A Bit of A Book

I am currently writing a book and it’s of the fiction genre with elements of Orthodox theology and a story that hopefully pans out in a less dystopic way. The plan is to have the book done and published on Amazon before the end of the year. Here is a chapter from the book.

Please Stand By

This is written as a moment in time but its more than that it’s the full spirit of what everyone was told was Antichrist. The story that we are reading needs more substance to fully grasp the events that took place and led to the full catastrophic things that are the Cities. To be standing in the world today with the ideas that have led to the point of mystery and oddness, people should look to historical times to understand truly the state of affairs. The people of that time had to choose the right way or the wrong way. The spirit of this world had revealed himself through the leaders that were elected. The elected officials were not always properly elected there was always fraud concerning the results of an election. Nonetheless, there were a small fraction of people who held to the true faith, these people were called Orthodox. The meaning of the term “Orthodox” means a person conforming to what is generally or traditionally accepted as right or true; established and approved. 

 The people that followed traditions of the true faith in the early days of the full transformation of the world were at first following the secular world. Through this, they saw the ones that had been twisted and contorted by passions of this world so that they kept their power and authority. The ones that kept true to the faith knew what they had to do. Instead of fighting what was happening around them they left society and went underground. These Priests, Bishops, Monks, some Metropolitans, most of the Hierarchs led the way to the catacombs where the faithful would still be able to partake in the divine mysteries that we still have today. 

 The technocratic order that had formed had made laws and heavy stipulations on those who wanted to partake in the mysteries. In the beginning, they allowed for there to still be faithful, but they had to hide their faith and never speak in public about their faith or they would be castrated and then put in jail. The underground Church was under heavy scrutiny and took it with a smile. Eventually, things became more and more constricting and those who had been following the laws and stipulations were sought out and made examples of. The martyrs of that time knew that they had something to look forward to. 

  The world saw this and since they had been under the yoke of Antichrist they screamed in joy over the deaths of these people. This persecution started with the One Cause affirming itself as the true religion of the world. The people never truly knew until many years after that this was the Antichrist they had been warned about. His face was never seen in the beginning, it was always with the veil of the One Cause. The One Cause sought out Monks in the underground monasteries and brought them before the world and tortured them. The world saw this more of a show rather than a horrific scene that was transpiring right before their eyes. 

The Monks had no cries or even any signs on their faces that they were in pain. It is said they practiced the Jesus Prayer so much that they felt no pain. The state threw them on massive tables and proceeded to decapitate them; this was the only way they died; all the torture had done almost nothing to truly kill them, so they were beheaded in front of the world. This example that was set was there to make everyone fall to the One Cause. After those events, the catacomb churches were invaded and those who would not submit were killed. 

The few that remained went into hiding and prayed every day. These Monks had gone back to their ways of reading, praying, writing, creating Icons. They had little peace in the beginning and had to move constantly so they would never be caught by the AI robots that had been sent out to search for people that had tried to hide. The Monks still kept their writings and the writings of Saints in their libraries. When they had time, they would write what they had remembered of the transformation of humanity. These writings became lost to the world for a time until later people who had left the cities found them. 

After sometimes, the Cities forgot about anyone who was outside the cities because the people inside the cities would never leave. 

The Cities became the places where the experiments that so many had read about came true. Books like Brave New World, 1984, or WE by Yevgeny Zamyatin, nonfiction books that were written by people who knew that the overall plan was coming true. People like Norbert Wiener, Julian Huxley, Jonas Salk, Carroll Quigley, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Bertrand Russell, H.G. Wells, Jacques Attali, David Rockefeller, Aldous Huxley, Frjitof Capra, Dr. John C. Lilly, Arthur Koestler, Manly P Hall, and so many others. These people wrote books about what the plans were for society. The plans for transhumanism and the Technocracy were always in the cards. Most people had been able to understand these things and spoke out against them. The ones that did were taken away and never heard from again once the One Cause had been fully in place. 

The world after the initial process of transformation was cold. This being after the faith was spread so thin almost no one had any memory of it. 

