The World Tomorrow

Her name is Emily Lang, she is beginning life as a college student. Her hopes are high and all she wants to be is a public relations specialist so that she can earn the big bucks. Little did she know that the world was about to change dramatically. Emily has no idea that she’s just entered the Upside Down.
Emily sat to write out her thoughts on a blog that allowed anyone to write anything imaginable. “I went back to school today just not in the way it was before. This whole pandemic bullshit seems to have caused everyone to lose their minds. I hate doing all my work stuck in my dorm, makes paying over ten grand for the semester seem like a waste if I could have just stayed home and read books on the subjects. The teacher asked us to write a paper on the state of the world and where we see it going. I wrote out what I knew is happening. The fucking New World Order is moving drastically quicker than it was ten years ago. I remember trying to get one of my girlfriends to read the UN Agenda 2030 paper and she thought it was completely fake. Sadly, this is how so many people view these kinds of things and the ideas that are brought to their attention are so crazy that they could never be real. I wrote the paper the way I wanted to write it, with all the truths that are out there. I even cited every author, book, government documents, tweets, and news articles. The guy failed me because he didn’t think anything that I offered was anywhere close to the truth, the only truth I had was that there was a corrupt government. Still can’t believe that the professor of a class that focuses on information would think that what I wrote was complete nonsense. Hopefully, this world wakes up soon or we are all going to be in deep shit.”
Emily put her laptop away and thought about her work and found a site that would publish the work she did. It was about a week after that her school went completely dark. Nobody was able to figure out what happened then all of a sudden there were cops and medical vans outside. The police were setting up a booth for people to come up and receive a new vaccine that would help stop the spread of the virus. The whole school went including faculty to get this new vaccine. Emily hadn’t looked at the news cycle recently, so she had no idea that there was a vaccine that was being promoted. It was labeled the cure-all and the one thing that would get things back to normal. Emily waited for them to leave by hiding in her dorm until they left. She read a news article that they were not allowing people to opt-out for national security reasons. Emily went to read the real documents and saw that the only way to opt-out would be to go to a holding facility for an unspecified amount of time and then you would be released. Those who went to the holding facility would be required to have a card that would state they had not been vaccinated. The report read that those who chose to get the card would be out of luck if they ever wanted government benefits, bank loans, medical insurance, life insurance, land ownership, and higher education or any public education.
She looked out and saw that the booth had been torn down and everyone was headed back to their areas on campus. She met up with her friend Rachel, “Hey did you get the vaccine? They said it was free and the Dean said that it would be required of all students if they wanted to stay on campus.” Emily looked at Rachel’s right wrist and saw that she had some sort of mark. “No, I didn’t I didn’t know what they were doing I thought it was some emergency or something.”
Emily went to the blog and wrote “Is there anyone who has not received the vaccine? If you haven’t are there any consequences for not receiving it?” the post got a huge amount of views and comments. One comment read “They ask for social security numbers when you go to get it. They use that as the way to track who got it, they also have been using media posts.” Emily went through the other comments to see if anyone had any other information. Then her phone gave her a notification from the government emergency system that read “If you haven’t received the vaccine you will need to do so in the next 24 hours. If you have questions call the hotline. Thank you for your cooperation.” Emily called the hotline and had to wait three hours before someone answered the phone
“Hello, how may I help you?” Emily had a list of questions next to her, “Yes, I would like to know the options for opting out of the vaccine requirement?” “Well, I can tell you that now there are very little options. The main course of action would be to go and have your blood tested and see if you have any conditions that would allow you to opt-out. If there are none, I can tell you that the fine is quite large if you still choose to opt-out. I would like you to understand that this is for the safety of you and it’s a National Security measure.” Emily took a minute and thought about ways she could go and get her blood tested and if it was even worth doing. “So, what you are telling me is that I have no other option, and if I choose to decline the vaccine that I could have major fees put on me?” “Yes.” “If I can’t pay the fees what are the consequences there?” “You will be prosecuted for breaking a federal mandate and could be in prison for up to twenty years. Like I said this is for your safety and a matter of National Security.” Emily asked herself how much it was worth taking a stand if the consequences will ruin her life. “Ok, thanks for the answers I’ll get on that blood test.” And she hung up the phone.
