Today’s Challenges

In the modern world, we have many different challenges. We have a global elite that none can deny work together to build their Brave New World. The amount of false facts we have today streaming on every MSN channel and online counterpart seems to skyrocket. 

The problem is we all see things differently counter to our elite technocracy overlords. Using those terms describes accurately what they are and what they see themselves as. These individuals are bank owners, such as the Rothschild bankers just to name one of the larger families. These elite are the technological masterminds behind Silicon Valley. The alphabet networks won’t tell you that.

All the technology we have has been pretested by the military-industrial complex. If someone disagrees just research ARPANET and you’ll see there have been internet connections before the 90s, just researching the military-industrial complex, in general, is something everyone should do if they want to know more about how corrupt our government is. The weapon industry is another facet where it’s all been tested and pre-approved before the public even knows it will be used on them. Yes, the military does use its weapons on its own people, this is where 5G came from. 5G would be directed energy weapons but instead of it being on a military vehicle it’s on street lamps in every neighborhood.    

If everyone today knew our science was being doctored up to show a particular view I guarantee people would probably start their own research programs to show more facts than a consensus on what they think is factual. This is called the Scientific Dictatorship that we live under. This is not a conspiracy theory like many will say, this is something huge and needs to be talked about. Everywhere new tech is coming out that leads to mass mind control. I can prove this by asking readers to research for themselves what Elon Musk has talked about heavily during tech talks with TED or Devos.   This would be his Neurolink project, Google has something similar to this as well. Facebook also has an idea of how to get this kind of tech as well. If your someone of religious background then you can see that this leads to the mark. There are many facets of people who see the same thing concerning the new technological advancements. Many will say this is nothing to be feared but that is not true, when something is trying to get into your mind they have the ability to misuse that ability. 

The biggest challenges we face today would have to be speech and information accuracy. These things are pertinent to how we form opinions on subjects. We see there is a mass psyop happening with MSN and we do more or less nothing about it. The people who argue over the information from the propagandist on the alphabet networks are playing the exact game that has been created for them. As we argue over events and never look behind the veil for a motive above the given reason for any major catastrophe by people upon other people. These would be called at times “false flags”. Everyone knows of some sort of false flag i.e. 9/11, 11/22/63. The information we are given is usually used to get people to be in fear. This can be easily seen in the medical community. 

The medical community has a massive problem with disinformation. That’s a huge claim and many on both sides argue over this. The issue would be over vaccines, medical practices, big pharma, and other aspects of the science related to medical advancements. Vaccines are proven over and over again to have defects. The main problem with vaccines would be autism linked to babies getting their vaccinations. These vaccines have many chemicals in them that the FDA has already said the chemicals by themselves are harmful and could cause cancer. As many big-name medical professionals have “debunked” the idea vaccines have defects there are always parents that know their child has been damaged. The government has allowed these vaccine companies like MERCK to have no obligation to pay for the medical bills or damage done to the kids that have gotten vaccinated.  Now we have the problem of government stepping in and telling you that you can’t say no to vaccines, the companies that make the vaccines make billions off of the vaccines they make and give to hospitals and small pharmacies. We have a problem with this whether you’re for or against vaccines. We have the challenge of people who think that every scientist can’t lie or can’t be bought due to some moral code they have. Newsflash they need to get paid and they want to get published they’ll do whatever it takes. Another pretty major problem with the medical community would have to be the population control aspects of certain medical practices. An example would be abortion. Abortion history should be researched by oneself due to others having a particular view on the subject. There are many people that talk about population control and one of those is Paul Ehrlich. Ehrlich wrote a book called “The Population Bomb” this book is something of research worthy content. Bill Gates would be another prominent figure in this population”problem” they always talk about. The next thing to research would be smart cities. These things are real and there are actual plans for it. 

So where does all this leave us? It leaves us with more questions than answers. This can be a good and bad thing. Many will say the latter, but that means people will take it upon themselves to research these topics for themselves. Everything stated can be proven. A phrase to live by “read about everything listen to everyone don’t believe anything unless you can prove it with your own research” Bill Cooper. We are headed towards an NWO its something people can’t get away from unless all stated above is researched by many as well as being exposed to people who are still asleep. The issues I talked about are just the tip of the massive iceberg.

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