“Why is the truth, it would seem, revealed to some and not to others? Is there a special organ for receiving revelation from God? Yes, though usually we close it and do not let it open up: God’s revelation is given to something called a loving heart.” Seraphim Rose

Encrypted Magic

Welcome to crypto journal version 2029 keep your thoughts where no one else can read them… This journal will most likely lead to my detention protocol but I need to keep my thoughts somewhere.  I found this ancient writing application while scanning an old ethersea coupling. It interacts with something called a touchboard and since … Continue reading Encrypted Magic

The Journey

Picture created by Nate Armstrong, IG @natearmstrong313 The day was light and breezy. Families were out and doing their daily farm tasks. Each loving their work and praying while doing so. The bright sun bathed them in grace and warmth. Working till the wee hours of the night, they took rest and supper. Eating beef … Continue reading The Journey

Navigating The Jungle

Author’s biographies Nate Armstrong- Knowledge in Biochemistry and Applied Pharmacology in Medicine. Instagram @natearmstrong313 Dokken Storm- Just a researcher on the topics of medicine and world events who also writes fiction. Instagram @dokken_storm The Scientific Method and Orthodoxy  What is science and how does one deviate from science? The word itself, science, is taken from … Continue reading Navigating The Jungle

Hold On To My Heart

In The Upside Down there is love but love not for God or between two persons. Truly love does not exist within this world the way we know it. But, maybe, just maybe someone can change that.


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