal issue with the digital currency is that if the government created the internet and the NSA predicted a digital currency back in the 90s the document is called How to Make A Mint: The Cryptography of Anonymous of Electronic Cash, With all this in mind, how does one not see that if you put everything into this new system you won’t be controlled? All they have to do is shut down your account. I recommend a book by Patrick M. Wood called Technocracy The Hard Road to World Order. In that book is laid out every aspect almost of the coming revolution of technology and social life in the Great Reset even though it was written before the World Economic Forum was talking about a Great Reset. To clarify I am not against the internet because without it many of us would not know what we know now, but I do think that the risks involved with all this are severely overlooked for convenience.

Now the great reset has all the things that you would expect from a New World Order Organization like the UN. The two organizations are actually now partners and upholding the Agenda 2030 for sustainable development, that link for evidence in case you didn’t know Since these two are working together for the future it should beg the question, why? The purpose is for the Transhuman future they want. Inside the Great Reset plan, there are incentives to be trained in something that leads to a future where people no longer work. I would recommend this video to understand things a little better concerning the Great Reset and the pandemic that seems to have sortt disappeared from the public mind,

I would like to direct the attention of readers to something within the World Economic Forum site and that would be what they see in 2030., with all the craziness this something to remember and be watchful of. In the future there will be nothing other than the big data corporations and the big media outlets, the world will be something out of a dystopian novel. After reading the article it should be clear that some of this has already started, an example would be the mask wearing requirements to enter businesses and other public areas. This is something that is leading towards a forced vaccination of the populace. Many more areas of our life are going away and this does not seem to be understood by the public on a grand scale, in the future they are telling you that there will be no free will and they will control everything you do for the good of the world. The fact they want you to eat bugs instead of meat is abhorrent and should be scrutinized. go to this site and watch the video they made on it. I am a huge fan of the work that Truthstream Media does and they are not wrong in the conclusions in the video. it is something to be worried about especially with the election.

In conclusion to this sort of odd article of just facts and links, I want to end with the very real possibility that there will in fact be a full-blown world government before the decade is out. There seems to be a move to speed things up and I think that some of that has to do with the subliminal programming and messaging of Operation Warp Speed. The actual operation is totally outside of what I am talking about but I think that the title of it showed that there is an acceleration in the plan for the future. I don’t have answers as of yet to beat this other than fervent prayer. Look through all the links I have given and read for yourself and come to your own conclusions.

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