The cities were set up in a Judge Dredd style manner, without the super dystopic colors and people that are usually seen in those types of movies. The cities had become a Utopia of sorts for those inside the city. They had no personal property but were set up in small apartments with one room and only a few food rations that had been used only in emergencies. Some time had gone by when the people who had been groomed and even bred to run the place showed themselves to the public. This was when they brought out the Black Boxes and the Brainlink corporation had been put into place. The Boxes had been something of a mimic of an idol to the Antichrist. The people would go and watch the great and secret show and become illumined by the answers it gave them. It was made to allow people to have ordered, to know when they could fornicate with each other and when they were allowed to see the face of their god.

When one was chosen to see the face, this was a manner of keeping the population to a certain number but also allow the people to feel a sense of reward for their obedience. This obedience to the One Cause was a value that had its worship. It was not enough for the people to simply say they followed the One Cause they had to prove it constantly. From the moment they woke to the moment they slept they had to show total allegiance. They were told to report anyone they saw as not showing a complete love and admiration for the One Cause. If they followed the rules they were rewarded and allowed to have their dopamine session. There were tiers of rewards for the following everything exactly as it was written to the letter. 

People in the city would go to the cloud to fuel their obsession with the One Cause. The Cloud was created inside the virtual reality created to give the people jobs and community, but the process to get into the Cloud was done in the real world. The ritual that took place was always secret, no one knows this ritual only that the person’s body is disposed of afterward in a fire with two poles with sigils all over them. 

Inside the VR world, they have no idea that their brainwaves are being monitored. When people leave the VR world to go and see parts of the city they are monitored then as well, but more than they would be in the VR world. The One Cause knew that people outside the realms of their control in the virtual world can hear the quiet voice that calls to them. This voice was a phenomenon that was always being battled by the One Cause and the Brainlink Corp. and because they knew that they had to do this they would use radio-waves to send messages from an AI to stimulate the brain to want the VR world more than the real one. This was something that worked but would not work every time. People like breathing around people they feel close to. 

There is the main skyscraper in every major city, these are the headquarters for the Tracers. The Tracers were created to have better control over the population so that no one rebels against them. The people who become Tracers are born like everyone else in the city, in a lab. The Tracers are created so that they can have all the features of people but have modified intelligence and brain chips. This allowed them to have the ability to make perfect decisions to better infiltrate a group or person, a honeypot is what they were meant for. 

As the society had fully formed it could and every possible flaw in both people and the system were ironed out the whole thing ran like a well-oiled machine. Every year there would be an enchantment ritual, a ritual with numbers to show who had fulfilled their goals in life and were done with it. To those outside the city this looked like a death cult but to the people inside it was normal and moral. It only took two generations to fully iron out the system. There were a few people in the beginning that wanted out, but they were made examples. This example was that if you want out or for things to change you don’t have the right chemistry and should be brought to the Motivational Clinics for evaluation. 

This was a new type of medicine that was being used, Fear. The fear that was used to cull the population into submission became known to the people not as fear but as the “normal” way of living. People would wake up and have no other thoughts nut what they had been told was allowed. The system as a whole had brought forth new ideas to technology as being something that would bring people forward in their evolutionary path. The Clinics were the place to get the new upgrade. These upgrades were meant to bring people to Godlike status. This was written to the people in the past but rarely did people read and take heed of the warnings. 

The whole of society had the brand of the Boxes on them. This brand was a small chip in its wrist. This was their real name, the name that the State had given them. The names they were given were numbers that correspond to the time and place (the lab they were created in) and their day they would be brought to their deaths. The elite group that had set up everything had days for people to expire. This was done to be under the Guidestones. For each person, there were days they had to come to the Clinics to get an upgrade to the chips. The upgrades had been done to keep the number of people in check with the new numbers being created. 

The diet everyone had to be in accordance with was the vegan diet. The diet plan was also in accordance with the spiritual ideals of society. The vegetables were prayed over before everyone was able to eat them. The rations that were made were there for those who were at the low levels of society. When people started to notice they had low levels of energy they tried to plea with their priests in lab coats but were told that it was not only good for them but good for the planet. The planet was something to be worshiped, not to be abused or even spat on if you had phlegm. The ideas surrounding this were a mystery and almost no one at the time could question it. They eventually left it alone.