Emily called the hospital and set up an appointment to have her blood tested the next day. When she went to the hospital everyone was there to get the vaccine. While she was there, she got to see what it was and why it left a weird mark on Rachel. The vaccine was a sort of branding almost from what she could see. She was called for her appointment and asked the doctor “why does the vaccine leave that mark on people?” The doctor was silent a moment and then answered “It’s done in a way that it leaves a mark because the vaccine is a piece of tape that has hundreds of Nano-needles that inject the vaccine. It has coding in it as well so that the doctors can scan people when they show up for the next round of vaccinations in probably a year from now.” From the doctor, it seemed the vaccine was amazing but to Emily, it seemed like something that she had read somewhere before. The doctor asked why she hadn’t received the vaccine yet? Emily explained “I am here to get my blood tested so that I can see if I can opt-out. I don’t agree with the vaccine ingredients and would like to have the personal choice to get it a vaccine.” The doctor laughed, “If you think that this is going to get you out of taking the vaccine then you may need to figure out a different option, you can’t say that it is for religious reasons because all fifty states got rid of that a year ago, you can’t say it’s for other medical reasons because we have already done about thirty of these blood tests for people trying to opt out and they end up having to get it anyway because there isn’t ever anything in their blood that would prevent them from getting it. The government only said the testing so that they can have blood on file for those who are trying to get out of the vaccine mandate. You’ll be put on a list and they may come and arrest you if they don’t see that mark on you. Even if you do the twenty years, when you come out and still say no, you won’t be eligible for benefits of any kind and probably won’t be able to get a job” the doctor explained. “Can’t I say no because of my health concerns, you know ‘my body my choice’ isn’t that still a thing.” The doctor laughed and said that there was no way for that to work because it’s a federal mandate and for national security. The states have also made it mandatory to get the vaccine. The repeated phrase of “National Security” was becoming annoying to Emily. She left the hospital and went online looking up anything she could on the mandatory requirements and if there was anything she could do.
Online she saw that just about every country around the world had done the same thing that America had done. The whole world had followed along the same route of operations. Emily thought of ways to disappear and go live in the woods. She found a small group that does wilderness retreats. She called them up and asked to go out on one of their retreats. They asked if she had received the vaccine and she lied. They bought it but said they would want to look and see if she had the mark. Emily went online and saw all the people posting that they got the vaccine, from those pictures she used makeup to make the mark look as realistic as possible. She went out to meet them the following weekend and they bought the fake mark.
That weekend she slipped away from the group and went into the woods. She was in South Dakota, so it was pretty easy to find areas in the woods that had no people around for miles. There was a cabin that was very remote and had a small family living there. She went up and knocked on the door, it opened with a woman and three kids with guns pointed at her, “Can we help you?” they said. Emily was frightened but answered “yes, can I find some supplies and maybe some water. I’m out here alone and just need a few things.” They helped her at the door and sent her on her way. She took the supplies and went out to the wilderness and set up a small tent and thought that it would be a safe place for the night.
In the morning she went out searching for anything she could eat. Emily had experience as a girl scout and had basic survival skills. While she was out there the family that she had just met the other day was looking for her. “We want you to come and live with us, we saw what’s been happening and think that we can be mutually helpful to each other.” Emily took the invitation and went back to their cabin. She acquainted herself with the family. “I’m Kelly, this is Tom my husband, our three kids Justin, Mark, and Lucy,” Kelly asked if she wanted anything to eat and Emily gladly accepted. “Do you think that anyone will be coming out here to ask questions?” Emily asked. There was a resounding “no” from Tom and Kelly. They felt as though the only reason Emily stumbled on their cabin was out of pure luck. Emily forgot about her family and assumed that because they were so enveloped with the system that they probably took the vaccine. Emily hadn’t talked to them in a while because of other issues but felt as though they would be as ok as one could be in the environment that everyone was in at the moment.’
A month went by and there were no disturbances from anyone. Then in a rush, Tom came into the cabin “Get everyone the guns and go out to the back creek.” There was military personnel with police dogs searching the area. The peace that was once there was lost like a candle had been blown out by an unseen force. They came up to the cabin and yelled “everyone on the premises needs to evacuate now and come in with us. This land is now government property, and we need you to come with us.” Emily and everyone else went along the creek that was close to the cabin. They waited there for some time; they went back up to the cabin when they thought no one was there anymore. Tom walked in and was apprehended by three officers inside the cabin. Emily, Kelly, and the kids were taken into a bulletproof van. The officer driving the van told them they were being taken in for loitering on government land and due to them not having any mark they were also being arrested for not receiving the vaccine.
All of them were brought in front of a judge who sentenced all of them to five years in the holding facility. They were processed and put in a room together. They were all told that there would be tests done on them to decide their risk factor. They were put through rigorous tests that broke them down on a psychological and physical level. At the end of the tests, they were given the vaccine that they had attempted to get away from. The change they underwent altered their moods and the way they thought. They were monitored for a short time before they were okayed to be put back in society.
They all had a single studio apartment with one bed and nothing else, the children were brought to a different facility to be cared for. They went to get their rations for the week, the rations were vegan-based with added medication in them. The medication was a mood stabilizer. The medicine was constantly being promoted as a way to help and keep society safe from the thoughts that could cost them their minds. Everyone just did as they were told, and everyone was happy to do so. The world that was before altered within two years and more was on the way with the constant message of waiting for the uploading process. This process would be the freedom that everyone dreamed of. The imagination was the only thing that would hold a person back in the cloud of immortality. All anyone had to do was wait. Wait for the moment that the marks on their arms lit up and brought them to the new world. Emily happily waited for her mark to light up.
This is just one story in the Upside Down, a world that has so many dreamscapes of horror and bliss that looks towards something that hopefully never happens to you.

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