Beyond the realm of the city, we can travel to other cities. The only issue is that you have to track yourself and report any issues. The issues being those of people not following the rules and laws. When you do travel there is the check-in areas that you have to go to. These check to see if you have altered your brainwaves, this is done by mapping the brain with a device that looks for thoughts outside the norm that has been established. If they notice a change, they report you and you go to the nearest Clinic. The reason people go to other cities is not for reasons people used to travel around, it’s to get new updates to themselves or for their VR world. Sometimes there are spiritual reasons, but these are mostly meant for the higher levels of society. 

To leave one city to live in another is only allowed for short periods. This is because new cities require a whole list of information on your chip. This is never allowed because the place you are born is the place you are supposed to die. The levels of people in a city are set and can’t be altered for any reason. If numbers are moved to another city, they only have a week to be there until they are called to be sacrificed. This sacrifice is there to keep the ideas of people from spreading even if they share and conform to the norm. It is a ritual because it is not only in place for population and resource reasons but also to keep everyone will remember the rules. 

The idea of Alchemy and magic is a major aspect of how many of these philosophies took hold of so many people in very high up positions. The need for religion and religious practice is so deeply embedded in our DNA that it is impossible for someone to not have some sort of religious mannerism. The start of all this was early Jewish Kabballah and ancient Egyptian mysteries. The Egyptian mysteries were the beginning of modern ideas of science and magic, this was originally called Alchemy. The Jewish people called it Kabbalah; this was common in the esoteric tradition of Judaism from the 12th century onward. It was for the apprehension of God and creation contemplated through illumination. The term “Kabbalah” means the mystical interpretation of the Bible. The people who partook in kabbalah thought that it was first found in the esoteric part of the Oral Law given to Moses at Sinai. The Jews of the time were very into the idea of knowing God, from this they related many ideas to the world and made very divisive ideas about the essence and energies of God. The individuals practiced magic of many degrees thinking it would lead to a revelation. This doctrine has been used for many insidious deeds. There were many early iterations of reincarnation and other things that many Jews would have looked at as heresy. The early ideas in Egypt were all over the map and had many ideas concerning life after death, spiritualism, Gods like Isis (Sirius), and the many other gods they had that gave them illumined minds. All this knowledge was passed down through many tribes and people groups. The elite thought they were descendants of these gods or goddesses. Mystical knowledge was something all these esoteric groups kept secret and only allowed those initiated to know them. History is full of groups that kept secrets to establish power. The Greeks had the best and most established secret societies in the ancient world. Pythagoras had his society and many other famous Greek philosophers had their cults as well. 

The era of the Freemasons was something that had been built around a craft and then became something of a secret group that believed they held the greatest mysteries and secrets of all; this was after the Illuminati had their way with the group. The Masons were a benefactor of many things and among those was the power that came from having so many political and cultural figures in its ranks. The Masons had a huge grasp on the scientific world through a group called the Club of Rome, as well and because of this, there was a major pull in it for many ideas leading to Transhumanism. There are many books on this topic that go into greater detail. 

Since the underground faith is gone it is unlawful to even partake in any of the readings spiritually. This also concerns the aspect of trying to follow the faith even while in the cities. They know when you are doing this through the brain scans when you leave your apartment. One is allowed to read the text but only the censored version, if they find a version that is in physical form, they cannot under law read it spiritually. There are established views concerning books like The Path, and the views are skewed in such a way that it sounds as though the text is completely unusable in modern times. The Antichrist spirit has revealed himself with a veil, but that veil is thin. Many people have left the cities in silence to find the true Path. 

“Everything in this life passes away — only God remains, only He is worth struggling towards. We have a choice: to follow the way of this world, of the society that surrounds us, and thereby find ourselves outside of God; or to choose the way of life, to choose God Who calls us and for Whom our heart is searching.”
― Seraphim Rose

The last thing before I resume this the story is that it is imperative to read, question, and find answers. The questions that are asked in good faith will have wonderful answers. We have come quite far into the world and always find reasons to remember the struggle for salvation. There are many Saints and Elders of the past that have guided us, the Apostles of Christ, the Martyrs and Prophets, Fr Seraphim Rose, St Gregory Palamas, St Basil the Great, St Maximus the Confessor, Saint Paisios of Mount Athos, among hundreds of others. These writings along with The Path are very important to the life and faith of many. 

Now back to the story…

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